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Automated Driving: Innovative Product Development & Safety



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Automated Driving: Innovative Product Development & Safety

  1. 1. Automated Driving Innovative Product Development and Safety Serge Lambermont Technical Director Automated Vehicles - Delphi Electronics and Safety AEM Annual Product Safety and Compliance seminar 21 April 2015
  2. 2. Delphi’s global team – at the center of technology innovation 126 manufacturing sites 15 major global technical centers 20,000 engineers and scientists $17.0B 2014 revenue .... ........ . .. .... . . . . . . . .. . ... .. .... . .. .... . .... .... ... .. .. .. .. .. . ... .... .... ..... .... .. . .... .......... ... ... ...... ....... ...... . 164,000 people in 33 countries $1.7 B in Research & Development
  3. 3. • 1B smartphones sold worldwide in 2014 • Consumers want more connectivity in their vehicles • Today’s infotainment products increasingly designed for internet connection Connected infotainment fueling explosive growth Connected Infotainment $B 3
  4. 4. Creating the next generation Infotainment experience Connected navigation Reconfigurable cluster & displays Connected Infotainment Eye gaze tracking & gesture control 2010 2013 Today Tomorrow World-class user experience converges with Active Safety
  5. 5. Active safety past the tipping point Fatalities per 100M miles Airbags Seat belts Seat belt mandates Occupant detection Child seats Side / curtain airbags Energy- absorbing bumpers Active safety 1965 1985 2005 2025 1 2 3 4 5 6 Active suspensions Anti-Lock Brakes ESC 5
  6. 6. Active safety features provide a range of protection Electronically Scanning Radar Forward View Camera RACam Crash Sensors Airbag Control Unit Rear View Camera Multi Domain Controller Rear and Side Detection System Fusion of V2V and V2I 6
  7. 7. Convergence: The catalyst for accelerating growth 2015 2020 20252010 Semi Automated Assisted automation ADAS expansion Fully Automated Full cloud connectivity Smartphone integration Vehicle as a device Brought In connectivity Convergence into multi domain architectures / controllers First to market with Multi Domain Controller 7
  8. 8. Passenger Car Market Active Safety Connectivity AEB TJA Active Collision Avoidance Automated Highway Lane change Passenger Car Market & Commercial Vehicles primary Market driven by active safety NCAP and Connectivity ADAS Maps V2x Functional Safety Cybersecurity Production Prototype demosPilot programs / low volume prod 2nd fuel efficient vehicle ImpactMarket
  9. 9. Low Speed Autonomous Market Active Safety Connectivity AEB TJA Active Collision Avoidance Automated Highway Lane change Passenger Car Market & Commercial Vehicles primary Market driven by active safety NCAP and Connectivity ADAS Maps V2x Functional Safety Cybersecurity Pilot programs Low Speed Autonomous Low Speed Autonomous – no steering wheel New Market Localization Features for localization Low speed prototype pilots Retirement, airports, entertainment work campus, car free city centers. Manufacturing.. Production Prototype demosPilot programs / low volume prod 2nd fuel efficient vehicle ImpactMarket Personal Rapid Transit Personal transport Cargo Scooters 2/3 wheel Limited width Fuel efficiency, Individual Mobility - Sharing of lanes Car Sharing Tech enabled car share and rideshare Cloud based infrastructure Dynamic digital infrastructure: - Optimal booking-routing - Real-time cloud based updates - New physical infrastructuredual mode – distribution New transportation
  10. 10. The road to automated driving Delphi completed first coast-to-coast trip in an automated vehicle
  11. 11. Delphi Drive • Full suite of radar, vision and ADAS • Automated highway with lane change • Point-to-point urban autonomous driving • Multi-domain controller: High-end microprocessor to seamlessly drive multiple features and functions • V2V/V2X: Wireless vehicle communication technology extends the range of existing ADAS functionality • Intelligent software that enables the vehicle to make complex, human-like decisions for real-world driving 11
  12. 12. Automated Driving Safety Program Driver Training • Prior History of Safety  “review driving record” and continuously monitoring • 3rd Party professional driving training course  Focused on defense driving training and increased awareness  Emergency maneuvers • Automated Vehicle Training  Technology  Operational Procedures • Driver Operational Procedures  Driver focussed on driving, “driver always responsible” – readiness to take over  Always second engineer in the car for monitoring vehicle and data 12
  13. 13. Video
  14. 14. Delphi Drive Sensors Forward Camera Forward Infrared Camera Lidar Long Range Radars Short Range 360o Radar V2x
  15. 15. Delphi Drive – 3400 miles Coast to Coast
  16. 16. Delphi Drive – 3400 Coast to Coast
  17. 17. Essential elements of automated driving Sensors and Perception Computing Platforms and Control Systems Electrical Architecture And Network Management Vehicle Connectivity Off Board (Cloud) Support and Services Functional Safety and Security User Experience 17
  18. 18. Multi-Domain Controller maximizes computing power Multi-Domain Controller + Scalable software platform + Reduced architecture complexity + Faster communication + Capacity to future proof First launch in 2016 Centralized vehicle intelligenceMulti-Domain Controller Radar Controller Camera Controller Airbag Controll er Detection System Controller Crash Sensor Controller Enables future system complexity
  19. 19. System design Sub-system design Component design Component Manufacturing System test Sub-system test Component test Requirements decomposition Time Vehicle-application design Vehicle-application test Complexity analysis by requirements decomposition Automated Driving interdependencies between systems a Structured Approach
  20. 20. Component design Component Manufacturing Component test Time Product Complexity Integration Complexity System design Sub-system design System test Sub-system test Vehicle-application design Vehicle-application test Vehicle Requirement decomposition Product Requirement Decomposition Integration and Product Complexity drive how and where development is done
  21. 21. A perspective on OEM and supplier interaction ProductComplexity Integration Complexity HighLow Low High MANAGE CHANGE AT CUSTOMER "DESIGN-IN" INTO VEHICLE SYSTEM DEFINE THE INTERFACE MANAGE PERFORMANCE / COST TRADE-OFF EXPERT CENTER DESIGN
  22. 22. Challenges • Automated features are available now and will increase in content • Automated Driving Technology can and does improve safety, and should introduce many benefits – reducing incidents caused by human error, improving congestion etc. • Technology is rapidly emerging, but our 100% reliance on it means we have to 100% understand its behavior • The already rigorous automotive requirements will continue to add more safety focus • New modes/use cases for vehicles will emerge and need to be understood from a system safety perspective • Standards and regulation – today's safety standards and regulation will require expansion to cater for full Automated Vehicles • Cyber security – potential opportunity for malicious threats • Fully autonomous?