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Published in: Self Improvement, Technology
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  1. 1. Welcome toMrs. Burchill’s3rd gradeCommunityTheme: Reflection
  2. 2. Pledge Of Allegiance-Burke Kaese And ClaraCherney
  3. 3. Lords Prayer-Caitlin Ballantyne
  4. 4. Birthdays- Wyatt Gillespie AlexBays-German-VietnameseMarch 14th-21rst
  5. 5. What does Reflective mean toyou?-Lily
  6. 6. Profile Definition Think about what you -say -do -learn Learn from mistakes Be aware that your actions And words have an effect on others Think about how you can improve Make changes in order to Become a better person
  7. 7. Reflective Cheer R- Reflect on all you say and do E- Empathy is the best option F- Figure out your problems L- Learn from your mistakes E- Effect others in a good way C- Change in order to become a better person T- Think about what you learn I- Improve on what you’ve done V- Volunteer to tell the truth E- Express your feelings
  8. 8. The Red RacerA skit Narrated byZander FudaliNona-Josie MastersMom/dad-EmmaBallantyne and RyanShahabiMrs. Org/Mr. Carp- CaitlinBallantyne and Logan KaneSign holder- Max Musto
  9. 9. PowerPoint crew Made by the totally awesome, smart, cool, in style, funny, computer geeks, the PowerPoint crew Max Musto, Arnav Pagidyala, Nicholas Reardon, and last but certainly not least, Mathew Auriemma.
  10. 10. Thank you for coming to ourclass community Look to your teachers!