From Data Science to Business Value - Analytics Applied


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LinkedIn's Director of Business Analytics Simon Zhang's talk from industry event Big Analytics 2012 in San Francisco.

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From Data Science to Business Value - Analytics Applied

  1. 1. From Data Science to Business Value- Analytics AppliedSimon ZhangBusiness AnalyticsApril 2012 1
  2. 2. Simon Zhang 1stDirector, Business Analytics at LinkedInSan Francisco Bay Area | Internet Brief Introduction Send Message View Profile Simon Zhang, Business Analytics 2
  3. 3. Overview of Business Analytics @ Support 70% of total 2100+ internal LinkedIn employees Cover 3 major diverse, scalable and growing revenue streams Hiring Solutions Providing passive recruiting at scale and adding social relevancy to active job searches Marketing Solutions Delivering marketers targeted access to one of the most influential, affluent and educated audiences on the web Premium Subscriptions Enabling professionals to be more productive with premium tools tailored by customer segment 3 Simon Zhang, Business Analytics
  4. 4. Today’s topics • Insights •Value • Analytics •Action • Data •Energy 4 Simon Zhang, Business Analytics
  5. 5. Let’s take a tour to visit the Great Pyramid of Giza Simon Zhang, Business Analytics 5
  6. 6. Traditional Framework of AnalyticsAnd why it does not work at LinkedIn Insights Analytics Layers Deep Analysis Ad-hoc Analysis The BI layer and Ad- Hoc Analytical layers Technology are misplaced. BI & Reporting Layers Data Mgmt & Data Quality Mgmt Tracking 6 Simon Zhang, Business Analytics
  7. 7. Let’s go deeper, and expand the pyramid… Decision Decision 6. Value! Insights 5. “Interesting” is not enough, always ask “so what”. Deep Analysis 4. Do the actual work…... BI & Reporting Ad-hoc Analysis 3. Make sure data is deployed efficiently Data Mgmt & Data Quality Mgmt with good quality. 2. Implement tracking to ensure data Tracking is useful.  Products 1. Understand the products first. 7 Simon Zhang, Business Analytics
  8. 8. Why it is still not enough? Decision1. Functional layers 2. Bottom layers consume Insightscould be disconnected! 90% of analysts’ time Deep Analysis BI & Reporting Ad-hoc Analysis Data Mgmt & Data Quality Mgmt Tracking Products 8 Simon Zhang, Business Analytics
  9. 9. Business Analytics Evolution at LinkedIn Decision Decision Insights and Action Deep Analysis BI & Reporting Easy, Fast, & Scalable Ad-hoc Analysis Solutions Data Mgmt & Data Quality Mgmt Tracking …… Products Past Current 9 Simon Zhang, Business Analytics
  10. 10. “Leverage” is our priority In the past! Current! Moving forward… Simon Zhang, Business Analytics 10
  11. 11. Next play: Unified Analytics Products Decision Tracking Data Insights Mgmt Deep Ad-hoc Analysis Analysis BI & Reporting 11 Simon Zhang, Business Analytics
  12. 12. Hire the right people with the right…… +X% 80% 100% ? 15% 5%0% Skills + IQ & EQ + Passion = Good Analyst Great Analyst? What else makes a great analyst? Simon Zhang, Business Analytics 12
  13. 13. The power of belief. Simon Zhang, Business Analytics 13
  14. 14. We are looking for people beyond “Get It Done” mindset! 100% 50%- 100% 0% Almost Done Get It Done! ABC What is ‘ABC’? Simon Zhang, Business Analytics 14
  15. 15. ABC = Always Be Closing! Simon Zhang, Business Analytics 15
  16. 16. Working as ONE person concept! Decision Insights Deep Analysis BI & Reporting Ad-hoc Analysis Data Mgmt & Data Quality Mgmt Tracking Products The importance of team work! Simon Zhang, Business Analytics 16
  17. 17. A very useful tool to solve complex analytical problems • Make an offer no one can refuse! LinkedIn Me Team Team Me LinkedIn • If this is your own business, are you going to do it in this way? • We are not consultants/advisors, we are business owners! Simon Zhang, Business Analytics 17
  18. 18. The power of LinkedIn’s networking effectsThe power of LinkedIn data! Member growth and engagement Relevant and valuable products Critical mass Technology of data & services platform Simon Zhang, Business Analytics 18
  19. 19. Some comments from LinkedIn internal teams who aresupported by Business Analytics team…… To VP of Sales: "Want to shoot you a quick note, w/o our analytics team’s work, I would not have this vacation with my family now!” “Now, I believe.” “We believe!” …… 19 LinkedIn Property. Confidential Simon Zhang, Business Analytics
  20. 20. Next Generation Data Science? or Albert Einstein Nikola Tesla A Great An Amazing Theoretical Proposer Applied Science ProviderOur job is to provide “energy”, so we go with Tesla 20 Simon Zhang, Business Analytics
  21. 21. Questions? 21 Simon Zhang, Business Analytics
  22. 22. Thank you!We are hiring! Simon Zhang, Business Analytics 22