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My powerpoint


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Published in: Education, Lifestyle, Business
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My powerpoint

  1. 1. The cutest of dogsBy Justina Brandt, Giovanna Trevena, and Claudia Wood
  2. 2. What are some famous breeds ofdogs? By Justina Brandt
  3. 3. By GiovannaTrevena
  4. 4. Dogs playing By Claudia Wood
  5. 5. Dogs and Cats By Justina Brandt
  6. 6. Puppies and Chew ToysCutie pie with her favoritechew bone! (her ownersare okay with it) By Giovanna Trevena
  7. 7. Doggies Sleeping By Claudia Wood
  8. 8. (I know this is a cat, but aren’t theysweet?) By: Justina Brandt
  9. 9. Dogs and Parrots  Parrots and Dogs are not very alike, but they sure do love to hang out! By: Giovanna Trevena
  10. 10. Dogs! By: Claudia Wood