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JMLeceta Tertulia Fulbright: Discover Innovate, get Funding and Be Global 2013


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JMLeceta Tertulia Fulbright: Discover Innovate, get Funding and Be Global 2013

  1. 1. THE EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY (EIT) Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) José Manuel Leceta – EIT Director 5-6 November 2013 Tertulia Fulbright. Madrid, Spain
  3. 3. DISCOVERY, INVENTION, TRANSLATION & INNOVATION ARE NOT THE SAME THING Discovery: Finding out something not yet known Invention: creating or designing something not existing before Translation: processing discoveries and/or invention into innovation Innovation: making changes with societal impact based on discoveries and/or invention Excellent science are research are necessary yet not sufficient ingredients for innovation
  4. 4. AGE DISTRIBUTION OF WORLD LEADING INNOVATORS New firms setup in the last 25 years US: approx. 21% EU: approx. 2% Bruegel policy brief 2009 Reinhilde Veugelers
  5. 5. HOW TO ENCOURAGE THE GROWTH OF YOUNG VENTURES IN EUROPE? WANTE D Europe has a history of brilliant entrepreneurs but data suggest we need an ‘ entrepreneurial renaissance ’ to strengthen our ability to compete globally
  6. 6. THE CORE OF INNOVATION IS THE KNOWLEDGE TRIANGLE Business Higher Education ENTREPRENEURIALLY DRIVEN INNOVATION Research & Technology Actors within the knowledge triangle are at the core of the innovation web beyond the traditional collaborative R&D consortia
  8. 8. EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY (EIT) • EIT was set up in 2008 to unlock the European innovation landscape through a new agenda at EU level . • EIT is the first initiative of the EU bringing together the three sides of the knowledge triangle. • With the entrepreneur in the driver’s seat to form the necessary links between higher education, business and research. Higher Education Research & technology Industry & SMEs
  9. 9. EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY (EIT) The EIT’s mission is To increase European sustainable growth and competitiveness To create the entrepreneurs of tomorrow and prepare for the next innovative break-throughs To reinforce the innovation capacity of the EU and its Member States To become the catalyst for a step change in the European Union’s innovation capacity and impact
  10. 10. EUROPEAN INSTITUTE OF INNOVATION & TECHNOLOGY (EIT) The EIT’s aim is to approach innovation differently in Europe with emphasis on people F ro m s tu d e n t to e n tr e p re n e u r idea rom F uct prod to From lab to market by integrating the three sides of the knowledge triangle in areas of high societal need
  12. 12. THE EIT’s “INNOVATION FACTORIES” Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KICs) • highly integrated, creative and excellence-driven autonomous long-term partnerships • internationally distributed but thematically convergent partners • driven by societal challenges and fostering the emergence of entrepreneurs 12
  13. 13. THE KIC MODEL (1/2) • High degree of integration : each KIC is an independent legal entity, gathering world-class KIC partners from the knowledge triangle based on a contractual relationship/partnership with the EIT. • Long-term strategic approach : each KIC is set up for a minimum of 7 years to eventually become self sustainable. • Sufficient autonomy and flexibility: to determine organisational structure and activities governed by a Board of KIC partner organisations. • Effective governance : run by a CEO and a lean management team at central and co-location level.
  14. 14. THE KIC MODEL (2/2) • Smart funding & high degree of commitment of partners: EIT funding to KICs is max. 25% of their total budget over time with 75% to be attracted from other sources, both public and private. • The co-location model: each KIC consists of 5-6 world class innovation hotspots building and leveraging on existing European capacities. • Results & high impact oriented activities: KICs implement a Business Plan with measurable deliverables, results and impact. • Culture: KICs are shaped by strong entrepreneurial mindsets and cultures.
