What is Digital Asset Management?


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Digital Asset Management and Digital Asset Management Software explained by leading vendor Asset Bank. This presentation starts with a definition of Digital Asset Management (DAM) and DAM software. It then cover key elements such as; uploading files. organising assets, user permissions, downloading files, lightboxes, searching, enterprise features, reporting, storage, pricing, and finally, a bit more information about Asset Bank

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What is Digital Asset Management?

  1. 1. Asset Bank Digital Asset Management What is Digital Asset Management?
  2. 2. What is Digital Asset Management? A Digital Asset is any file such as a logo, image or video, that has associated metadata like titles and description, and is owned by an organisation. Digital Asset Management (DAM) is the process by which organisations can successfully store, manage and share all their digital assets in the most efficient way possible with staff, partner organisations and other 3rd parties. DAM is typically achieved using Digital Asset Management Software, like Asset Bank.
  3. 3. Digital Asset Management Software A fully searchable, categorised library of all your digital assets, from images to videos to documents.....indeed, any file you can think of. Safely manage and share your assets with colleagues and partners all over the world via any standard web browser.
  4. 4. Uploading files ● ● ● ● ● Upload any digital file Automatically extract metadata at upload Upload in bulk to set common metadata Optionally upload via watch FTP Use watch directories to automatically scan and ingest files
  5. 5. Organising your assets ● Asset detail previews ● Create new metadata attributes including text fields, date-pickers, checklists and hyperlinks ● Version control - save new versions of existing assets ● Create embeddable versions of files ● Define relationships between assets ● Enable user comments and ratings
  6. 6. Flexible user permissions ● Set up different user groups with different permissions ● Determine what users can ○ ○ ○ ○ View Upload Edit Download ● All actions can have optional approval workflows related to them
  7. 7. Download files ● Create download presets for popular requirements (print or web etc.) ● Crop, edit, resize, reformat before download ● Optionally apply masks at download ● Download direct into a PowerPoint template ● Send assets externally as an attachment or as a link
  8. 8. Lightboxes ● Lightboxes are a user’s ‘favourites’ area ● Create multiple lightboxes for each project ● Review assets side by side with contact sheets ● Reorder, alphabetise, copy, delete or share lightboxes from one management page ● Bulk update all assets in a lightbox ● View assets as a slideshow or photo essay ● Share lightboxes with external users by email
  9. 9. Searching ● Lightening fast search even with millions of assets ● Save common searches to save time ● Create browsable categories for popular searches ● Use GIS codes to search by location ● Admins can promote search results onto the homepage
  10. 10. Enterprise features ● ● ● ● Tailored for large organisations Create multi-lingual versions LDAP integration API to allow interoperability with other applications ● CMS integration ● Organisational units - delegate management of areas to local admins
  11. 11. Reporting ● See which groups are using the system ● See which assets are being viewed and downloaded ● Schedule reports to be sent via email ● See what search terms are being used ● Identify and remove duplicates ● Full audit logging on a user level
  12. 12. Storage ● Install Asset Bank on your own server or ours ● Use ‘storage devices’ to point to your SAN or local device ● Shared hosting options include Cloud storage for large original files (Amazon S3, Rackspace) ● Benefits of Cloud include scalability and lower costs
  13. 13. Prices ● Standard license from £3,000 to buy, or from £200 per month to rent (SaaS) ● Enterprise license from £9,800 to buy, or from £455 per month to rent (SaaS)
  14. 14. About Asset Bank Created by technology company Bright Interactive in Brighton, UK in 2002. Asset Bank is now a leading Digital Asset Management (DAM) software provider used by 15 of the FTSE 100 and over 400 organisations worldwide.
  15. 15. Get in touch Contact us now for a tailored quote or to organise a free trial www.assetbank.co.uk