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Resume - Asim Amjad


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Resume - Asim Amjad

  1. 1. Asim Amjad Cell # (647) 939-7477 pg. 1 ASIM AMJAD 2-235 Lakeshore Road East Mississauga, ON L5G 1G8 Canada Cell # (647) 939 7477 TEXTILE PORCESSING / QUALITY CONTROL / SOURCING PROFESSIONAL A target-oriented professional with extensive experience and verifiable achievements in project management, production & quality control, sourcing and sales of textiles, chemicals and agriculture. Great passion for R&D and process optimization to reduce cost by improving productivity and controlling waste. Expertise in product development, evaluation and costing. Proficient in vendor selection, evaluation and price negotiation. Solid grasp of using quality control tools, documentation and audits of running productions (according to ISO/AATCC/ASTM standards), QMS, EMS and Oeko-tex 100. Proficient in production planning and efficient communication with buyers and supply chain to meet commitments. Talent for identifying and maximizing new business opportunities and proven ability to maintain favorable relationships with buyers and service-providers. A collaborative motivator, trainer and team player who love to work as a team. I am seeking a challenging position in a dynamic work environment, which will allow me to utilize and further develop my skills and abilities while contributing to your organization’s growth and the development of our community. I am ready to relocate and willing to travel globally. I have demonstrated experience in:  Project Management  Sourcing & Sales  Product & Process Inspection  Textile Processing & Manufacturing  Key Accounts Management  QC, TQM, CAPA & DMIAC  Product Development & Costing  Price & Contract Negotiation  EHSQ Documentation & Audits  Problem Solving & Decision Making  Audits & P/L Reporting  Inventory Management  Team-building and Motivation  Conflict & Claim Handling  Energy Management COMPUTER SKILLS: Proficient in MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook), Windows 7, 8, 10 & 12, Orgatex (Production, Quality, Inventory Management & Analysis System), Oracle, Social Media etc. LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY: English, Urdu and Punjabi HIGHLIGHTS  Over 10 years of experience in management, quality control, technical services, sourcing and sales of textiles (yarns, threads, knitted & woven fabrics and apparels)  Worked as a project head/manager in designing, installation and commissioning; o two processing units of 5 tons and 11 tons per day capacities, o one metallic yarn covering unit of 1 ton per day and o one twisting unit of synthetic yarns of capacity 2 tons per day o various extension projects and installation of water treatment plants for raw water as well as effluent treatment water, energy management systems and heat recovery units  Worked as a technical head on A&E Nishat Linen project for the incorporating production and quality parameters of A&E in Nishat Mills Ltd. dyeing unit to qualify for their Licensee partnership for Pakistani market. I got promotion as a DGM after successfully implementation of required parameters  Declared performer of the year in 2013 and 2014 and achieved 38.0% R.O.I. in one fiscal year which was the first time in the history of Nishat Mills Ltd.  Actively conducted R&D work with suppliers of raw materials and chemicals/dyestuff to improve productivity & reproducibility; minimize process time & waste and contribute towards green environment o Worked with Clariant, Eksoy and ICI in developing chemicals for cellulosic pre-treatment to reduce the consumption of H2O2 and reduced the consumption of H2O2 and Alkali by 40%. This research also helped in improving DP value and hand-feel of the substrate
  2. 2. Asim Amjad Cell # (647) 939-7477 pg. 2 o Worked with Dr. Petry in reducing the amount of Sulfur and Iron contents from viscose rayon filaments which have adverse effect on dye-ability and reproducibility o Worked with Huntsman and Eksoy in developing low temperature processing of cotton substrates and finalized dyeing and post-washing procedures after one (1) year of lab and bulk trials. This project helped in saving 13% of batch time which resulted in increase in production, profits and reducing process costs o Worked with Dr. Petry, CHT and Eksoy in improving hand-feel, absorbency and stick-slip of natural, regenerated and synthetic substrates; and developed some formulations which helped in achieving desired results along with re-producibility and reducing finishing cost of 55% per year o Worked with Dystar, Huntsman, Invista and NTU research team in developing low temperature dyeing process for polyester/lycra and cotton/polyester/lycra blends to avoid any damage on lycra properties o Worked with Huntsman, Rudolf and Silvadur in finalizing a silver-based anti-microbial finish which can avoid un-levelness effects and ensure re-producibility and over-dyeing of cellulosic substrates o Worked with ICI polyester and spinning unit in developing polyester sewing thread (with 41mm fiber length) to compete with Coats & A&E threads in price and quality o Worked with spinning units in developing blended yarns (acrylic, kevlar, Dyneema and glass fiber) for safety