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Truth About Trucking LLC Network


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View our Slide Show Presentation for the Truth About Trucking LLC Network.

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Truth About Trucking LLC Network

  1. 1. Media
  2. 2. Press Release "AskTheTrucker” Supports September 15th Call-In to Address Truck Driver Fatigue, Parking Shortages, and Reduction of Highway Fatalities: Investigation Discovery Visits the TDSM Convention National truck-parking driver survey launched FMCSA: Expect sleep apnea guidance proposal Truck Parking Survey
  3. 3. Trucking far from ‘under-regulated': Reactions to CNBC’s ‘Collision course’ series Murdered trucker’s family engages with drivers ‘Perfect storm’ for driver issues afoot? More O/O challenges: Image, health, parking… From Truck News "The (new) Social Network "