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7.2 expressing surprise x sma


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Expressing Surprise

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7.2 expressing surprise x sma

  2. 2. BASIC COMPETENCE 7.2 Merespon makna dlm percakapan transaksional dan interpersonal resmi dan tak resmi dengan menggunakan ragam bahasa lisan dan melibatkan tindak tutur : Menyatakan rasa terkejut, rasa tak percaya, menerima undangan , awaran dan ajakan.
  3. 3. Expressing Surprise  What?/ Really?  You’re kidding  Are you serious?  Wow! What a surprise!  That’s a surprise! Responds: • Well, that’s the truth • Absolutely not • Yes, I’m serious • I think so • So do I • It is, isn’t it? Mrs. Ramon: Yes, she will. She will leave by plane at 6 am and we will pick her up at the airport. Fio : what time will she arrive, Mom? Mrs. Ramon : at around 6 or 6.30 Herry : Are you serious, Mom? The flight only takes less than one hour? Mrs. Ramon : I am. We have different time zone, don’t we? Fio : That’s right.
  4. 4. WISDOM WORDS  Terrorist can kill the human, but Education can kill the terrorist. One Child One Pen One Book One Teacher can Change the world. Malala Yousafsai
  5. 5. EXPRESSING DISBELIEF Conversation: Zeta : What happened? Please tell me. Rachel : Finyo and I just broke up Zeta : What? Rachel : He always lied to me. I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t believe him anymore. Zeta : I am sorry to hear that. Rachel : He told me that he was with his mother to clinic, so he couldn’t go with me. But I saw him walking with a girl yesterday afternoon. Zeta : I can’t think of it. It must be hard for you, Rachel. Rachel : Yes, But life must go on. Zeta : Right.
  6. 6. RECEIVING AND REFUSING INVITATION • Great! I would like that very much. • Nice! I would really like that. • I would love it. • Thank you for your invitation. I would go with you. • That’s a good idea. • What a good idea.  Thanks for your invitation. But I may be busy.  May be some other time. It’s doesn’t matter, right?  That’s good idea. But I am sorry I can’t go.  I’m afraid, I can’t go with you.  I am so sorry. I don’t feel well.  Etc.
  7. 7. 1. Change these sentences below: a. Tuan Fath sama gantengnya dengan Tuan Putra b. Ms. Trias lebih baik daripada kami c. Mr. Arya paling pendek di kelas kami. 2. Make a conversation use complementing and congratulation.