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AssentWorks - Innovations in Innovation


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While the stream of technology innovations in manufacturing is constantly growing, the processes driving innovation within most organizations is often outdated and restrictive. This disconnect regarding innovation governance allows new competitors to climb to the top of the industry, while less agile organizations fall into obsolescence. Michael will discuss the concepts and cultures behind Fabrication labs and Makerspaces that are having profound impacts on corporate competitiveness, intellectual property management and manufacturing process. Highlighting his own experiences operating both corporate and non-profit facilities, Michael will identify the critical topics that your organization should address to make the most of these innovation enablers.

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AssentWorks - Innovations in Innovation

  1. 1. Innovations in Innovation
  2. 2. Growing  up  in  Canada     can  be  hard…  
  3. 3. …but  it’s  not  without  rewards.  
  4. 4. Who is responsible for innovation in your organization?
  5. 5. How do I useinnovation to create a business focused on growth?
  6. 6. Make innovation work for you
  7. 7. 1. Is the bigger issue: A  –    Ge8ng  People,  Resources  &                      Approvals     B  –  Actually  execuBng  the  innovaBon                                project?  ©  2009,  David  C.  Robertson.    
  8. 8. 2. Innovation management isfocused on:   A  -­‐  Policing  efforts  to  prevent  failure     B  -­‐  SupporBng  /  Encouraging  Success  ©  2009,  David  C.  Robertson.    
  9. 9. 3. If the executive in charge ofinnovation left, would innovation:   A  –  Slow  down  and  suffer     B  –  ConBnue  without  a  hitch  ©  2009,  David  C.  Robertson.    
  10. 10. Be honest.     “A”  means,  your   business  is  not   realizing  the  full   potenBal  that   innovaBon  can   provide.  
  11. 11. Reinvent the way you innovate
  12. 12. Reinvent the way you innovate–  Ensure  your  business  is  capable  of  idenBfying  and   harnessing  new  ideas    –  Maximize  your  exposure  to  innovaBve   opportuniBes  –  Provide  access  to  the  right  resources  to  foster   innovaBve  thought  
  13. 13. Harness the power of good innovation governance
  14. 14. Changes in Competitive Innovation1.  InnovaBon  does  not  just  mean  new     product  development  2.  MulBple  reinforcing  innovaBons  are     more  powerful  than  a  single  innovaBon  3.  Opening  up  innovaBon  can  create  faster,                    beWer  and  cheaper  innovaBon.    
  15. 15. Seven  Steps  to  an     innova0on  governance  system    1.  Define  the  vision  2.  Conduct  a  governance   diagnosBc  3.  Start  fixing  your                governance  issues    ©  2009,  David  C.  Robertson.    
  16. 16. Apple’s  Innova0on  Matrix  
  17. 17. Seven  Steps  to  an     innova0on  governance  system     4.  Implement  a  structured   innovaBon  process     5.  Create  the  necessary   roles     6.  Change  the  corporate   structure     7.  Implement  innovaBon   metrics  ©  2009,  David  C.  Robertson.    
  18. 18. ‘Companies structured aroundthe last successful innovation often resist an idea that would change the balance of power and resources” Clayton Christansen
  19. 19. Utilize the concept of Idea Flow
  20. 20. Innovation Metrics Inputs   Processes   Outputs   Number  of   Resource   in-­‐company   Process  to  generate   InnovaBon  Revenue   View   entrepreneurs?   per  Employee   and  renew  external   &  internal  insights       How  many  funding   Percentage  of   Number  of  new   Capability   employees  trained  in   sources  exist  for   innovaBon?   competencies   View   innovaBon   developed  per  year   RecogniBon  of   Senior  Leadership   Leadership   strategic  focus  on   Accountability  for   Delivery  on   View   innovaBon  targets     innovaBon   InnovaBon  Metrics  for  innovaBon:  Guidelines  for  developing  a  customized  suite  of  innovaBon  metrics    Amy  Muller,  Liisa  Välikangas,  and  Paul  Merlyn    
  21. 21. Napkin to ProductionIt  isn’t  just  rapid  prototyping,    good  people,  or  cash  on  hand   It  is  being  apart  of     an  innova0ng  community  
