Lead Generation for B2B: Free Guide of over 100 Expert Tips


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Learn the best practices from an industry expert on Inbound Marketing, Online Lead Generation Techniques, Tips, and Technology for B2B Companies with this free guide.

Presented by George Giles, Senior Partner at AgencyFour and an online veteran. This presentation was given at Microsoft Ventures Academy to over 200 business professionals in marketing and sales. The presentation covers the best practices, tools, and techniques for B2B Online Marketing that will help any marketer or sales peson increase inbound leads, better qualify people, shorten selling time, nurturing leads, and close more deals.

You’ll Learn:
- Top SEO content for conversions
- Top PPC ad types that get quality visitors
- Social Selling strategies and practices
- Using LinkedIn to target and grow leads
- Using tools to qualify leads and speed up sales
- Cleaning up old data
- Quality sources of lead lists

This is a shortened version of the presentation. The full version has the advanced tips and best practices. Download the full version for free at the site below:

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Lead Generation for B2B: Free Guide of over 100 Expert Tips

  1. 1. Inbound Lead Generation for B2B AgencyFour
  2. 2. NOTICE This is a shortened version of the presentation. The advanced tips have been removed. The full presentation is 36 pages long. Please click below to get the full version for free: http://bit.ly/NfvMXx AgencyFour
  3. 3. Outbound Vs. Inbound Leads Average cost of lead $373 Traditional Outbound $143 Inbound Marketing Cost Per Contact $300-500 offline lead $25-30 online lead Close Rates 40% of offline convert 18.5% of online convert AgencyFour
  4. 4. The B2B Lead 57% of B2B buyers go through the buying process before ever engaging a salesperson. (Source: Oracle) B2B IT decision makers are very active on social media and 73% have engaged with a vendor on social networks. 85% use social for business | 95% use LinkedIn (Source: Forrester) Online conversations with prospects can accelerate deals! AgencyFour
  5. 5. B2B Marketing Challenges Top Challenges 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% Generating more leads Improving lead quality Increasing awareness Reaching decision makers Budget contraints Enabling sales & support Developing brand Customer retention & loyalty Customer relationships Showing marketing results Understanding buyer Allocating budget Partner productivity Customer data AgencyFour
  6. 6. Tools Traffic SEO PPC Advertising Social Media Email Marketing Content Marketing Networking Big potential, takes time Immediate, but you have to spend Immediate, but you have to spend Takes time and good content Best ROI on avg, need a good list Takes time and good content Takes time - 92% of B2B buyers start search on web… - 37% of buyers posted questions on Social Networking sites looking for suggestion or feedback (Source: Oracle) AgencyFour
  7. 7. SEO: Best Practices Focus on keywords and content related to: - A user educating/researching a topic/issue/technology - Have content to support it like case studies - Use competitor keywords in a comparison chart so you can use their keywords - Include customer reviews - Track and monitor Goal: Educate, build trust, build expertise AgencyFour
  8. 8. PPC: Best Practices - Target keywords for buyers and users educating themselves - Set up landing pages, track, A/B test FOREVER - The ad should tease, the landing page build trust and expertise, offer content/deal/tips/etc to get contact info - Turn off mobile if your site isn’t mobile friendly - Monitor, review, optimize - Key high quality scores for lower costs - Pause poor performing ads and keyword Sales needs to provide feedback to marketing on quality of leads and update SalesForce with the information. AgencyFour
  9. 9. Online Advertising: Best Practices - Find sites where your audience spends time - Provide content a user would give contact info for (case study, best practice guide, discount, event) - Track it with a short URL - Advertise on professional journals, blogs, organizations, societies, events AgencyFour
  10. 10. Social Media AgencyFour
  11. 11. Twitter Tips - Keep Tweets to <100 characters 17% higher engagement rate - Tweets with links have an 86% higher retweet rate - Post during “busy hours” (8 am-6 pm) 30% higher engagement rates - Use #hash tags to start topic groups Tweets with 1-2 hash tags get 2x the engagement >2 hash tags have 17% drop-off in engagement - Respond to people - Post pictures and videos Posts with images have 2x the engagement AgencyFour
  12. 12. How Social is B2B - 61% of US marketers use social media to increase lead generation - 67% more leads/month for companies with an active blog - 2x the amount of leads/month for companies that use Twitter IBM Report a 400% increase in sales in the 1st quarter using social selling! AgencyFour
  13. 13. Social Selling: LinkedIn - Does sales or marketing have a LinkedIn profile networked with possible leads AND is increasing that on a regular basis? - Are the 1st connection leads pulled into SalesForce for the whole sales/marketing team to use? - Add LIONs, Open Networkers, HR/Recruiters They accept invites the easiest AgencyFour
  14. 14. Social Selling: LinkedIn 4 Steps to Social Selling Success Profile Network Prospect Nurture Nurture - Comment (or Like) others’ posts or content - Share company content - Share relevant industry content - Always try to get any links pointing back to your company site AgencyFour
  15. 15. Paid Traffic: LinkedIn Best Practices: - Paid ads targeted to LinkedIn groups of the target audience - Target job titles - Use a call to action, with a graphic of a persons face, tracking link, and landing page - Ad title and message needs to match your target audience’s issues or education needs - Webinars, case studies, whitepapers, how to guides, top tips are very effective lead generators AgencyFour
  16. 16. Getting Leads No list, no problem | Pay to play Many quality list service providers: Experian ZoomInfo Data.com LeadSpace Discover.org What to look for: 1. High quality relevant actionable names 2. LeadSpace uses customer profiling and big data to intelligently provide leads AgencyFour
  17. 17. Email Marketing - Highest ROI if you have a quality list - You can improve open rates and click throughs - Test for mobile, majority of emails are opened on mobile first - HTML outperforms ‘text only’ by multiples - Most emails are received with images turned off - Use technology solutions to show images when they are turned OFF - Results are increased open rate, increased CTR AgencyFour
  18. 18. Marketing Tools Fliptop: Social research tool to get contact information. 60% success rate and US$0.10 a match. Rapportive: Free Gmail add on for Chrome that does a real time lookup for each email address and pulls in data Xobni: Like Rapportive, but for Outlook and Android as well SocialMention.com: Free Social Media search engine: Search Social, blogs, articles and more Topsy.com: Free Social Media search engine. Search Twitter & Google+ and gives daily alerts. AgencyFour
  19. 19. Email: george@agencyfour.com http://agencyfour.com AgencyFour