What people are saying about working with Aspenware.


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See what our customers are saying about working with us.

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What people are saying about working with Aspenware.

  1. 1. Aspenware Customer Testimonials
  2. 2. COPIC COPIC’s new website is a huge improvement over our previous one. I work with the physicians and medical practices that we insure daily, and the biggest problem we had before was how the content was organized. People would constantly call and be confused as to where information or forms were located— and I was often confused as to where they were. Now, everything is organized in a logical, easy-to-navigate format and that has been extremely helpful for us to fully utilize the site as a resource center for our insureds. Marguerite Long Program Coordinator Patient Safety and Risk Management at COPICCustomer Testimonials www.aspenware.com 2
  3. 3. COPIC Our customers have responded very positively to the ‘Service Center’ section on the website. The new website design offers easier access to the information that is important to them. And that is also a benefit from an internal perspective. When I am on the phone with a customer, it’s easy for me to help them navigate through the site. I also think the new site is more professional and has a better look and feel to it; very important when you consider that the first place people often go to learn about a company is the website. Diane Laff Business Support Coordinator Underwriting Department at COPICCustomer Testimonials www.aspenware.com 3
  4. 4. COPIC When we started our redesign process, we wanted to accomplish multiple things from both a marketing and technical perspective—and I believe that we hit the mark on several levels. The new site captures the COPIC brand visually and really connects to our company statement of ‘better medicine, better lives.’ It balances the elements of design and functionality in a way that enhances the user experience and gives us the flexibility to integrate new features. Behind the scenes, the content management aspect has improved tremendously. The SharePoint platform is easy-to-learn and allows us to keep the site fresh and organized while maintaining consistency. Since the launch of the site, the internal and external feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and I think we succeeded in creating a website that tells the COPIC story and provides an online resource center that meets our customers’ needs. Ryan Peacock Communications Manager COPICCustomer Testimonials www.aspenware.com 4
  5. 5. AirMethods We engaged Aspenware to build an intranet for our company, which is a publicly traded air medical transport company. Aspenware started the project by thoroughly understanding the goals of our business units and our technology organization. Aspenware dug deep into the requirements of the team members using the software and then designed a solution that fulfilled those requirements and met our business goals. Aspenware’s team brought incredible value to the project. Between the Aspenware team and their engagement process, we were able to effectively manage risk through open and transparent communication. This led to successfully managing scope and budget. Aspenware was an incredible asset to us through this project and a huge part of our success! Janelle Saar Iterim VP of IT AirMethodsCustomer Testimonials www.aspenware.com 5
  6. 6. Karcher I approached Aspenware based on theNorth America recommendation of several colleagues in the IT and Web Services Industry. I was looking to bring in a company that could provide me and my team with the experience, vision and knowledge to put together a top knotch user experience and design for two B2C eCommerce sites I was leading the development of. At the time we worked with in-house developers/ coders but we lacked the expertise to design a clean, eye catching and easily navigable eCommerce site that would include upwards of 10,000 products. Working with Aspenware’s team through the requirements gathering, wireframing, drafts and launch was a breeze. Their team got what I was looking for right away and provided two sites myself and my team, including the CIO, Head of the PMO and VP of Aftermarket Parts & Accessories, were thrilled with. I would highly recommend Aspenware to anyone looking for more than just a coding shop. This is a team of experts that were my partners in one of the largest projects in company history. Pamela Power Karcher North AmericaCustomer Testimonials www.aspenware.com 6
  7. 7. Hosting.com I’d like to take a moment and thank Aspenware for its commitment to our business. Each Aspenware team member that took the time to get their hands dirty with our issue was very helpful and brought a positive attitude. Since the initial engagement, Hosting.com has taken much of the advice of Aspenware and turned it into customer impacting results. Before we started the engagement, the trend of application performance with one of our applications was not in an acceptable state. Presently we’ve seen over a 100% performance increase since executing on some suggested changes from Aspenware. Over the upcoming months and years I am hopeful that we will continue our relationship with Aspenware in order to drive high performing applications that will drive revenue for our business. Thank you for jumping in to solve tough problems. Matt Ferrari VP of Engineering Hosting.comCustomer Testimonials www.aspenware.com 7
  8. 8. Hosting.com We moved from Photoshop design comps to functional code in two weeks—it was phenomenal! Sean Bruton Product Manager Hosting.comCustomer Testimonials www.aspenware.com 8
  9. 9. 6000 Greenwood Plaza BlvdSuite 110Greenwood Village, CO 801 1 1T 303.798.5458F 720.529.5457www.aspenware.com