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Extend the Life of Your Produce


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You can save money just by extending the shelf-life of your produce! Get more tips on our blog

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Extend the Life of Your Produce

  1. 1. Save Money by Extending the Life of Your Produce
  2. 2. Bananas: shrink-wrap the crown This reduces the release of ethylene gas and slows the ripening process
  3. 3. Stem-less tomatoes: place upside down on the counter This prevents air from getting into the opening at the top
  4. 4. Pears: store in the dark Sunlight speeds up the ripening process in fruits like pears and melons
  5. 5. Onions: store in pantyhose Put an onion in each foot and tie a knot in between, continuing that pattern until legs are full!
  6. 6. Mushrooms: store in paper bags
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