gloves and mélange shade cards  Expert in color development, physical & chemical testing of substrates, dyestuff & chemicals testing, operating lab equipment and evaluating results. I have daily routine to check shades of all dyed lots, cross-check color formulation and quality/fastness reports. Also, to ensure the record keeping of standards and processed lots  Worked closely, from lab-dipping to bulk orders, with knitwear manufacturers like Style Textiles, MTM, AZ Apparels, Klash, Combine Knits, Shahkam Industries, Comfort etc. for the development of knitted fabrics for brands like Nike, Tommy, M&S, H&M, JC Penny, Sears, Walmart etc. by providing technical support in color development and finishing  Worked as a part of R&D team with Interloop, one of biggest South Asian sock manufacturer, to develop dyed yarn processes to eliminate wet processing of socks according to Nike’s revised guidelines on water saving. Also, worked with Sri Lankan sock manufacturers like Texlan, Isabella and SBS International for the development of raw yarn and dyed yarn to reduce hairiness and minimize yarn consumption.  Worked as a team with Nishat & Sapphire Weaving Units and Invista to develop yarn dyed cotton lycra and polyester lycra blended fabrics  Worked as a team in documentation work, training and compliance audits of ISO QMS, EMS, Oeko-tex 100, GOTS, SA8000 and OE certifications and successfully led teams for those certifications  Provided technical support to customers and always maintained favorable relationships with them  Proficient in sourcing of yarns, fabrics, apparels, chemicals and potato seeds from different parts of the world. Expert in vendor selection, product evaluation, price and contract negotiation  Experienced in conducting business research, market analysis, budgeting and business promotion. Successfully launched two businesses and also marketed dyed yarn and sewing thread in local and foreign market  Sociable, enthusiastic, calm and polite; able to work in a fast paced environment with proven ability to perform efficiently both independently and as a part of a team member  Smart-working, creative, proactive; with excellent interpersonal and communication skills; having a positive attitude and being a natural relationship builder; ability to direct the technical and service team in achieving desired results  Reliable, having an outstanding character for integrity and work principles, possess very good knowledge and understanding of Canadian values and ethics  Organized planner with great attention to details, strong analytical, decision-making and problem solving skills, good judgement, motivated and highly collaborative  No criminal record  Excellent driver, 15 years of experience (1 year in Canada)  Healthy, willing and able to work overtime; and to travel as required; available to relocate PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE WAREHOUSE ASSOCIATE (Contractual) November 2015 – January 2016 Ingram Micro, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada  Receipt of shipments and stacking products in racks according to their respective barcodes and locations  Order pick up from shelves/racks and pack them in envelopes/boxes
  3. 3. Asim Amjad Cell # (647) 939-7477 pg. 3  Monthly audits of different sections of the warehouse TECHNICAL DIRECTOR & CONSULTANT 2014 – 2016 Feiya Yarn, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan  Worked as a Project Head and provided full scope of services ranging from plant feasibility, machinery selection & negotiation, supervision of civil work, machinery installation & commissioning, operational management and QC system development for processing of viscose, metallic yarn manufacturing and composite twisting unit for filaments of daily capacities 11 tons, 1 ton and 2 tons respectively  Developed strategies and action plans to achieve set targets  Recruited, trained and supervised work crew of 380 employees and arranged on-job trainings for capacity building, productivity improvement, waste control, safety, preventive maintenance and quality assurance  Conducted lab trials and testing of filaments to standardize twist, elongation and stretch of plied yarns. Also, standardized lab and bulk parameters to ensure reproducibility and productivity  Standardized color formulations and implemented record keeping procedures of standards and processed lots  Conducted R&D work with technical teams of Dr. Petry-Germany, CHT-Germany & Eksoy-Turkey to develop four new chemicals for pretreatment (to remove sulfur and iron contents from Viscose filament), finishing of embroidery threads (lubricant to improve co-efficient of friction and stick-slip) and metallic yarn to improve the friction, hand feel, shine and elasticity  Saved $2.1M annually by sourcing quality raw materials and accessories after detailed evaluation  Increased 16% production by modifying dyeing procedures and changing chemicals  Initiated daily production planning & quality control meetings to review target dates and customer complaints  Reduced 90% customer complaints by taking preventative actions on customer’s complaints and strict implementation of QC standards. Started visiting customers on regularly to develop their confidence  Developed new businesses by shortening sampling time and launching new shade catalog of 240 colors SOURCING & SALES HEAD 2014 – 2015 Mr. Merchant, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan  Analyzed the complaints of locally produced man-made yarns, conducted business research and forecasted the demand of imported man-made yarns for Pakistani market. Established a company, gathered the details of foreign manufacturers, short-listed potential companies; visited them and finalized business agreements based on evaluation of their samples  Finalized business agreements with M/s Tepar (Turkey) and Ningo Boyun Imp. & Exp. (China) for indenting and import of their man-made yarns to Pakistan  Developed a list of local buyers; visited them, conducted trials of our products in sewing thread, sportswear, upholstery, home textiles, socks and protective wears industries; and got business from three companies  Provided 3rd party services for commercial dyeing of yarns and fabrics for local and Sri Lankan customers DEPUTY GENERAL MANAGER 2009 – 2014 Nishat Mills (Pvt.) Ltd., Faisalabad, Punjab, Pakistan  Joined as a Project Manager for designing 5 tons/day exhaust processing of yarn, fiber and beam dyeing, heat recovery system & water treatment plant (R.O. and ETP), negotiated and finalized machinery, supervised civil work, installation and commissioning  Managed production and quality successfully by developing and implementing operational & quality management systems along with sourcing of raw materials, dyestuff, chemicals and accessories  An increase of 18% in production and a 15% reduction in costs were made by R&D with fiber suppliers & spinning team, process innovation, production planning, time management and waste control  Supervised a team of 140 employees. Arranged on-line & on-job training of employees to improve productivity, capacity building, preventive maintenance, EHQC audits and successfully led teams for ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004, Oeko-tex 100, GOTS and O.E. audits  Worked as a Technical Head on A&E Nishat Linen Project and implemented dyeing procedures and quality parameters of A&E for getting their licensee contract for Pakistani market  Successfully implemented parameters of QMS, EMS, Oeko-tex & OE (Organic Exchange) and supervised internal audit teams for certifications of ISO 9001-2008, ISO 14001-2004, Oeko-tex and OE
  4. 4. Asim Amjad Cell # (647) 939-7477 pg. 4  Declared performer of the year by securing 38% R.O.I which was first time in the history of NML  Proficient in shade development, R&D, process innovation, machine programming, product & process costing and budgeting  Experienced in PPC (production planning and control) by assigning unique job code to each plan, break-down of plan by keeping in view the number of colors, batch size, machine capacity and customer’s timeline  Experienced in operating and trouble-shooting of Orga-tex and Setex software for production, quality and inventory management, Oracle-based inventory and dispatch management systems  Worked closely with Pakistani, Sri Lankan, Bulgarian, Malaysian, Spanish and UAE fabric and sock manufacturers like Interloop, Kamal hosiery, Texlan, Isabella, SBS, Nike, Milord etc. for the development of raw yarns, shades, special finishes like anti-microbial, hydrophilic, hydrophobic, silk touch etc.  Worked closely with Midas and Escort International for the development of Kevlar, Nomex, Steel, Glass, Dyneema and Acrylic blended yarns. Supervised fiber dyeing, yarn manufacturing and finishing processes  Conducted R&D work with Clariant (Pakistan) and Eksoy (Turkey) for the development of pre-treatment and post dyeing chemicals to reduce the effect on DP value of cellulosic fibers like Cotton, Linen and Viscose  Conduced R&D work with i-textile, a representative of Dowchem in Pakistan to study the effect of dyeing parameters on the elasticity of Lycra and elastane blended with cotton and polyester fibers. Also, conducted lab as well as bulk trials for the application of silver-based Nano particles for anti-microbial finish in package dyeing  Conducted R&D work with Huntsman for the process development of Avitera dyestuff; and Eksoy for Rapeko. Nishat was the pioneer unit who started low temperature reactive dyeing and saved 13.5% process time GENERAL MANAGER 2008 – 2009 Three Stars Hosiery Mills (Pvt.) Ltd., Multan, Punjab, Pakistan  Appointed as a General Manager to analyze the reasons of customer complaints, quality issues and high process cost. Critically analyzed the issues and quality system; and re-designed the operational systems, dyeing processes, machine parameters and quality management systems for processing of sewing thread, yarn and fiber to fix those issues  Controlled 90% complaints by improving hand feel of yarn/fiber/fabric, hairiness, introducing knotting system of yarn, re-designing the dyeing and drying procedures  Minimized operational expenses up to 10% by controlling rework and time management  Participated in R&D work and garment development for Walmart, South Pole, Aeropostale and Kmart  Supervised a team of 140 employees. Supported compliance department in designing JDs, WIs, SOPs and training of employees according to ISO 9001, 14001 and SA8000  Worked under difficult situations like shortage of cash flow, union issues and