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Leather Handbags


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Assots provides online shopping for Genuine Leather Handbags, Leather Satchel, Leather Holdall, Leather Cross body bags, Leather Clutch bags, Jute Bags, Canvas bags.

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Leather Handbags

  1. 1. Pure Leather Goods are Precious Possessions for EveryoneLeather articles are very costly and hard to afford. Apart from great looks these productsare valued for durability and comfortable usage.Many a times, people argue the fact that the artificial fiber bags are quite affordable andconvenient for daily use. So they are of the opinion that buying highly expensive leatheraccessories is nothing but wastage of substantial money in the name of status and class.This is not true. First of all, leather has several varieties and all of them are not costly.There are many kinds of leather such as croc suede leather, top-grained leather etc.Though the suede leather has relatively lower strength and lack the durability of a full-grained leather and top-grained leather yet, they have a glossy appearance that makesthem convenient for manufacturing smaller fashion articles such as clutch bags, wallets,purses, hand held bags and similar other products.Leather goods are for everyone. There is a common misconception among people that theleather accessories are of importance and utility as fashion goods mainly designed forwomen. These goods are equally important for men as well. Products such as file foliofolders, trim bags and leather satchels ( aredeveloped from the point of view of usage for everyone. They are essential for carryingimportant and confidential documents ensuring safe storage. Besides this, if a personholds a higher designation in a reputed organization then it becomes for him or her tocarry standard material accessories to maintain a distinct appearance. Apart from raisingyour value among associates these goods are beneficial for creating a good impression atwork place.Leather goods are appreciated for their superb fiber strength and durability. The leatherhas strong natural fibers that do not loosen with passing time and stay in perfect conditionfor years provided the user takes proper care of it. This ensures optimum reasonability ofspending money on these products. The artificial bags develop cuts and folds within acouple of months from the time of buying if used regularly. Leather has far betterdurability than these items. It is very easy to clean the products such as cross body bags,holdall bags etc. which has several folds and stitches where dirt can accumulate providedyou use a soft cleaning brush and cleaners such vinegar. To ensure the bags stay in cleanconditions for longer period wipe them with a soft cotton cloth everyday after returninghome.The leather handbags UK ( has superb finishes and last for longyears. This provides enough time to buy a few more if you are bored of using the sameone continuously. Buying bags of different types and designs are beneficial for variouspurposes such as shopping (spacious duffel bags), going out to attend a social occasion(purses, clutches and handheld bags), attending a meeting or delegation (leather satchelsand trim leather bags) and many other important events. So if you have a collection ofthese items then it is beneficial for you while going out for any sort of work. Since all of
  2. 2. these items bear high quality and durability, they are valuable assets adding to thecollection of your personal wardrobe.The leather handbags UK is famous for their top-notch quality and assurance ofauthenticity of the products. The online shopping facilities are extremely beneficial forthe customers worldwide.Proper Maintenance of Leather Accessories for Greater LongevityLeather is available in different varieties each of which has their own specialty. The priceof the finished leather goods is greatly influenced by the leather quality. Therefore aproper caring ensures satisfaction of long term usage.Leather goods are very costly therefore a long term usage makes the expenditure worthyenough. Products such as handbags, purses, satchels, folio folders, duffel bags are usedregularly and require caring. Leather is a natural fiber and extracted from a variety ofanimal skin. There are severe chances of contacting moisture during the rainy seasonwhen the humidity levels are generally high. Many people do not realize the importanceof proper caring resulting in the damage and decay of these products left with no otheroption but to replace them with a new one. This is a great loss considering the price rangeof these products. A little bit of attention can help in keeping things in the right order foryears ensuring greater satisfaction.Suede LeatherSuede leather bags are very glossy and generally extracted from the inner layers of theanimals such as goat, deer, calf or lamb. They are widely used for making purses, clutchbags, small cross body bags etc. They lack the strength of full grain leather and thereforehave a shorter durability compared to the products made from harder outer layer skin.The suede bags are immensely popular among women for the glossy and velvetyappearance. They are mostly manufactured with brilliant shades. Wipe the suede surfacewith a soft cotton cloth regularly to clean off the dirt and avoid over accumulation of dustand formation of stains. There can be dust layers near the folds and stitches. In this case,use a suede brush to softly remove the dirt from those areas. Use products such as thesuede protector, suede cleaner or vinegar to remove stubborn stains. Using a soap orwater can damage the leather, discoloring and lead to the formation of fungus.Things to Remember While using Leather Bags and Accessories1. Carrying items such as ink or gel pens can lead to ink leakage inside the bagcausing unpleasant stains which are hard to remove. Try to avoid carrying suchitems in your costly leather bags or wrap them in a leak proof plastic storagepouch before keeping them inside the leather handbags.
