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Selling Your Life Insurance: What You Need To Know


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Are you thinking of selling your life insurance for a cash payout? If so, check out this informative guide to learn about life settlements!

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Selling Your Life Insurance: What You Need To Know

  1. 1. Selling Your Life Insurance: What You Need To Know
  2. 2. What Is A Life Settlement? A life settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy that provides seniors with immediate cash.
  3. 3. Why Choose A Life Settlement? There are numerous reasons to sell your life insurance for cash: • To cover your expensive and unexpected medical bills • Your fixed income isn't enough to live off of • A loved one is facing financial difficulties and you want to help them
  4. 4. Continued • You can no longer afford your monthly life insurance premiums • Another investment opportunity makes more financial sense • You want to pay off debts • You want to have money to fulfill your bucket list
  5. 5. Tip The cash you receive from a life settlement can be used as you wish, there are no restrictions on how you spend, save or invest your money.
  6. 6. What Type Of Policies Qualify? A life settlement can be offered on numerous policies like: • Universal • Group • Whole • Term • Joint Survivorship • And More
  7. 7. How Does The Process Work?
  8. 8. What’s My Policy Worth? The value of a life settlement will be typically be less than the face value of the death benefit. However, a life settlement can be worth up to 8 times the amount than that of the surrendered value from the bank that manages the policy.
  9. 9. How Is The Value Calculated? A number of factors can impact the value of a life settlement: • Age of the policy owner • Terms and conditions of the policy • The current value of the policy • And more
  10. 10. Advice After Payout While you have the freedom to use your life settlement funds as you wish, you should still consider using the money wisely. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind: • Stick to a budget • Pay off existing debt • Set aside a 'fun' fund for enjoyable activities • Purchase interest-bearing CDs to watch your money grow • Protect your loved ones by setting up a will
  11. 11. The Next Step If you want to sell your life insurance policy, let the experts at Asset Funding Corporation help you get the most out of your policy! (800)542-9513 |