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Social Media Changes - Dec 2012


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Read about recent changes in Social Media

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Social Media Changes - Dec 2012

  1. 1. Social Media Metamorphosis How Your Favorite Platforms are Changing (and what to do about it.)By John Armstrong, Sr. Community Manager – AstekDecember 11th, © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  2. 2. Overview LinkedIn Facebook Google Plus Twitter Instagram © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  3. 3. LinkedIn Company Pages Nice new look, but is it more than that? © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  4. 4. LinkedIn Profiles Design Elements Products and Services Recommendations Insights © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  5. 5. LinkedIn Profile: More Engaging Graphic headers offer better presence, stronger brandingCTA Buttons and Links Product Photos ProductVideos Recommendations © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  6. 6. LinkedIn Profile: More Engaging Less Clutter Follow Button Better Layout  Navigation bar  Links are obvious  Clearly tagged info in posts Mobile Friendly Like/Share/Geo-target status updates © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  7. 7. LinkedIn Profile: Product Promotion Better separation/categorization More details  Photos  Videos  Recommendations  Description  Website Link  Company Contacts Acts as micro-sites Useful for promotions © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  8. 8. LinkedIn Profile: Recommendations Much more visible throughout site  For better or worse! For individual product tabs Shows up in follower news feeds For the company at large Peer review is very © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  9. 9. LinkedIn Profile: Insights Better understanding of followers  Demographics  Location  Career Status  Field of work Page/Post Analytics  Page Stats  Post Stats  Visitor’s Stats  Weekly © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  10. 10. LinkedIn Profile: ActionsImages - Design Recommendations  Use creative, interesting images  Leave no product un-recommended  100% population across site  Ask clients for them  Videos, videos, videos  Ask employees for them  Freely give recommendations to others  Use them on your websiteEngagement  Offer status posts with images/videos  Use Insights to target, create relevance  Create interesting copy/personalize  Use all opportunities to inform and describe, but be © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  11. 11. Facebook Are your posts really reaching your audience? © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  12. 12. Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm Reach Engagement What it means for you What actions to take Promoted © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  13. 13. Facebook: Falling Reach September – the autumn of discontent Many companies see a reduction in reach Up to 40% in some cases (see below) Facebook Monetization - 80/20 News feed saturation demands action “These changes are geared towards increasing engagement with content within individuals’ newsfeeds and likely won’t impact anything you need to create, but will definitely impact your metrics. We are optimizing the algorithm so that fans see what’s most relevant for them and most likely to compel them to take an action.” – Facebook, 9/18/2012 Via – 11/16/12 – based on 41,000+ © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  14. 14. Facebook: Press Conference Notes (Notes from Will Cathcart, FB Product Manager – 11/19/12) Newsfeed Algorithm Criteria Prior Relevance (Affinity) Previous interaction implies relevance Follower post preference (Affinity) Previous reaction to post types (text, video, etc) garner relevance Crowdsourcing (Weight) Amount of people’s reaction (positive or negative) to posts increase/decrease reach Time Decay Time passed since posting Spam reports “we started penalizing things that had an above average rate of complaints, and rewarding things that had a below average rate of complaints …engagement went up and complaints went down in the double-digit percentage.” © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  15. 15. Facebook: Engagement Engagement steady (below), rising (right) Less reach and more engagement suggests increase in relevance Rewards brands who are relevant “Separates the wheat from the chaff” Punishes brands who are notVia – 11/16/12 – based on 41,000+ posts © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  16. 16. Facebook: Ineffective Content Spam reports greatly affect potential reach Photos tend to attract more spam, as well as more engagement They take more space on a newsfeed, thus garner a stronger reaction either way (affinity) All of this suggests accurate rumors of a Pagerank score to track negative © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  17. 17. Facebook: Promoted Posts Promoted posts are a way to guarantee significant reach for a price Price: usually $5-12 (but can be $50+) Posts have a sharp 3-day “reach curve” Useful for advancer promotions or other non-date specific purpose Effective for announcements and “PR Material” Should be a consideration in any FB © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  18. 18. Facebook: What this means (The opinion of one community manager) Facebook creating more efficient Feed Penalizing poor online brands Rewarding good ones Allowing extended reach at a price Companies will pay to reach their less interested followers Poor marketers will pay to reach anyone at all Examples show text-only posts offer 50% more reach Reach or Engagement? Quality should win over © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  19. 19. Google © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  20. 20. Google Plus: Reporting Instant reporting and quicker response Posts © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  21. 21. Google Plus: Peer Influence Search Plus Your World More weight on followers’ choices Shows friend/organization profiles Relevant posts from people you follow Crowdsourcing reviews Sharable reviews from G-Shopping Google places recommendations Zagat Scores © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  22. 22. Google Plus: Misc Sharable Gdocs and videos New Communities Hang-Outs Now 15 people per hangout Dockable sidebar Clean, colorful notifications Manageable apps Blocking procedures YouTube / Google+ username © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  23. 23. © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  24. 24. Twitter: Profile/ © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  25. 25. Twitter: Discover Tab and Search Discover Tab  Tailored media “Cards” --->  Returns relevant stories  Suggests engaging posts  Tweets from people you know Search  Returns photos/videos  Much like © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  26. 26. Pinterest and © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  27. 27. Hidden Pages Instagram Profile Pages Pinterest Business Pages Acts as a landing page Clickable website URLs Dynamic billboard Website widgets URL sharing Convert Privacy Concerns Twitter Wars… © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC
  28. 28. The end Fin Die ende Fine Zehasof El © 2012 Astek Consulting LLC