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Vimeo v. YouTube: A Quick Look


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Astek takes a quick look at two popular video hosting platforms and offers some insight into how they might affect your marketing strategy.

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  • Interesting stuff, but unfortunately you completely missed one absolutely critical point- YouTube's totally out-of-control flagging & community guideline enforcement policy.

    Anecdotal experience has shown that video producers posting to YT are likely to find themselves persistently and aggressively flagged for completely false or spurious reasons, no matter how uncontroversial their content. There is an 'appeal this strike' button, but it usually results in simple confirmation of the strike within minutes.

    The producer will then find him/herself labelled & defamed as a pornographer or producer of unsuitable content (such as graphic violence or 'hate speech') in YouTube/Google permanent records. There is no guarantee this information won't be shared with law enforcement authorities at some point in the future, and only a lengthy legal challenge can alter this status.

    So overall, my advice is to steer well clear of YT.
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Vimeo v. YouTube: A Quick Look

  1. 1. YouTube vs. Vimeo Which one is right for your strategy? 12/18/2012Now that most marketers have latched onto video as one of the most effective mediums for brandawareness and engagement, there are many options for hosting them online. To help with choosing thebest for your business, Astek is highlighting the most popular, YouTube and Vimeo, due their highnumber of users, definitive pros and cons for differing strategy, and overall quality of the user-experience.YouTube Pros: YouTube Cons:Free Relatively unprofessionalSome Analytics (not considered robust) Uncontrollable adjacent contentHuge market of users (400 million +) Lack of brand controlFamiliarity 15 minute video limitGood opportunities for search trafficAd opportunitiesOpportunity for paid promotion of videosOwned by Google and could impact future searchVimeo (Pro version) Pros: Vimeo (Pro version) Cons:Organized and attractive profile (a portfolio) Fewer users mean much less search trafficCan choose thumbnails Search algorithm favors high view countsHigh quality user-interface/experience $199/yearBranding within the player Video views capped at 250,000 w/o upgradePossible engagement through Vimeo communities 5 GB upload per videoGoogle Analytics 50 GB/yearCan host on your own domain No video sitemap included – (if self hosting)Regarding SEO: These considerations are often not as important as you might think for YouTube orVimeo 3rd party hosting, as most traffic is directed to those sites instead of your own domain. For thisreason, some companies choose to self-host. Vimeo Pro offers this as well.For companies that have less frequent, high quality, portfolio-type video content where the user-experience, branding and control are paramount, Vimeo is a good choice. It also helps to have an large,existing audience pipe, like in enterprises or organizations with big mailing-lists. Marketers whosepriorities are brand impressions and search results should strongly consider YouTube with its 400+million users. While some companies post on both platforms to reach different audiences, dividing trafficis sometimes troublesome for focused marketing strategy. In this case, make sure that you are nottargeting similar keywords on each platform. Astek Consulting LLC Phone: 773.486.6666 3580 West Belden Avenue Fax: 773.304.3822 Suite 3 Email: Chicago, IL 60647 Web: