Introducing Asterys


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Asterys is a name that comes from the family of flowers called Asteraceae, where the dandelion belongs. The spores of the dandelion spread into the wind and reach large distances. We recognize in the symbol of the spore – stylized in a Y in the logo – our intention to sow the seeds of transformation at individual, team and organizational level, in order to create the conditions in which individuals and communities can thrive and unlock their potential. To maintain an equal focus on our historical areas of activity, we now operate through two different companies: Asterys, dedicated to organizational development, and AsterysLab, dedicated to personal development and coach training. We invite you to explore Asterys and AsterysLab.

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Introducing Asterys

  1. 1. Life Coach Lab hastransformed into AsterysFounding Partner & CEO: Giovanna D’AlessioPartner & Managing Director: Stefano PettiFollow us on: Twitter / LinkedIn / Youtube
  2. 2. Overview• Who we are Mission and values• What we do Our services• Our approach Individual and organizational transformation• Our capacity International network• Our contacts
  3. 3. AsterysAsterys is a name that comes from the family of flowerscalled Asteraceae, where the dandelion belongs. Itsspores spreads to the wind and reach large distances. Wefind in the symbol of the spore - stylized in ‘y’ of the logo- our intention to sowthe seeds oftransformation atindividual, team andorganizational level, inorder to create theconditions in whichindividuals andcommunities can thriveand unlock theirpotential.
  4. 4. Our CompanyMission ValuesAsterys is a global organizational Asterys is a value-drivendevelopment firm. Our mission organization. Our guidingis to contribute to the evolution principles, source of everyof humanity by enabling leaders decision we make, are:to transform their way of • integrity,thinking, their way of being and • passion for evolution,their organizations. Our talent isto unlock their full potential and • humbleness,amplify the impact they have in • excellence,the world. • trust andWe partner with our clients to • fun.generate powerful individual and We make sure that thesecultural transformations through values are supported and putstrategic top team alignment, into action by all our Associateexecutive and team coaching, Executive Coaches andcustomized leadership and Facilitators. Our clients arecoaching training programmes, encouraged to give usand initiatives that foster a feedback anytime they noticesustainable self-transforming we are not ‘walking the talk’and learning culture. in honoring these values.
  5. 5. Our Scope of workLeading with impactOur leadership development programmes are focused atsupporting leaders in different domains of their journey tomastery. • Executive Coaching • Leadership Mastery • Skill building • Leader as Coach • Internal Coaching Essentials • Influencing Around Change • Managing Teams • Mentoring programmes • Leadership diagnostics
  6. 6. Our Scope of work, continuedAligning and Engaging TeamsWe love to work with teams and groups. Our interventionsrange from top team alignment to large group initiatives.• Top team alignment• High performing Team programmes• Team Coaching• Interactive Town Halls• Collaborative and motivational events for large groups• Team Diagnostics
  7. 7. Our Scope of work, continuedCreating a winning cultureThe focus of our programmes is on shifting the limitingmindsets and beliefs that (often unconsciously) hinderpersonal and organizational performance, thus enablingcultural change.• Culture Transformation initiatives• Building a coaching culture• Culture diagnostics
  8. 8. Our approachIndividual and Organizational TransformationOur approach focuses holistically on reaching greater self-awareness and an ecological and lasting transformation ofmindsets and behaviors. The core element of our approach ishelping clients discover and transform their paradigms.The idea that people can modify their paradigms is extremelypowerful. It means that individuals and groups can deliberatelytransform the way in which they see and interpret the worldaround them and transform their environment and relationships.What we help our clients to do, as the key to enabling a paradigmshift, is to develop the capacity to be ‘on the balcony and in thedance’ at the same time. Each time we stop for a moment toreflect on what we have done or said brings benefits. But mostoften this reflection is made in private or too late, when we can nolonger influence the result of our actions.Being ‘on the balcony and in the dance’ at the same time has thepower to make us step out the action temporarily while we aredoing it, become self aware and identify alternatives while stillpresent in the current situation. By helping leaders and teams todevelop this ability, we enable them to be more effective and torespond to people and events powerfully, creatively andconsciously.Our approach in coaching, training and facilitation draws fromontological models, transpersonal psychology, emotionalintelligence, adult learning, quantum mechanics and easternphilosophies, in order to facilitate change, personal effectivenessand real transformation.
  9. 9. NetworkOur International capacityWe are present in 17 countries with an internationalnetwork of 80+ top caliber facilitators and executivecoaches. Our Associates come from a corporate andbusiness background and most held significant leadershippositions. All the Senior Associate Coaches hold a PCC(Professional Certified Coach) or MCC ( Master CertifiedCoach) credential by the International Coach Federation.We work mainly with topmultinational corporationsin the fields of consulting,banking/insurance, services,telecommunications, beauty,pharmaceuticals, food andbeverage. We also work withsmaller companies led byEnlightened leaders.
  10. 10. ContactsKeep in contact with usGeneral inquiries: info@asterys.comCEO: giovanna.dalessio@asterys.comManaging Director: stefano.petti@asterys.comMedia inquiries: Find us on Follow us on Join us asterys/blog 10