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What does depression mean


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it is extremely important for people to know what does depression mean. Depression basically means the situation when a person feels very lonely and hopeless.

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What does depression mean

  1. 1. LONELINESS AND DEPRESSION,MILD DEPRESSION SYMPTOMS Search... SEARCH LIFEMENTALHEALTH ABOUT ARCHIVES 11 January 2013 JAN What does depression mean? December 2012 META Register Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS Mean of Depression: Depression is a psychological disorder characterized by great ‘despair’, or low self esteem and bad mood. It can be of several types- from mild depression to severe depressive disorders. The symptoms of depression include loss of appetite, stress eating, trouble sleeping, excessive fatigue, procrastination, trouble getting up in the morning, loss of interest in pleasurable activities, a bleak attitude about the future, and a low sense of self worth. Thanks to work pressure and breaking relationship ties, loneliness and stress can translate easily into depression in this day and age. If you or your close friends and loved ones show signs of depression, then the first line of defense would be to try to cheer him or her up. Taking a depressed person out to a social gathering, talking through his/ her problems, or simple gestures of affection like a hug or a kiss, can go a long way. However, if the person show s signs of wanting to kill or hurt him/ her, then therapy, anti depressive medication and professional help are essential. For more information about depression click here. Share this: Twitter Facebook Like this: Like Be the first to like this. COMMENTS CATEGORIES Leave a Comment Uncategorized ← Definition of schizophrenia Treatment of schizophrenia- don’t lose hope → Leave a ReplyGenerated with Page 1 / 2
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