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User Experience Driven Corporate Intranets


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Too many intranets and portals are created using a technology first, business communications second and user needs third approach. At Aspenware, we know that the value in an intranet or portal is in how often it is used so we start with people who will be using the software. Only once we understand the needs of the people using the software and the goals of the business do we start to explore the technology options available.

Our approach to implementing the solution we design is to start small, engage the people early and measure the results. This process enables us to build effective software that drives user engagement in a way that is measurable.

The intranets and portals we create deliver a high level of participation and a strong feeling of ownership among users. This in turn increases engagement that results in higher employee or customer retention.

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User Experience Driven Corporate Intranets

  1. 1. 300 Bases. 48 States.All in one spot.Air Methods has people and locations all throughout the United States.Creating a singular resource for everyone to easily access was essential to their work–flow.For Air Methods their industry is constantly moving. Medicalemergencies don’t follow a schedule, so Air Methods’ pilots,medical teams, mechanics, and operations teams, and staffconstantly have to be at the ready. The front lines connectlocally to care for their patients, but at the same time thereare also several back-office staff operations constantlyworking to support their needs as employees. There neededto be one, simple place to go to find information to resolvequestions and get help.
  2. 2. Air MethodsMega-Menu Custom Icons System Relevant Content FeedAfter realizing the depth of the navigation, wedecided to implement a mega menu to allow the The Air Methods Corporate CommunicationsAir Methods’ users a fast and easy way to get to Department wanted one place to be able tocontent without having to go through multiple easily communicate current events to all of theirlevels of navigation. employees. We proposed an events feed that included imagery, a headline, the article, and an Air Methods had previously been using icons option to read more info. We also wanted the as a means to quickly scan sections. Since user to be able to view the upcoming article by this precedent had already been established, showing the upcoming headline and imagery. Aspenware wanted to uphold this convention. But what we did was make it more refined and manageable by creating a pixel dimension standard and color consistency.
  3. 3. A Unified CustomerExperienceCreating a useful, cohesive space for customersand self–service. COPIC’s collective public web presence (website, secured customer functions and sign-on application) was disjointed and made customers feel like they were interacting with different companies on different sites. The original website’s navigation was confusing and content was not organized in an intuitive structure that allowed users to quickly and easily find the information they wanted.
  4. 4. COPIC Enabling Self–Service Content & Navigation Increased User Engagement Page Views 115,685 2012 78,287 2011 Pages per Visit 5.41 2.89 Bounce Rate 34.30% 47.18% The site launched in April 2012 and has received positive feedback from both internal and external audiences about the site‘s new look and the ease in which people can navigate and find the information they are looking for. As the world of health care progresses into the A key focus of the project was to promote We saw significant improvements in Pageviews, world of online access and self service, a company’s simplicity and usefulness of COPIC’s content Pages per Visit, Bounce Rate (lower). When users website is the key source that people use to get for users. By reorganizing content on the site come to the site, they explore the content. information and access their customer accounts. into more task-based groupings and COPIC recognizes that medicine is a 24-hour integrating navigation that simulates users’ Since the redesign, COPIC customers are environment and physicians, their staff, and thought processes, the site felt easier and performing more transactions online, e.g., organizations that support them need to connect more pleasant to use. submitting inquires through an automated email easily at times that best fit their schedules and form that routes questions to the appropriate needs, not just the traditional 8–to–5 day. person. More users have added essential contact info (such as email and additional contact info) Customers now have 24/7 access to to support our efforts to clean-up customer data• Review key account information Renew coverage and make sure we have full profiles available.• Submit changes to account information• Get contact information for assigned Underwriter• See authorized third-party certificate holders• Pay premiums online
  5. 5. We’re BetterTogether.First Western’s culture was fragmented by multiple acquisition and branches. Building a portalto share processes, strategies and the vision was a great start to pulling it all together. After updating their brand and identity, First Western wanted to apply that same brand upgrade to their intranet. They called on Aspenware not only make their portal intuitive and easy to use, they also knew that we had the chops to implement it while honoring their company’s personality.
  6. 6. First Western TrustBrand Consistency Building Community Right Info, Right Away VOLLKORN ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Vollkorn is currently the serif font being used on the the FWT website that is being developed. LATO ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ Bringing together many different geographies Aspenware worked with First Western employees Lato is currently the san serif font being used on the the FWT website that is being developed. and job functions to establish a sense of and management to understand how information, community was key for this project. Aspenware relationships, and daily tasks are all connectedHaving gone through a recent brand refresh, applied simple tools and processes that in their minds. The portal navigation structureFirst Western needed a portal design that was aligned with First Western’s communications and interconnectivity reflect the way employeesconsistent with other marketing efforts. We strategy to allow executives to influence naturally think and go about their day.applied brand guidelines and style guides to culture and attitude.make sure this portal stayed true to the message.
  7. 7. AspenwareAt Aspenware we don’t just fling code, we create amazing experiences. If you have questionsabout our human centered design processes or creating engaging software that people wantto use please contact us. Shelby Huckabay Waughn Hughes Design Collaboration Kelley Poturalski Jeremiah Fellows User Experience Service Innovation @activeUXdenver @JWFellows