  22. 22. ‘Not all of the smart people work for us”Bill Joy, Sun Micro Systems
  23. 23. Action a culture of innovation
  24. 24. Developing high skill communities  •  Inspira0on  –  Communicate  community  vision  &  successes    •  Development  –  Foster  communiBes  of  interest    •  Enablement  –  Create  opportuniBes  for  ideas  to  grow    •  Access  –  IdenBfy  and  foster  great  ideas  to  success    •  Sustainment  –  Provide  iteraBve  learning  processes                                                                          improving  business  models    
  25. 25. Ideas Enabled.
  26. 26. What are we?  •  An  accessible,  non-­‐profit   prototyping  environment   –  MakerSpace  /  Tech  Workshop  •  A  collaboraBve  community  of   makers,  entrepreneurs  and   skilled  people  •  FacilitaBng  linkages  to  business   development  resources  in   partnership  with  Manitoban   IDEA  enablers  
  27. 27. MakerSpace Impacts•  Enabling  CompeBBve  InnovaBon   –  InnovaBon  from  all  aspects,  via  the  community     –  Reduces  costs,  increases  potenBal  for  mulBple,   reinforcing  innovaBons     –  Opens  up  innovaBon  to  a  whole  new  set  of  people   and  perspecBves  in  your  organizaBon  (and   beyond)  
  28. 28. Services we provide our members:   •  24x7  Access  to  Prototyping   Equipment   •  Co-­‐locaBon  /  Working  /  Project   spaces     •  Classes  /  EducaBon  /  Mentorship   •  Materials  /  Consumables  Store   •  Community  Projects  /  Open  Houses      
  29. 29. AssentWorks
  30. 30. How are we managed?  •  Board  of  Directors  from   industry  &  sponsors  •  Advisors  from   government  &  interest   groups  •  Managed  /  operated  via   membership  
  31. 31. How are we staffed? (Phase 1) •  Supervisory  staff  via   memberships   •  Volunteer  supported   •  Strong  usage  of  available   programs  &  communiBes   •  Roles:   –  Technical  coordinator  –  Part   Bme  posiBon  (Seeking  Funding)     –  Community  coordinator(s)  -­‐   Volunteer  
  32. 32. Prototyping Equipment Focuses: Rapid  Prototyping        
  33. 33. Prototyping Equipment Focuses: Electronics  
  34. 34. Prototyping Equipment Focuses: Metal  Working    
  35. 35. Prototyping Equipment Focuses: Wood  Working      
  36. 36. Capability & Equipment Evolution•  Equipment  focuses  are  phased     –  Investments  organically  grow   with  community  •  Phase  1  –  Ability  to  create  a  rough   prototype    •  Phase  2  –  General  capabiliBes   (Including  business  Planning),  low   producBon    •  Phase  3  –  Specialized  capabiliBes,   high  producBon      
  37. 37. AssentWorks ProgressGrand  Opening  October  27th,  2011      As  of  March  20th,  2012  -­‐  4  of  6  founding  sponsors  commiWed   -­‐  Next  goal  idenBfy  three  addiBonal  founding  founders   -­‐  Sponsorship  drive  starBng  in  March   -­‐  CreaBng  more  sponsorship  opBons    -­‐  Currently  54  members   -­‐  50  required  for  sustainability   -­‐  Phase  Two  kickoff  starts  at  70  members  
  38. 38. AssentWorks Progress
  39. 39. AssentWorks ProgressCommunity  Support  •  TEDx  Manitoba  •  First  Fridays  Member  Successes  •  Home  Snowboards  •  Duxton  Windows  •  Aquaventronics  •  Student  Members      
  40. 40. Regular Events Check  Event  Page  @    for  Specific  Times  &  Dates!  •  Community  Night  (Alterna0ng  Tues)   –  Open  House,  New  Member  Intake,   Safety  Training  •  Volunteer  Night  (Alterna0ng  Tues)   –  New  equipment  setup,  maintenance,   shop  restocking,  special  projects  •  Maker  Day  (3rd  Saturday  of  Month)   –  Day  long  classes,  Joint  Projects,   Equipment  Training      
  41. 41. MakerSpaces create direct and passiveinnovation Income for businesses
  42. 42. Think then act.–  Ensure  your  business  is  capable  of  idenBfying  and   harnessing  new  ideas    –  Maximize  your  exposure  to  innovaBve   opportuniBes  –  Provide  access  to  the  right  resources  to  foster   innovaBve  thought  
  43. 43. Reinvent the way you innovate
  44. 44. Links / Contacts•  David  C.  Robertson  –  InnovaBon   Michael Legary, Governance   Acting Chairman hWp://   AssentWorks  •  Web  Site:•  TwiWer:  @AssentWorks   204-255-4490•  YouTube:   @mlegary  •  Loca0on:      3rd  Floor,  125  Adelaide   (wpg,mb)  •  More  info:  •  Special  thanks  to  our  sponsors: