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  1. 1. Clinic Management System
  2. 2. Sub headlineModules of the Product GC – All Masters • Employee / Doctor and Consultant Master 1 • Clinics Master – To Create Multiple Clinics • Role & Access Master – To Create Access to the application Appointments • Create Appointments – Provide appointments to Patients on Phone & Walk-in 2 • View / Cancel / Modify Appointment – Modify / Cancel Dr’s or patient’s appointments Electronic Records • Manage Patient Visits and Records 3 • EPR Billing • View Patient Bills & Collect Payments 4 • Get various reports based on Dr, Patients & Dates
  3. 3. Screen Shots
  4. 4. Sub headlineLogin
  5. 5. Sub headlineGC – All Masters Global Configuration – All the master forms for the application About GC Global configuration provides all the operational settings. This consists of Masters and configuration to capture the details of the clinic , department, designation, Employee, Doctor, External Consultant etc.
  6. 6. Sub headlinePatient Registration Provide Patient Insurance details Provide Patient Allergic Information Capture Patient clinical data Demographics Enter Patient Demographic Data – This form also generates Patient’s Unique ID for tracking future visits
  7. 7. Sub headlinePatient Data View Patient Data View Registered Patient in the particular Clinic.
  8. 8. Sub headlineDoctor Availability Can select the Doctor / External Consultant Can mention the Clinic & his available days and time in the clinic with his time slots for every patient. Complete Dynamic configurations Doctor’s Availability Create Doctor / External Consultant Availability Information
  9. 9. Sub headlinePatient Appointment Fixing Enter the patient name Fix up the desired time for meeting the Dr. Software will not display a appointment time slot already fixed for other patients Appointments Create / Modify or Cancel a patient’s appointments
  10. 10. Sub headlinePatient Vitals Enter the Vital information of the patient prior to the Dr’s visit Also there is an option to enter the Patient’s Drug Allergic Information. Appointments Create / Modify or Cancel a patient’s appointments
  11. 11. Sub headlinePatient Visit History Search through the patient visits Select the Appointment ID based on the visit history to know more on the visit information. Patient Visit History View the Visit History of the Patient
  12. 12. Sub headlineEPR – Electronic Patient Record EPR – Clinicare will load the EPR based on the Dr’s Speciality Dr’s can view the complete information of the patient such as Vitals, Diagnostic reports, last visit record Dr’s can enter the History of the present illness and EPR examinations, procedures and prescriptions with alert based on Enter and view the patient illnes allergies
  13. 13. Sub headlineDiagnostic Reports Dr’s can view the patient’s Diagnostic data uploaded either by outside agency or in house staff prior to the patient’s visit Diagnostic Reports View the Patient’s Diagnostic Reports
  14. 14. Sub headlineBilling Patient’s Charges will auto appear based on the Dr’s visited Any further service can be added here Payment can be collected through various modes such as cash, card, insurance or vouchers Billing Patient’s Final Charge Statement
  15. 15. Need more info? Contact usA product of Aspelec Aspelec Technologies Pvt Ltd Bangalore, India |