Nursing role in pain management


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Nursing role in pain management

  1. 1. Nursing Role In Pain Management By Asma’a E.M.Kana’an To Mrs.Ghadeer Al-Dwiek Mrs.Nesreen Nasser Applied Science University Nursing management course 1103421
  2. 2. The outline The significance of this study Painful facts Introduction to pain Nurses role in pain management The opiophobia Ibn al-Hytham hospital analysis Research and evidenced literature
  3. 3. !Life before death . LIFE Before Death is a documentary A one-hour television program and 50 .short films The project is broadly about patients facing life-limiting illness, their families and the remarkable health care professionals fighting to change the culture of medicine to be focused on .care, rather than exclusively on cure
  4. 4. The significance of this study Pain and palliative care activists call for urgent change to this very treatable problem and challenge us to speak up for those less fortunate who have no voice and whose .suffering is mute These people are dying every moment of the" day because the pain is overshadowing who ”.they are ?!, I feel for them Lack of political will and general awareness of .this problem
  5. 5. : Objectives The critical question I ask is; how would" I want to be treated?, How would I want my mother or my child to be treated – you start looking at those issues and start to say – well why not ?"giving pain control
  6. 6. :Painful facts of every 5 people globally lack access to essential pain 4" medicines." "Over 5 billion people are affected worldwide." "3.6 million People will die with untreated severe pain from cancer and HIV this year." "99.9% of those deaths will be in low and middle-income countries." "15% of the world currently uses 94% of the world's .“medicinal opioids The WHO reports five billion people have no, or" ." insufficient, access to treatment
  7. 7. ! Introduction to pain Pain is an unpleasant sensory and emotional " experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage or described in ”.terms of such damage The patient says he's in pain, the patient's " in pain, and then you need to figure out how to measure it, and we know how to measure it, and track it over time and now ?". we have to manage it ,how
  8. 8. Pain of that sort, when somebody's" forced to roll into a ball and scream and lose interest in one's own family and surroundings and practically going .'mad – that's not life with dignity
  9. 9. :Nurses role in pain management Nurses Has the greatest contact with the .patient The nurse is the liaison between the patientand the physician and other health care . professionals Providing physical and emotional, symptom. management, patient and family education Planning for optimal functioning, coordination. of care, and direct and indirect care .Nurses may lead the team of palliative care
  10. 10. …Continue In addition to the assessment nurses“ also deliver many of the therapies, the physician may prescribe an opioid, for example, to treat pain or dyspnea. But the nurse is the one actually making that decision about when to give that ."medicine
  11. 11. :The opiaphobia Opiate medications, which are medicines derived from opium, are considered by the World Health Organization to be the gold standard in the treatment of moderate to .severe pain Opium, or morphine, is part of our body. It is " there chemically even normally within our system, its part of us. Like the rest of our ." body and mind we could abuse it
  12. 12. …Continue We now know, only recently, that dependence" on drugs, especially addiction - psychological dependence – has a genetic background. Not everybody necessarily gets it. So “.understanding it more is necessary We need to be very open about it and insist" on the right controls. It can be used and ”. abused and that's the truth
  13. 13. Is the management of pain ???a human right Everybody has the same and equal right to pain" ,"relief Society have got to accept that palliative" care and pain control is a human right, it's a measure of how civilized a society is. And if a society fails people at this most critical time in their lives, it is not ."really a civilized society
  14. 14. Ibn Al-Hytham hospital analysis Assessment for the strength and weakness using SWOT analysis. Cost and effectiveness !. Recommendation “lets think out of the box”. Suggestions for improvement …
  15. 15. .S: drug availability .W: too many controls and precaution . No pain management team .O: accredited hospital .T: near to the KHCC
  16. 16. Research and evidence literature Research title: The Enduring Need for the Pain Resource Nurse (PRN) .training Program Published date: 25 August 2011 :The research findings were *Lack of pain education is one of the main barriers in nurses to provide adequate pain control.
  17. 17. …,Continue *Adequate pain assessment and recognition of pain barriers by nurses are often lacking in clinical settings . *Nurses are often lacking in knowledge of the principles of pain management, side effects, or key concepts such as addiction, tolerance, and dosing.
  18. 18. Continue … :Finally positive effects of pain education for :nurses include .improved patient pain knowledge.improved pain controlreductions in patient barriers in relation to .fear of addiction improved patient self-efficacy for
  19. 19. Summary Pain management is inadequate in most of.!the world The vast majority of nurses are ill-prepared to adequately address pain .!management issues The fact that pain can be relieved but isnot being relieved is really an insult to .humanity and human dignity
  20. 20. !We all belong The Ellis Paul song "We All Belong" (2011), written specially for the “Treat the Pain and Life before Death ” . initiatives
  21. 21. References: Palliative care nursing second edition ,by* Sheila Payne, Jane Seymour and .Christine Ingleton .Life before death movie* ???Have any question … Thank you