  16. 16. THE FIRST 3 KICs Designated in December 2009 by the EIT Governing Board with their governance and management set up in 2010
  17. 17. KICs’ INTERCONNECTED ECOSYSTEMS THROUGH CLCs • Climate-KIC: Co-location Centre RIC (Regional Implementation and Innovation Centre) • EIT ICT Labs: Co-location Centre Associate Partner • KIC InnoEnergy Co-location Centre
  18. 18. EIT FUNDING EVOLUTION: 20102013 Leverage impact and funding sources 19
  19. 19. Aggregated EIT Level Achievements Core KPIs for KICs 2010-2013 14,155 318 (foreseen) Attractiveness of education programmes ** Number of new graduates 404 Number of business ideas incubated 108 Number of start-ups created 146 Knowledge transfer and adoption 89 ** ≈13 * New or improved products, services, and processes launched applicants per offered seat
  21. 21. A UNIQUE OFFERING: WHAT WE DO EDUCATION ENTREPRENEURSHIP Promoting excellent education for creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship by high quality EIT labelled degree programmes. Promoting a mindset and culture by creating more favourable environments for entrepreneurial talent and entrepreneurship driven innovation to flourish. INNOVATION Networked ecosystems across European borders, exploiting synergies and complementarities to accelerate growth of globally successful leading innovators.
  22. 22. SUCCESS STORIES FROM THE KICS F ro m s tu d e n t to e n tr e p re n e u r START-UP DECARBONICE ‘Without Climate-KIC, the Decarbonice Venture would have no co-founders, no founding, no mentioning and no business model.’ – Hannan Loake, Decarboniec Founder BIOMASS TO BIOCOAL (WITHOUT THE NASTIES) ’ Climate-KIC gives us the best possible platform for getting our ideas recognised at the European level ’ Martin Bolton at award-winning UK energy start-up Antaco.
  23. 23. SUCCESS STORIES FROM THE KICS NEPTUNE Project idea rom F uct prod to NEPTUNE is Developing two commercial products: EOLOS, a Lidar buoy, and NEPTool, a highly accurate software program for forecasting wind, waves and currents. CorPower OCEAN Joins forces with Iberdrola Engineering and WavEC Renewables to demonstrate high efficiency wave power
  24. 24. SUCCESS STORIES FROM THE KICS From lab to market CLIRIS + INNORANGE A match made by EIT ICT Labs. The technology is addressing an indoor extension of the GNSS positioning. The goal is to increase the flow of technologies from academia to companies accelerating innovation. SOWISO A young high-tech ICT company, founded in 2010 as a spin-off from the Technical University of Eindhoven. During their start-up SOWISO received strategic coaching to determine the best business model for their product.
  25. 25. A UNIQUE OFFERING: HOW WE DO IT MONITORING SIMPLIFICATION Instrumental outputs, then long term impacts, including ‘public value’ beyond socio economic. Integral part to EIT strategy as an engaged ‘impact investors’ in its KICs, facilitating partnership and operations. OUTREACH First offerings include the Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS), the EIT Stakeholders platform and the setting up of the EIT alumni community.
  26. 26. EIT MONITORING Horizon Horizon 2020 2020 Interface to H2020 & Innovation Union EIT EIT Specific Specific Indicators Indicators (Institute) (Institute) Indicators reflecting EIT organisational objectives such as operational excellence and dissemination and cross-KIC support Cross KIC Cross KIC Scoreboar Scoreboar d d (Core KPIs) (Core KPIs) Indicators reflecting the EIT strategic objectives and applying to all KICs KIC KIC Specific Specific Indicators Indicators EIT EIT PERFORMANC PERFORMANC E E MEASUREME MEASUREME NT SYSTEM NT SYSTEM KIC 1 KIC 2 KIC 3 Individual KPIs defined in Business Plans Individual KPIs defined in Business Plans Individual KPIs defined in Business Plans
  27. 27. ‘BOTTOM-UP’ KIC-DRIVEN SYNERGIES Source: Granieri and Renda (2012), Innovation Law and Policy in the EU. Towards Horizon2020, Springer, Ernst & Young Report
  28. 28. OUTREACH & DISSEMINATION 1 ST STUDY PUBLISHED. 2 ND IN THE MAKING First examples of dissemination of its results and impact via outreach activities via the exchange of good practice •EIT 2012 Publication Catalysing Innovation in the Knowledge Triangle: Practices from the EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities •EIT 2013 Publication: Analysis of potential synergies fostered by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) in the EU innovation landscape (coming soon)
  29. 29. OUTREACH & DISSEMINATION EIT AWARDS – 12 November 2013 – Budapest The EIT Awards will celebrate the creative spirit of emerging from the EIT community by recognising its most innovative ventures and young entrepreneurial talent. Join us and be inspired by bold new ideas that will shape the future.