  3. 3. 2. Always use microfiber fabric to clean the bags or removing tough stains. Neveruse strong chemicals or detergent based soaps or cleaners on bags as they mayaffect the color or the fiber. If there are severe stains and grease on the bags it iswise to send it for professional cleaning. They ensure proper dry cleaning methodwithout any sorts of damage.3. Use shoe polish if there are minor scratch marks on the bags. However, frequentapplication of shoe polish can make the fiber stiff over the time due to the actionof strong chemicals in the polish.4. Never store the big leather items such as the leather satchels( in places having greater humidity. Theleather is sensitive to moisture presence and absorbs the moisture leading torotting of the material.Leather products are very costly and therefore it is important to ensure that the product ismade of genuine leather. Today the major leather brands have their own websites wherethe customers can place their orders or get the contact information of the manufacturers.Buying genuine leather handbags ( is relatively costly than otherforms of bag manufacturing materials. However it is better to trust a good brand knownfor delivering high quality leather products at reasonable prices.Assots Gala Olympic SaleFor Release ImmediatelyStarting 27thJuly to 12thAugust to mark London Olympic 2012. Assots, a UK based company specialisingin a wide range of leather handbags UK, is launching an Olympics Edition special sale to mark Galaopening of Olympic London 2012. The sale will feature up to 50% off on a wide range (selected item) ofleather satchels, bags and purses, across body bag and leather tote.The quality and origin of leather used in the manufacturing of their designer bags is the finest qualityavailable and source from different parts of the world. The fittings used in their ultimate products arespecially made for it.“Our special sale will launch on the same day the opening ceremony launches the London 2012 Olympics,”the spokesman added. “It will start on 27thJuly and run right through until the last day of the Olympics on12thAugust. This gives both new and existing customers ample of time to avail good discounts on the bagsthey intend to buy.”The sale section is clearly marked on the website with shiny yellow tab. Once the sale goes live customerscan find the sale items quickly and easily. In addition, new arrivals can be found as normal by clicking onthe links at the bottom of the site. The Red Heart Bird brand is also listed in this section; RHB is a signaturemascot of Assots.
  4. 4. Assots, the most beautiful attraction is their ‘country flag’ section. This link has 10 different country flagpouch bag. The bag is handy and having most useful internal features like credit card pockets. Because thepouch bag has zip top so it is excellent piece for card holding, keeping coins and as well as any size of yourmobile set.“We are expecting a great response to our sale,” the spokesman added. “With three decades in the businessand a determination to sell only the highest quality products, we are extremely sure people will find theleather bags they are searching for.”Assots sell a complete range of high quality bags of all kinds, including jute bags, designer bags and canvasbags. You can also visit their website to see the leather handbags range in their website Profile:Assots is a world class quality Fashionable designer Leather handbags online selling brand in uk and allover the world. We provide Leather Satchels, Across Body Bag, Clutch Bags, Bags and Purses withaffordable prices.You can also find Assots in facebook, pinterest, twitter to follow up. Please see all updates in yourfacebook account and put your liking to their exclusive products.Buy Leather Bags from Authentic Sources to Ensure Best Value for MoneyThe craze for leather products is constantly on the rise among buyers of today’sgeneration. The top leather brands dont only sell original leather products but also havefresh designer collections.The leather industry has moved a long way from the initial process of leather extractionand processing. Earlier there was the lack of advanced technology and leather grindingsystem so the finished products did not have the shine, gloss and availability of varyingshades. Today the leather goods have a smoother finish with innovative designs and thebuyers have endless options of bag models of leather satchels, purses, clutch bags,wallets to name a few when they visit a shop. Over the past few years, the leatherindustry has got enough scope to flourish owing to the number of reasons viz. advancedtanning process, availability of great designers, huge market demand and many otherfactors.Problems Encountered by Leather ManufacturersThe leather manufacturers have encountered several crucial challenges to reach thepresent market scenario. Though the advancement in the leather technology haseliminated the barriers of producing quality goods yet the statistics point to the bitter factthat they face considerable financial losses every year due to the presence of fake leathergoods readily sold in the market. The fake or faux leather is nothing but bags andaccessories with attractive designs and colors having similarity in appearance and feel asthe genuine leather handbags. If the customer is not habituated to buying these kinds ofaccessories then he can easily get cheated of his money attempting to buy original andquality leather products.
  5. 5. Faux Leather ArticlesThe faux leather articles are made of artificial or synthetic fiber. They are tactfullydeveloped using highly toxic chemicals to give the same feel as the original leathergoods. The cost of production of these articles is quite low compared to the pure leatherproducts of reputed brands. Since they are sold at the same price as that of originalproducts the profit margin is quite high in this business. The artificial fiber tends toloosen within a short span of time and gradually develop crimps, folds and tear marks.They lack the durability apart from having several toxic chemicals that separate veryeasily upon contacting moisture.Buying Guaranteed Leather ItemsThe buyers face several problems while out on a shopping for authentic leather products.One of the safest ways to get authentic goods is to buy them from reputed brands havingestablished a bond of trust for selling high quality goods for years. Today it is notchallenging to find these brands and the complete information about their marketreputation, customer reviews and product details. The brands selling leather accessoriesmaintain a good collection for women for daily utility as well as for attending somespecial occasions. There is a range of products from big duffel bags, cross body bags,trim leather bags, handheld bags etc.Today the concept of e-Commerce has become extremely popular for catering to theneeds of millions of customers worldwide. Most of the leather brand owners nowmaintain their regular official websites containing updated information on the latestmodels and current prices. Now it is easy to buy these products straight from the brandowner’s destination.The faux leather industry is developing with great intensity. These products bear extremeresemblance to genuine leather handbags and are hard to identify.