Social Media Alchemy: A Plan To Turn Content into Social Gold


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Presentation at ASBPE on 7/25/2014 on Social Media Plan with Editorial Calendar Example.

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Social Media Alchemy: A Plan To Turn Content into Social Gold

  1. 1. Social Media Alchemy ! a plan to turn content into social gold! Andy Swindler 5/25/14 Andy Swindler! President, Astek President John Armstrong! Account Director, Astek
  2. 2. Purpose of Social Media !  Relevant !  Educational !  Compelling !  Entertaining To be… for the reader. HOW
  3. 3. Purpose of Social Media !  Reach !  Engage !  Nurture !  Activate To… customers for the business. WHY
  4. 4. A Social Media Program !   What are the problems your customers are trying to solve? !   What does your customer need most? !   Where in the lead funnel are they? !   What technologies are they using to find you? !   How are people using your content? !   What are the demographics? Build your customer personas… WHO
  5. 5. A Social Media Program !   Where is your audience? !   Which personas are on that channel? !   What do they need/want? !   Does this channel… Build your channel strategy !   Reach? !   Engage? !   Nurture? !   Activate? WHERE
  6. 6. A Social Media Program !   Create consistency !   Organize resources !   Have a high view of key topics !   Help generate ideas !   Visualize your marketing strategy !   Act as a communication tool for team members !   Be a tool to make strategy changes easier Now create a plan that will…
  7. 7. Editorial Calendar! It’s the lynchpin to your entire content strategy… a plan for resources, curation, creation, collaboration and promotion.
  8. 8. Editorial Calendar! !   Quarterly goals !   Selling cycles !   Seasons !   Holidays !   Events !   Product Launches !   Deadlines !   Company goals and benchmarks !   Metrics / KPIs Annual View:
  9. 9. Editorial Calendar! !   Titles / Descriptions !   Content Type (case studies, white paper) !   Producer / Author !   Editor !   Distribution Channel (social, email, ads) !   Promotion Campaign !   Metrics !   Keywords !   Images Monthly View:
  10. 10. From Calendar to Creation Make free content with social media top of mind !   Imagery, infographics (visual platforms) !   Short form articles (blogs) !   Long form (lead capture) !   Segmented long form (blog series, e-book) !   Interviews, guest authors (all) !   Presentations (Slideshare) !   Podcast, video, animation (all) !   Carrots (lead gen platforms) Think about content as a process (tweets, photos, videos, articles, infographics, interviews, etc), not just the final product.
  11. 11. SIX Social Platforms" SIX Takeaways
  12. 12. LinkedIn Create a group for your niche content!
  13. 13. Twitter It’s hard. Climb at your own risk, but the views are great. Be purposeful, be patient and use Twitter “lists.”
  14. 14. Facebook Have a strategy: Contests, creative campaigns or Pay 2 Play… An average of 6% of posts are seen by fans.
  15. 15. Google+ Beautiful platform, powerful “Communities”
  16. 16. SlideShare Repurpose content and get found.
  17. 17. DIY Social Platform Build your own social platform on a website. (e.g.
  18. 18. Thank You!