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What Services We Offer
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Bulk SMS : Target The Best, Fresh & Free All India Database
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Bulk SMS , Email Marketing , Lead Generation Services


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Founded in 2005 in headwaters in New Delhi India , ASJ Media , we are unique by our one stop solutions Bulk SMS Services addressing customers of all sectors . We are involved in offering bulk sms , bulk mailing , voice messaging , lead generation service may be its new setting or optimizing current operations , we provide better ways of working , we ensure that our solutions significantly influence bottom lines and help our customers lower their total cost of ownership.

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  • Asjmedia is one of the best bulk sms service provider company in india , it also gives excellent service for bulk email marketing & lead generation
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Bulk SMS , Email Marketing , Lead Generation Services

  1. 1. What Services We Offer ? 886 011 7739 - 888 222 5188 ? We Bring You The India’s Best Bulk SMS and Bulk Email Marketing at the best price! More then 5000 Clients using our services with the ease. GET START! (CONTACT.HTML) GET A QUOTE NAME EMAIL CONTACT NUMBER GET A QUOTE BULK SMS Email Marketing Missed Call Alert (bulk-sms.html) (email-marketing.html) (miss-call-alert-delhi.html) MORE SERVICES (OUR-SERVICES.HTML) ? P h o n e n u m b e r 888-222-5188 ? E - m a i l a d d r e s s ? O p e n i n g t i m e s Mon-Sat: 10.00-7:00 ? ? ? ? BULK EMAIL OFFER 1 lac Bulk E-mailing @ 4p/Mail 5 lac Bulk E-mailing @ 3p/Mail 10 lac Bulk E-mailing @ 2.5p/Mail GET A QUOTE (CONTACT.HTML) BULK SMS OFFER Text SMS Transactional SMS Promotional SMS GET A QUOTE (CONTACT.HTML) SPECIAL OFFER Bulk SMS DND Open Route With Sender ID For Social Group SANGH, SAMAJ, TRUST & SCHOOL GET A QUOTE (CONTACT.HTML BULK SMS ASJ Media is one of the best Bulk SMS , Transactional SMS , Promotional SMS Provider.. EMAIL MARKETING ASJ Media is one of the leading Email Marketing Provider in Delhi . It not only serves Email Marketing .. WHATSAPP MARKETING ASJ Media has launched a new service whatsapp marketing Delhi , new marketing tool to launch.. SHORT / LONG CODE We are one of the best Short Code & Long Code Provider Company in Delhi India MISS CALL ALERT ASJ Media offers the best & efficient system of missed call alert services in Delhi VOICE SMS IVR stands for Interactive Voice Response. IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a TRANSACTIONAL SMS Transaction SMS are messages which are sent to your customer to pass on information necessary for WEBSITE DESIGN & SEO We could be a Website Designing Company providing wings to your ideas and dreams VIEW MORE (BULK- SMS.HTML) VIEW MORE (EMAIL- MARKETING.HTML) VIEW MORE (WHATSAPP- MARKETING-DELHI- INDIA.HTML) VIEW MORE (SHORT- LONG-CODE.HTML) VIEW MORE (MISS- CALL-ALERT- DELHI.HTML) VIEW MORE (VOICE- SMS-SERVICES.HTML)
  2. 2. Pleasure To Have A Word With You! Bulk SMS : Target The Best, Fresh & Free All India Database To Generate Leads. Have A Question? Bulk SMS India Service helps you to send SMS from your mobile or from your desktop to multiple phone numbers . Now a days all companies , from all sectors , whether small or big corporates are using Bulk SMS to promote and support their business and becoming more popular day by day . Product / Service or Information you want to spread can be reached to people in few seconds directly in their hands and recipients direct response rate is also too high. What is Bulk SMS E-mail Marketing Can Help You? ? What are Transactional SMS & Promotional SMS ? ? Advantages Of Bulk SMS ? Why Choose Us? ASJ Media is one of the best & cheap Bulk SMS Delhi based Bulk SMS Marketing provider company in India offering full Bulk SMS marketing Solution in Delhi, which lets you to generate online leads through all type of database suitable for your business. ASJ Media Provides excellent and low rate Bulk SMS Marketing Service in Delhi. You can choose to sent simple text messages, promotional sms, transactional sms. We provide cheap Bulk SMS service to all social groups, sangh, samaj, schools and corporates and multinational companies. We deliver top ranking services. High customer retention rate. We always return e-mails and calls within one business day. Afordable pricing offers. MORE ABOUT (ABOUT-US.HTML) GET A QUOTE (CONTACT.HTML) It was indeed a pleasure to avail their client friendly services. Marketing services from this company have offered us, thanks Rahul Kapoor MY LOCATION 44, 1s t F l o o r W e s t G u r u A n g a d N a g ar, La x m i N a g ar, D e l h i PHONE NUMBER + 91 011 43 0 73333 E-MAIL ADDRESS i n f o@a s j m e d i a. c o m WORKING TIME M o n - Sa t , 10 - 7 ? 44, 1st Floor West Guru Angad Nagar, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi-110092 ? ? +91 - 011 - 43073333 / +91- 8882225188 / 8860117739 ? ? ? ? PAY ONLINE (PAYMENT-OPTION.HTML) ? Short / Long Code Services (short-long-code.html) ? Voice SMS (voice- sms-services.html) ? Website Design & Developement (web-designing- development.html) ? Searh Engine Optimization (search-engine-optimization.html) ? Bulk SMS Marketing (bulk- sms.html) ? Bulk Email Marketing (email- marketing.html) ? Missed Call Alert (miss-call-alert- delhi.html) ? WhatsApp Marketing (whatsapp- marketing-delhi- india.html) ? Transactional SMS (transactional- sms-delhi.html) ? Home (index.html) ? About (about- us.html) ? Clients (clients.html) ? FAQs (faqs.html) ? Contact (contact.html) ? Privacy Policy (privacy-policy.html) ? Terms & Conditions (terms- conditions.html) ? Disclaimer (disclaimer.html) ? Cancellation & Refund (cancellation- refund.html) ? Shipping & Delivery (shipping- delivery.html) Copyright © 2016 ASJ Media. All rights reserved. VIEW MORE (TRANSACTIONAL- SMS-DELHI.HTML) VIEW MORE (WEB-DESIGNING- DEVELOPMENT.HTML) ?