How to Win Customers and Influence Google: A B2B Guide to Search and Social


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Learn how to optimize social media for not only your B2B business, but also for Google. Presented by Rachel Yeomans of Astek and Sean McGinnis of 312 Digital.

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How to Win Customers and Influence Google: A B2B Guide to Search and Social

  1. 1. How to Win Customers & Influence GoogleA B2B Guide to Search & Social Presenters Rachel Yeomans Sean McGinnis BeaconLive Marketing Webinars
  2. 2. What we’ll be discussing: • Process • Best Practices And some examples in between!
  3. 3. Have a Plan
  4. 4. Tie your plan to a goalExamples: • Sell products and/or services • Increase website traffic • E-mail sign-ups • Webinar sign-ups • Increase brand/company awareness (this includes SEO!) • Engage with your current and potential clients and partners Your goal is not to increase fan or follower count!
  5. 5. Formulate objectives • Sell products and/or services • By what percentage point? • Benchmarks per quarter? • Different goals per product or service? • Increase brand/company awareness (this includes SEO!) • Choose your keywords • “Editorial” calendar • Engage with your current and potential clients and partners • If they’re on social, make sure you know what they’re saying! • Who are you going after & how will you find them?
  6. 6. Based on objectives, select your engagement platform(s)
  7. 7. Plan your communication tactics within each platform • Who will engage? • How often will that person engage? (Be realistic!) • What platforms is your industry using? • What platforms will your industry be using? • Plan out your process and routine • Should you outsource?
  8. 8. You’re On Social…Now What?
  9. 9. DO… • Have conversations and engage in others • Create engaging content • Share relevant content • Integrate channels • Cross-promote when appropriate • Take some risks and have some fun Remember, social is about being social!
  10. 10. DON’T… • Over-promote • Broadcast • Sign up for a service and not use it • Be too conservative • Speak in a “corporate” voice – we’re all human, remember? • Expect overnight success
  11. 11. Do you need a online events provider who can: • Create branded registration pages with e-commerce capabilities? • Seamlessly Stream Audio and Video? • Offer OnDemand Playback Solutions? • Provide a full service suite of CE services, including administration of Evaluations and Exams, Verification of Participation and automatic Certificate Delivery?Schedule a demo with BeaconLive to learn how our solution is not ourservice, but rather the value we provide to you.
  12. 12. Do you need a service provider who can: • Build or redesign your website to better suit your business? • Optimize your website for search engines? • Create and help build your social media presence? • Bring you to mobile?Schedule a call with Astek to learn how your business can rule “theCloud”!