Aspen Walker MLS Artifacts, Outcomes & Values


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Aspen Walker MLS Artifacts, Outcomes & Values

  1. 1. E. ASPEN WALKER: MLS OUTCOMES, PROFESSIONAL VALUES & ARTIFACTS ARTIFACTS   1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 802 802 805 813 839 850 863 PLA COLLABORATIVE INFORMATION SEEKING ORGANIZATION SCENARIO REFERENCE SERVICE PRESENTATION MANAGEMENT LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE LEARNING PROJECT DIAGNOSTIC INTERVIEW BUILDING & STRATEGIC ANALYSIS SKILLS & LIBRARY PRESENTATION & PRESENTATION & PRESENTATION & PAPER PLANNING TRENDS PAPER RESEARCH PAPER CULTURE OG MACKIERNEN KARMIC COUNSELING THE MYSTERY OF COPYRIGHT MANAGING & EMAIL DIVES DEEP SERVICES THE BUG EGG & THE CHRONOLOGY MARKETING LIBRARY INTELLIGENCE FIRST IMPRESSIONS LEGENDARY FLOWER $UPPORT LAST! A LEADERSHIP LEARNING JOURNEY MLS PROGRAM OUTCOMES   The goal of the Master of Library Science program is to prepare creative problem solvers who will provide proactive client-centered services in information agencies. Graduates will be able to: 1. Articulate a philosophy of client-centered information services X X X X X X based on the epistemological and ethical foundations of the library and information professions. 2. Explain and apply interdisciplinary theories and models X X X X X X relevant to managing library and information service agencies. 3. Conduct an information needs assessment, and design and X X X X X evaluate customized information services and products based on those needs. 4. Identify a need, then retrieve, interpret, and/or repackage X X X X X relevant information resources and evaluate their use and impact. 5. Affect appropriate changes by using effective X X X X X X collaborative, communication and organizational skills. 6. Teach information literacy skills in order to facilitate effective X X X learning organizations. 7. Demonstrate life-long learning skills by continually acquiring X X X X X X X X new knowledge, skills, and perspectives to respond to changing conditions. 8. Communicate effectively in writing, in conversation, and in X X X X X X X X using information technologies. PROFESSIONAL VALUES   As reflective practitioners, graduates will demonstrate the following professional values: 1. Value self and others, i.e., possess confidence in one’s X X X X X X X X decisions and value diversity in its many forms. 2. Exhibit professional behavior, knowledge, and attitudes, based X X X X X X on client-centered philosophy and ethical guidelines. 3. Advocate for others by displaying a X X X X X X commitment to quality and equity. 4. Demonstrate leadership by displaying vision, adaptability, X X X X X X openness to new ideas, and risk-taking behavior. 5. Imagine outside the box by demonstrating creativity in problem X X X X X solving, management, and other professional activities.