energy shortfalls BUSINESS PARTNER 2005 – 2008 AY Trendy Garment, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan  Started a fashion outlet of menswear and was responsible for financial matters, sourcing of fabrics, commercial stitching of dress shirts & pants, sourcing of jeans, cargo trousers and retail sales  Worked as an internal auditor for conducting monthly stock taking and P/L reports  Sourcing and sales of woven fabrics for kitchen towels, duster cloth & uniforms PROCESSING MANAGER 2004 – 2008 Din Textile Mills (Pvt.) Ltd., Pattoki, Punjab, Pakistan  Managed production operations, management and quality control of 7 tons per day processing of yarn, fiber- surgical & dyed and sewing thread; 1.5 tons per day of yarn singeing & yarn mercerizing by production planning, recipe development & adjustment, shade checking and machine programing  Managed sourcing of raw materials, utilities, dyestuff and chemicals after evaluation of vendors and their respective products/service; price negotiation and contract finalization  Assisted marketing team in product costing and price negotiation with buyers  Facilitated marketing team by providing technical assistance, after-sales services and complaint handling  Recruited, developed and trained production staff and led 124 employees by example.  Reduced 25% consumption of water and steam by modifying the existing processes and replacing chemicals  Facilitated in documentation and supervised audit process of EMS, QMS and Oeko-tex 100 certifications
  5. 5. Asim Amjad Cell # (647) 939-7477 pg. 5  Responsible for all production and final inspections; and external audits conducted by buyers or third parties  Experienced in operating of Orga-tex and Setex software for production, quality and inventory management  Worked closely in developments of yarns for Milord Int’l, JC Penny, Champion Mock, Tommy, Nike and Ran Malu  Worked closely as a team with spinning department for the development of raw yarns for export, dyed cotton for mélange yarns and shade book for mélange, cotton/lycra blends, chain yarn and chenille yarns  Worked as a management representative in designing, documentation and implementing quality, health and safety policies according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Oeko-tex 100 DYEING MANAGER 2003 – 2004 Hira Textile Mills (Pvt.) Ltd. Raiwind, Punjab, Pakistan  Appointed as a Deputy Dyeing Manager to assist the plant head in production planning, recipe development, shade matching and machine programming  Expanded company business by developing and introducing vat and direct dyeing, controlling complaints by rectifying issues of winding and friction  Promoted as a dyeing manager in 2003 due to extra-ordinary performance  Successfully led team of 70 employees and facilitated in documentation and certification of ISO 9001 in year 2004  Responsible for sourcing of raw materials, dyestuff, chemicals and utilities  Responsible for daily costing, production & pre-dispatch audits and after sales technical and commercial services ASSISTANT DYEING MANAGER 2000 – 2003 Sapphire Fibers (Pvt.) Ltd. Raiwind, Punjab, Pakistan  Started my 1st job as a trainee engineer to manage processing of yarn, fiber-surgical and knits in shifts  Managed production by following production plans, machine programming, shade matching and controlling process parameters  Promoted as an Assistant Dyeing Manager within 4th month of hiring  Worked with Lab for developing different finishes like hydro-philic, silky touch, hydrophobic and anti-microbial on bleached white yarns for surgical gloves EDUCATION and TRAINING Assessment Education Credential Assessment (#2796835) for Canadian equivalency by WES 2015 Degree MSc in Quality Management, The University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan 2003 Degree BSc in Textile Engineering (Textile Chemistry), The University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan 2000 Apprenticeship 1 month technical training in NML continuous processing unit as a part of BSc in Textile Engineering 1998 Training Confined Space, Canada 2016 Training A Guide to Workplace Incident Investigation, Canada 2016 Training AODA Customer Services, Canada 2016 Certificate 8 weeks co-op course on Canadian Labor Market by New Comer Centre of Peel 2015 Training 4 days training on Innovative Chemicals & Technologies for Textiles by Eksoy in Turkey 2013 Certificate 3 days executive course in Apparel Manufacturing by NTU, Faisalabad, Pakistan 2012 Training Documentation, implementation and audits of Oeko-tex 100 & GOTS by Shirley Technologies 2012 Training Documentation, implementation and audits of ISO 9001-2008 & 14001-2004 by SGS & NPO 2012 Certificate 1 day certification course on Efficient Energy Management by PISD in Faisalabad, Pakistan 2010 Certificate 1 day course on Cost Reduction Techniques for Profit Maximization by NPO, Pakistan 2009 Training Documentation, implementation and audits of ISO QMS & EMS Systems by Moody Int’l 2008 Certificate 2 days training on Modern Dyeing and Finishing by Thies, Germany in Lahore, Pakistan 2004 Diploma Professional Diploma in Quality Management, Pakistan Institute of Quality Control, Lahore, Pakistan 2001 Certificate Documentation, implementation and audits of ISO 9000 Systems by LCCI 2000