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Asif Nazir CV


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Asif Nazir CV

  1. 1. M.ASIF NAZIR CURRENT LOCATION: Us Denim mills off Defence Raiwind Road Lahore CELL PHONE: +92 301 7513511-0321 8800511 E-MAIL: SUMMARY An enthusiastic, multi-skilled and focused professional who can bring passion, drive, performance, excellence and a winning mentality to any company. I am a quick learner who can absorb new ideas and can communicate clearly and effectively when working with people of all levels. Self-motivated and able to contribute effectively to a team by making a real and measurable difference to the bottom line. Right now I am looking to join a company where I will be surrounded by like-minded individuals who strive to break records and deliver excellence within a culture that is built on honesty, passion for sport, respect and recognition. Being a result driven, self-motivated and resourceful individual, I am seeking new responsibilities irrespective of reward and recognition. ACADEMIC RECORD - Diploma (Supply Chain Management) PITAC - MBS (Master in Business Science) Virtual University 2015 - L.L.B BZU Multan 2008 - B.Com University of the Punjab 2001 - D.Com Punjab Board of Technical Education Lahore 1998 - Matriculation B.I.S, Multan 1996 PROFESSIONAL COURSES AND CERTIFICATE:  DiplomainSupplyChainManagementfrom PITAC(PakistanIndustrial SolutionCouncil)  A course on Effective SupervisorySkills fromCMD (CenterofManagementDevelopment)  One Day Workshopof ZDHC Group Data Management.FormulationS.KU,DataSchema and Chemical InventoryManagement.A programof GreenPeace,STSand ADEC.  AttendTwodaysWorkshopof OHSAS 18001:2007 at CIWCE-IRI(CenterforImprovementsof WorkingConditions&Environment/Industrial RelationsInstitute)  A certificate on Chemical Hazard Communicationand hazardous Waste Management from CIWCE-IRI(CenterforImprovementsof WorkingConditions&Environment/IndustrialRelations Institute) .  A TrainingCourse on First Aidand CPR fromCIWCE-IRI(CenterforImprovementsof Working Conditions&Environment/Industrial RelationsInstitute).  CertificatesonEmergencyEvacuationandRescue Drills. ComputerSkills: MS Office Management (Advance Excel) ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Well conversantwithSAP Wise InventorySystemSoftware Inventory Management System Software
  2. 2. WORK EXPERIENCE SUMMARY Currently Working with US Denim Mills (Pvt) Ltd in capacity of Assistant ManagerStores & Logistics Since Jul 1st, 2014. Workingwith US Denim Mills (Pvt) Ltd in capacity of Brand out let Officer Since Jun 12, 2006 Worked as Retail store officer at well know retail chain store 2003 to Jun 2006. Working as a Store Keeper and Accountant 2002 to 2003 at Power Line Construction LHR. CURRENT JOB DESCRIPTION  Responsiblefor all on siteaspects of the logistics,supply chain,and customer delivery operations.In charge of makingsure that each stage of the distribution process isprogressingon time, on budget and to the right quality standards.  Preparation of monthly inventory summary covering all inventory areas (RawMaterial,W.I.P & F.G)  Maintain certificatefiles and all supportdocumentation (contracts,complianceassessments,approval documentation).  Implementation of organizational SOPs  To manage the fluctuation of stock levels  To coordinatewith production and procurement to manage the supply of Raw Material,PackingMaterial, Dyes & Chemical.  To coordinatewith I.T (OracleDeveloper) to set and generate the Report as per higher management requirement. And solvethe I.T related matter.  To conductthe all ISO,S.E.S., BSR, Levi’s and other external audit.  To investigateand resolve the inventory issues.  To define the SOPs for smooth inventory operation  To prepare and present the annual,half and quarterly presentation regardinginventory performance to higher management.  To approveall storedocumentation i.e. Gate Passes,PRs,GRN, and staff leaves,and overtime etc.  To look after all ERP related issues  Call and collectall quotation related to industrial and solid waste  Prepare comparativestatement and forward to management for approval  To create a safe environment by conductingdaily audits,weekly audits,and monthly audits.Focusingon safety and housekeeping that resulted in zero accidents.  Ensured operations arein compliancewith ISO,LEVIS, GRS, SA800, and GOTS standards. KEY AREAS OF EXPERIENCE  Comprehensive knowledge of logistical,Warehousing,and retail procedures and processes.  A comprehensive understandingof retail laws,security & health and safety issues.  Proven track record of increasingsales and turnover.  Experience of managingKPIs and performance management  Experience of processingof sales inquires to successful conclusion.  Knowledge of working with brands and their guidelines.  Knowledge of national and international import/exportlegislation.And good knowledge of import export policies.Good knowledge of various financial instruments  Identifyingsafety complianceissues.
  3. 3.  Achievingefficiencies and drivingcosts down.  Eliminatingobsoleteand off-spec machinery,& reducing agingequipment.  Assisted in disposal of 26 million dead stocks lyingatstores department.  Identifyingand quickly resolvingany stock discrepanciesthatmay occur.  Managing& supportingnew business implementations and projectrollouts.  Its work procedures, Recruitment of staff,designinglayout,procurement of racks etc  Assisted in development of Stores layoutwhileshiftingof store to new building,keepingin view of bay and sub bays accordingto store classification.  Fixed stock levels of all consumableitems keeping in view their consumption.  Assisted in organizing receiptroom at Gate office, developed procedures for receipt, inspection and delivery to store and supervised its activities.  Saleof leftover/dead stock (Yarn, Dyes & Chemical).  Assisted in establishingof Sectional Stores & monitored its activities  Computerization of inventory.  Restructuringof inventory codingsystem.  Designed & Implemented Stock Levels for Dyes & Chemicals  Developed Daily Status of Raw Materials, Stores,Spares, Finished Goods, Repair & maintenance.  Coordinatingwith procurement department in purchases of dyes & chemical. Keeping abreastof developments in Logistics & Supply Chain methods  Assisted in implementation of OracleFinancial System. ACHIEVEMENTS Has been promoted consistently in work responsibilitieson the basis of Dedicated Committed work approach and performance. PERSONAL CAPABILITIES I am always interested in doing something new and challenging.Havinggood communication skills,I feel comfortable to work with people and have proved my capabilities both as team lead and as a team member. I have a promisingattitude towards my assignments and fulfill all my commitments gracefully to the best of my skills. INTERESTS AND ACTIVITIES Reading, traveling,sports. REFERENCES Availableon request