child labor in Pakistan


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types of child labor ,causes, problems,statistics in Pakistan, Efforts to stop it

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  • 30% of our country’s total population is leading life below the poverty-line
  • Words falsely spoken that damage the reputation of another
  • child labor in Pakistan

    1. 1. Presentation By : Asma Sattar 1774
    2. 2. Introduction:  Today Pakistan is facing a lot of social problems but some are very common in Pakistan, which are destroying our society and also economy of Pakistan.  Child labor is a global issue.  Child labor is one of the most common problems in Asia and also in Pakistan  Child labor is not only a social problem but also an economic one
    3. 3. Unicef Definitions United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund(UNICEF define child labor as  Child Labor is some type of work performed by Children below age “18”  Children working before they reached the lawful minimum age for Employment in the country
    4. 4. Child Labor is work for children that harms them or exploits them in some way e.g.  Physically  Mentally  morally or blocking access to education
    5. 5. Kinds of Child Labor “worst form”-work that is very difficult and harmful to a child's physical development. “ReferIng form”-no matter what the circumstances are, no matter how much is paid or how little the child does, it is illegal even for adults.
    7. 7. ● Forms of slavery, servitude and forced labor ● Commercial sexual exploitation ● illicit activities; ● Hazardous work that damages the lives, health or morals of those involved.
    9. 9. COMPARISON
    10. 10. Way of Sleeping
    11. 11. Way of Working
    12. 12. Way of Eating
    13. 13. Way of enjoyment
    14. 14. • Poverty • Lack of recourses • Unemployment • Illiteracy • Urbanization • Over Population •Minority Group •Economic Shock
    15. 15. The Different Types of Child Labor Agriculture Carpet Weaving Soccer Balls Automobile Workshops Mining Stone/ marble cutting Mixing Pesticides Deep fishing Glass factory Hotel work/ Textile factory Work Street work And much more
    16. 16. Some minor child labor sectors
    17. 17. Carpet Weaving • Most popular export from Pakistan • Somewhere between 500,000- 1 million Pakistani children work as full- time carpet weavers
    18. 18. Carpet Weaving effects Muscular deformities and respiratory infections from the fibers and chemicals  Injuries from to sharp instruments and body aches  They strain their eyes and the children also develop spinal deformities  Callused and scarred hands, gnarled fingers, struggled breathing as a result of tuberculosis. 
    19. 19. Soccer Balls  Nike and the soccer ball industry in Pakistan  About half the world’s soccer balls are made in Pakistan  35 million Soccer Balls are made in Pakistan, and children make a quarter of them
    20. 20. Automobile Workshops In one automobile workshop of 150 working children, 120 of them worked from 8-10 hours without any safety measures
    21. 21. Problems of child labor
    22. 22. How The Children Are Affected “Every year 22,000 children die from accidents related to their work”-  Don’t Understand ( Believe it is a normal part of growing up)  Uneducated  Mental affects  Physical Affects
    23. 23. Common diseases • Growth deficiency • physical injuries • Sexually transmitted • • • • diseases Exhaustion and malnutrition lung diseases Insomnia Aggression
    24. 24. Uneducated  Education receives around 3% of the total gross domestic product and the military gets 10 times that  42% if child laborers have never gone to school and 58% dropped out  But now the literacy rate increases in Pakistan compare to last 20year literacy rate
    25. 25. Mental Effects  mentally and emotially mature too fast  Early aging effect  In one engine repair factory the lead levels were so above the safety limits, that red cells were mutated. This has a huge effect on a child’s mental development.
    26. 26. Physical Effects • In the automobile industry it’s an unsafe, polluted environments • Some chemicals have messed up their growth • Most children aren’t old enough to handle certain jobs • In manufacturing units children suffered from headaches, nasal irritations, sore throats and skin rashes
    27. 27. Agriculture Physical Affects  High rates of injuries while working with knives, sharp tools, and other heavy equipment.  An estimated 100,000 children suffer from agriculture-related injuries in Pakistan annually
    28. 28. Punishment Physical Affects • Children are hung upside down by their knees, starved, caned, or lashed • Beaten children are rarely allowed to return home, if the children try to escape they are forcibly returned to factories with the help of the local police
    29. 29. •Out of the 3.8 million economically active workers, 2.7 million were claimed to be Children •50% of the economically active children are in age group of 5 to 9 years •3.8 million children of age group 5 to 14 years is working in Pakistan
    30. 30. . Child Labor Fact Sheet  buffaloes cost Vs. child cost  47 out of 100 children enrolled in class I reach class VIII, putting the dropout rate at 52.79%.  42 million children in the age-group 6-14 years do not attend school in Pakistan  Approximately 16.64% of villages in the country do not have facilities for primary schooling.
    31. 31. What’s Being Done to Stop Child Labor • Pakistan's Efforts • Organization/Activists Efforts
    32. 32. Pakistan’s Efforts Policies and acts  Factories Act, 1934  West Pakistan Shops and Establishment Ordinance  The Employee Children Act, 1991  The Bonded Labor System Abolition Act, 1992  Punjab Compulsory Education Act 1994
    33. 33.  In September 1988, the "peshgi" (bonded) system was abolished  The government gave free books to primary schools so parents with limited budgets are now able to send their children to schools
    34. 34. Organizations & Activists • The International Labor Organization (ILO) plans to end the worst form of child labor by 2016 • ILO and the Provincial Labor Department, are working to organize a speech competition, an exhibition of paintings, a magic show for kids, and a street walk to raise awareness
    35. 35.  The June, 1996 issue of Life magazine carried an article about child labor in Pakistan  Activists can be slandered, harassed by police,beaten, and sometimes killed  The Bonded Labor Liberation Front is probably the most successful in Pakistan
    36. 36. • NO laws are enforced • Since 2001 the United States has given more than $15 billion to Pakistan, which went almost entirely to military spending • The Pakistan Parliament is a part of the elite, so they pay no taxes and don’t want to make any changes to the system
    37. 37. Celebrated on 20th November since 1959. REASON: to provide the rights of children to them without any exploitation of children rights.
    38. 38. •Child labors are the economy runners of our country •They should be given their due rights •Education and work should go side by side with proper balance