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Kcs Brochure


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Kcs Brochure

  1. 1. TECHNOLOGY OUR ENVIRONMENT Artifacts & Objects= We use many of the same External/Interorganizational Network: hardware & software items other service-oriented Organization!quot;Clients!quot;Community Partners!quot;The Universe organizations use; including data management Internal Environment: A heterarchical, symbolic interpretive organization software, computers, Internet access & phones. Some rooted in decentralized equality, communication, collaboration, lifelong of our specialized practitioners have particular learning & accountability. equipment needs. For example, hypnotherapy offices are equipped with couches, mood music & water features. We use bio-feedback machines to monitor PHYSICAL STRUCTURE physical changes during some of our more intensive sessions & we offer physically-therapeutic options to A well-balanced organization, KCS recognizes patients who must learn to release their bio-molecular the need to co-exist & maintain our histories. relationship with natural forces. Activities & Processes= Prospective, willing clients Design= Our headquarters building is receive our informational brochure. The brochure completely self-sufficient & off the grid. All includes our Mission Statement & an overview of the water is collected from roof run-off in clientele we serve & the services we typically provide. cisterns. Our building features roof gardens, It also indicates that each program is tailored to the therapeutic gardens, meditative spaces, individual’s needs & ability to pay. Upon enrollment, recycled building materials & a large we conduct an extensive initial interview with our terrarium bathed in natural light. Our clients. This includes a very detailed (year by year) one-story “green” edifice represents our documentation of the client’s history. A session with commitment to heterarchy & respect for all our hypnotherapist is scheduled. The therapist General Environment: living beings. confirms that the history is accurate, changing or Social= Our clientele and staff are highly diverse in heritage, age, education, Artifacts= Our physical spaces showcase a adding to it as necessary. Past lives are explored. The belief, and socio-economic background. Service and a desire to help others is a variety of meaningful curios & objects that background information is collected, it is analyzed and paramount social value. We help anyone who wants to realign their karmic symbolize the karmic cycle, and our several plans of action are developed. The client is imbalance. Each client’s singular background is considered throughout the connection to the people we serve and their given the report & decides which course of action to counseling process. Every perspective is of value. well-being. pursue. We provide counseling & facilitation Cultural= Our cultural map includes history, the Akashic record, and a belief in throughout the entire process. We offer a vast network right action. While we do not advocate any specific spiritual tradition over of resources & connections that will be of benefit to another, we do place value in the karmic cycle & the law of cause & effect. the client & their karmic repair plan. Clients who nir·va·na (nîr-vä'n!, n!r-)= The ineffable ultimate in which one has complete their course of action are reevaluated and attained disinterested wisdom & compassion. Emancipation from ignorance provide self-analysis. A 'final' report is then compiled, & the extinction of all attachment. -American Heritage Dictionary although most of our clients remain with us even after they have completed their initial balancing to maintain a healthy energetic balance in their lives. Knowledge= We make extensive use of our client’s cellular memories as well as their remembered & OUR SOCIAL STRUCTURE repressed memories. We also use an independent OUR CULTURE review of the Akashic records, giving give us an Integration= Each & every employee is essential & accountable. KCS promotes Assumptions= Our heterarchical organization is unbiased 'large picture' view of the individual’s communication & collaboration between all employees, regardless of job title, a culture of trust, optimism, skill & clear energetic journey. We have pioneered many innovative seniority or department. Our policies advocate equality, respect & purpose. This helps generate the assumption techniques, which allow us to better serve the needs collaboration. and feeling that our organization can achieve and lifestyles of our clients, while still relying on many what we have aspired to do. This can be a great traditional methods of energetic cleansing, (De)Centralization= KCS is engaged in the experiment of non-hierachical, quot;mechanismquot; for coping with & adjusting to evaluation, & balancing. decentralized decision-making. We trust employees & departments to solve external pressures, while promoting internal most problems & challenges directly, rather than referring to a “higher” or integration & communication. Ours is a culture central authority. of optimism, generated by good deeds, Specialization & Training= We hire the best & the brightest: self-aware, accountability & amiability, making us better compassionate individuals with multiple intelligences & an ability to listen, able to listen & respond to uncertainties & assess & respond with right & just action. We offer training to equip staff with chaos. the tools they need to serve our clientele, & encourage lifelong learning & Norms & Values= We place value on right personal growth. We aim to create a social environment –rooted in education, action, service, balance , as well as the cultural tools & skill- that fosters trust in & enthusiasm for our abilities & mission. norms dictated & held in place by karmic law.
  2. 2. O R GA N I Z AT I O N A L C H A R T OUR MISSION: KARMIC COUNSELING SERVICES (KCS) IS THE LARGEST NONPROFIT, FULL-SERVICE KARMA COUNSELING AGENCY IN THE UNITED STATES. SINCE THE NEW MILLENNIUM, WE HAVE BEEN Founder/Director HELPING PEOPLE FIND THE TOOLS & SOLUTIONS THEY NEED TO Associate Associate Director of CLEAN UP THEIR KARMA, BETTER THE WORLD & ACHIEVE NIRVANA. Director of Community WE PROVIDE A PROFESSIONAL KARMIC COUNSELING PACKAGE THAT Assistant Finance Relations to the INCLUDES GUIDANCE, KARMIC CREDIT REPAIR, MANAGEMENT Director ASSISTANCE & EDUCATIONAL SERVICES. KCS IS THE FOUNDING MEMBER OF THE NATIONAL FOUNDATION FOR KARMA COUNSELING & Associate Associate THE ASSOCIATION OF INDEPENDENT KARMA COUNSELING AGENCIES. Director of Director of Associate Community Technology Director of Development Client Services #$O U R G O A L S # #$O U R O B J E C T I V E S # Akashic Karmic kar·ma (kär'm!) -1- -1- Investigations Connections Clients will gain an intuitive Through consultations with our (Sanskrit, “action or deed”) Karmic appreciation for their karmic Karmic Counselors, clients will The universal law of cause & effect, as applied to obligations. establish a base from which to Adjustments begin their journey. the deeds of people. A (deliberate) good or bad Karmic H.E.R. -2- Clients will understand their role -2- Credit Human Energetic deed leads a person's destiny in the appropriate in the world as they achieve balance Through rigorous interviews with Reporting Resources Soul direction. The ripening of the deed may take more & harmony. various departments, the client will be matched with their Karmic Plan. Counseling than one lifetime, tying the agent to the cycle of -3- -3- Clients will communicate within rebirth; only deeds free from desire & delusion Karmic The client will be able to identify Security & with the greater universe. Training harmful habits that can only have no consequences for karma. impede progress. -4- -Oxford English Dictionary Clients will harness a quot;dynamic -4- web of interrelationships.quot; Clients with heavy karmic debt, will undergo a progress review to -5- ensure success. Clients will remain in tune with seen & unseen forces in order -5- to achieve enlightenment. Ultimately, the client will achieve awareness, utilize the tools & harness $ skills to withstand the tribulations of an imperfect world. $ $