The Role of Data in Enterprise


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Mayank Bawa, Co-President, Teradata Aster, presents at the Big Analytics 2012 Roadshow.

The opportunity exists for organizations in every industry to unlock the power of iterative, big data analysis with new applications such as digital marketing optimization and social network analysis to improve their bottom line. Big data analysis is not just the ability to analyze large volumes of data, but the ability to analyze more varieties of data by performing more complex analysis than is possible with more traditional technologies. This session will demonstrate how to bring the science of data to the art of business by empowering more business users and analysts with operationalized insights that drive results. See how data science is making emerging analytic technologies more accessible to businesses while providing better manageability to enterprise architects across retail, financial services, and media companies.

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The Role of Data in Enterprise

  1. 1. The Role of Data in EnterpriseMayank BawaCo-President / Co-FounderTeradata Aster R&D Labs
  2. 2. The Role of Data in Enterprise Record Report Influence
  3. 3. The Excitement of Big Data Ability to influence businessto get more favorable outcomes
  4. 4. The Responsibility of Technologists Deliver a platform that makes it easier andsimpler to influence business via Big Analytics
  5. 5. Forces that Technology has to Overcome Multi-Structured Data Diversity of DataRichness of Analytics
  6. 6. The Reality of Technology Today
  7. 7. DIY Attitude is Bad for BusinessIncredibly snobbyAsks business (e.g.,Marketing) tolearn non-core skills
  8. 8. The Equation of Big Analytics Time + Effort + Cost 1 / Influence
  9. 9. The Challenge for TechnologistsDecrease all three simultaneously
  10. 10. Problems that Need to be Solved Make it easy to manage and curate large volumes of diverse data Provide tools to update/delete data to ensure consistency across data stores Provide interfaces that are accessible to a business user Provide extensible business applications to find answers relevant to the business
  11. 11. The Aster Product is Tracking This Goal Analysts Customers Business Users Data Scientists Your Analytic & Advanced Reporting Applications • 50+ pre-built analytical appsDevelop Rapid Analytics Development • Visual IDE: custom apps in hours • Several programming languages • SQL-MapReduce framework Process Embedded Analytic • Analyze multi-structure data Processing • Top performance for both SQL & MR • Commodity-hardware based Store Massively Parallel Data • Software-only; Appliance; Cloud Storage • Fault-tolerant & one-click expansion
  12. 12. Interface: SQL-MapReduce®1 Standard SQL Support for Business Analysts2 Integrates Seamlessly with Most BI Tools3 10x MapReduce Performance Advantage Industry’s Only Standard SQL + MR Combination
  13. 13. SQL-MapReduce® Interface Connects Business Analysts via BI Tools Invoke Pre-Bulid SQL-MapReduce® App Through SQL and Visualize Directly in Tableau®
  14. 14. The App Store of Big Data Path Analysis Text Analysis Discover patterns in rows of sequential Derive patterns and extract features in data textual data Statistical Analysis Segmentation High-performance processing of Discover natural groupings of data common statistical calculations points Marketing Analytics Data Transformation Analyze customer interactions to Transform data for more advanced optimize marketing decisions analysisSome of the 50 out-of-the-box analytical apps
  15. 15. The Next Decade will be very Exciting!