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Internet services

  1. 1. INTERNET SERVICESChapter # 2
  2. 2. Email It is often called killer application In marketing terminology Killer application is acomputer program that is necessary for thedevelopment of the technology. Electronic mail commonly referred as Email is amethod of exchanging digital messages from anauthor to one or more recipients. Ray Tomlinson created @ symbolWhich separates user name from hostname.
  3. 3. Advantages Of Email in BusinessCommunication Source of intra-company(within company)communication. It is a useful tool for coordinating with businesspartners suppliers and customers Cost Reduction, cheap as compared totraditional mail or telephone communication Speed i.e. instantaneous whereby response tocustomer inquiries increases significantly. Geographic Barrier Reduction
  4. 4. Advantages of EmailContinu…… Efficiency i.e. Automatically forward theinformation on topic or to specific individuals. Reduction in face-to-face consultations and meeting Can contact a group of people at once. Lower Cost Saving in postage cost Reduction in use of phone based services
  5. 5. Using Email Service Firstly one should create a user account withstructure like this User name is always unique. Common email actions are Signing In Create a new message (Compose Mail) Sending an attachment (File) Reply to Email Open attachments Forward an Email
  6. 6. Other Internet Services Websites devoted to a certain topic. Huffington Post like sites contributing toindependent media. like sites allow individuals topost threads in the site. Feedback and comment on threads isavailable.
  7. 7. File Transfer Protocol Standard network protocol that is used to transferfiles from one host to another over a network likeinternet. FTP is built on client-server architecture. To transfer files with FTP, you use a program oftencalled the "client”. Some sites like4shared, RapidShareRequire a password.
  8. 8. Online Chat A kind of communication over internet thatoffers a real time direct transmission of textbased messages from sender to receiver. Many users with multiple chat rooms , basedon interests. Each Chat room is dedicated to a topic. All users can read the comments Nowadays their use is reduced due tointroduction of Social Networking Sites.
  9. 9. Instant Massaging (IM) Private , real-time messaging. Messages only sent to listed or added users. Buddy list contains IM Names.
  10. 10. Online Services The company that offers access bysubscription. Research , Personal Skill Development Sitesetc. demand subscription before givingaccess. Apple ITunes Store is an online digital storethat provides copyrighted content speciallymusic for purchase. Sites Provide content for fee like in YouTubeMovies.
  11. 11. Apple iTunes Store
  12. 12. Peer-to-peer (P2P) Services Users computers are interconnected No centralized organization. Users can communicate directly User can share files. The most common example is Bittorent orUtorrent
  13. 13. Other Services (Not Included inCourse) Skype: Voice over IP service Voice communication can be established betweenusers Also Contains Instant Massaging Services.
  14. 14. Facebook Social Networking Site Facebook has over one billion active users. Users make profiles and interact with people throughout theworld. General features Chat Like Messages and Inbox Groups and “Like” Pages Newsfeed Notifications Status update Time line Wall
  15. 15. Youtube Youtube is a video sharing website. Most of the content in the Youtube has beenuploaded by individuals. Features of Youtube are Playback Uploading Huge Social Impact Has produced many singers like Justin BeiberLady Gaga and Carly Rae Jepsen…
  16. 16. Recommendation
  17. 17. Thank You