  31. 31. HORIZON 2020 AND THE EIT • As an integral part of Horizon 2020 the EIT contributes to H2020 through address societal challenges via the integration of the knowledge triangle • The EIT contributes to the overall policy objectives of H2020 which will also nurture further synergies. • Emphasis on people’s innovation power.
  32. 32. THE FUTURE KIC CALL - WHY? To enhance impact and incentivise innovation in new areas of societal challenges, the EIT will gradually expand its portfolio of KICs. EIT 2014 – 2020 = 3 KICs + 5 new KICs* = EUR 2.7 bn* * Based on current agreement between EP and Council – still subject to formal adoption in both EP & Council
  33. 33. THE FUTURE KIC CALL  Proposed themes* for future KICs (SIA) 2016 2014 Healthy Living & Active Ageing 2018 Added-Value Manufacturing Urban Mobility Raw Materials Food • Based on current agreement between EP and Council still subject to formal adoption in both EP & Council
  34. 34. INDICATIVE ROADMAP* FUTURE CALL FOR KICS * Dependent on the outcome of negotiations
  35. 35. INDICATIVE ROADMAP* FUTURE CALL FOR KICS • December 2013/January 2014: o The EIT will make public:  The Criteria for selecting KICs  Framework of Guidance for applicants  EIT Principles describing the criteria and procedures for financing, monitoring and evaluating KIC activities • Q1 2014: o Publication of KICs Call for new KICs o Info Day for applicants (in Budapest) * Dependent on outcome of negotiations
  36. 36. CRITERIA FOR THE FUTURE KICS CALL Consistency with the Horizon 2020 framework and Rules for Participation, i.e. excellence, impact, quality of implementation Simplify criteria; expand timeframe for submission of proposals, streamline evaluation organization Criteria based on the overarching principles of excellence, innovation relevance, maximum impact and viability of strategy
  37. 37. CRITERIA FOR THE FUTURE KICS CALL Compared to the 2009 Call, there will be a particular focus on: •Economic and social impact •The business model and financial plan •Demonstrating commitment, including financial commitment •Strong and diverse partnership
  38. 38. KIC SELECTION PROCESS: EIT TWP* 2014-2016 • One single call for all future KIC themes in 2014 • Same eligibility and selection criteria for all thematic areas • Simplified selection criteria (more specific, less numerous) • Overarching principles: excellence and innovation • One proposal from each of the thematic fields will be designated by EIT GB • At least six months to prepare and submit proposals * Triennial Work Programme
  40. 40. MILESTONES TO DATE 2011-2012: Consolidation of EIT and KIC activities April 2010: EIT Headquarters open in Budapest 2013: EIT budget of 2.7 billion € for 20142020 to be adopted
  41. 41. FUTURE PRIORITIES 1. Investing in KICs: Consolidation of the existing 3 KICs 2. Investing in KICs: Consolidation of the existing 3 KICs 3. Enhance EIT impact via knowledge sharing 4. Enhance EIT impact via simplification and monitoring
  42. 42. EIT’S VISION OF AN ‘ENTREPRENEURSHIP DRIVEN IMPACT INVESTMENT INSTITUTE’ • Direct deliverables: Breakthrough Innovations & People contributing to European excellence, competitiveness and cohesion: o KICs’ CLCs as world-class innovation hubs working across borders. o leveraging entrepreneurship-driven innovation, from local to global. • Induced deliverables: Reinforce EIT as an Institute for Europe overall scaling up its operations, hence critical mass and impact: o EIT Budapest as a knowledge pool and intelligent investor in KICs, o including wide dissemination of KIC novel practice across Europe.
  43. 43. …Think outside the box… ….Change mindsets… …Experience the journey…