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Time management ppt


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Time management ppt

  1. 1. Insights
  2. 2. Time management involves getting more done in less time
  3. 3. Effective time management actually refers to getting done fewer things of greater importance. We cannot possibly do everything we want to do,or all the things that there are to do. But if we prioritize what there is to do,and focus on completing the priorities to the exclusion of everything else,we will be more effective.
  4. 4. You can do anything……. You can‘t do everything!!!!
  5. 5. We cannot manage time. Nor can we save it. Time ticks away relentlessly in spite of our efforts to control it. We are provided with 24 hours of time each day to use as we like it. The key I in how we use that time. We can use it wisely or we can waste it, but we can never save it . At the end of the day it‘s gone…
  6. 6. EFFICIENCY vs. EFFECTIVENESS Often worst performers are those who seem to be working hardest and longest. They are very busy but not necessarily effective
  7. 7. Roles and Responsibilities
  8. 8. Where do we lose time ? Context Switches(Emergencies) Repeated communication(oscilllations) Doing others work Information access/Dependence Moving around Interaction with varied Roles/Skills
  9. 9. The biggest time wasters include telephone interruptions,visitors,meetngs and rush jobs.
  10. 10.    These are not time wasters,they are time obligations—they come with the job. The biggest time wasters are selfimposed, such as procrastination, making mental notes,interrrupting ourselves, searching for things,perfectionism, and spending time on trivial tasks. We are our own worst enemies.Being effective involves managing ourselves, not placing the blame on others.
  11. 11.    Procrastination : Putting off the doing of something intentionally and habitually. If you suspect yourself; ask yourself – why am I putting this off?. If there is no reason. Do it. Do not confuse reason with excuse. PROCRASTINATION is world‘s number one time waster. Banish it from your life. There is no time like present to do any work.
  12. 12.      Meetings are potential time wasters. Meetings are necessary evil; distractions from one‘s regular work. Try to say ‗No‘ to a meeting where you are not required. Agenda should be definite. There should be a finishing time for meeting.
  13. 13.     Come prepared (with facts and figures) Come on time Talk to the point.Do not try to divert the discussion Do not try to hijack the meeting
  14. 14. Basic Questions…. Important Vs Urgent? Should this task be done at all? Should this be done by me? Should this be done now?
  15. 15. Important Not Urgent I The Procrastinator • Exam tomorrow • Friend gets injured • Late for work/class • Project due today II The Visionary • Planning, goal setting • Paper due in a week • Exercise • Relationships/relaxation Not Important Urgent III The Yes-man • Unimportant phone calls • Interruptions • Other people’s small problems • Peer pressure IV The Slacker • Too much TV • Endless phone calls • Excessive computer games • Mall marathons • Other time wasters
  16. 16. Non-urgent, not important put on hold, delegate, ignore Ineffective Urgent, not important do now, do quickly Action Non-urgent, important plan, block time Plan Urgent, important avoid! Crisis
  17. 17. 1.Health and Fitness 2.Skills and Knowledge 3.Family and Relationships 4.Money and Resources
  18. 18. Define Do……..Delegate Ensure
  19. 19. Priority Delegation Specification
  20. 20.     Do not spend time on a work that can be done ,to a satisfactory level, by your subordinate. Delegation saves your time and develops subordinates Delegation improves results by making fuller use of resources Delegation implies transferring initiative and authority to another
  21. 21.     Delegation begins with a deep sense of the value and limits of your time. Managers often complain that they are running out of time when their subordinates are running out of work. Delegating the more routine or predictable part of ones job is only the first step. Delegation is not abdication. Some degree of control needs to be maintained.
  22. 22. ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ It‘s risky. We enjoy doing things. We don‘t sit & think. It‘s a slow process. Like to be ―top of everything‖. Will subordinate outstrip us? Nobody can do it as well as I can. Delegation is a great motivator. It enriches jobs, improves performance & raises morale of staff.
  23. 23.      You Must Do You Should Do Others Could Help You Could Do Others Could Do You Could Help Others Should Do Others Must Do
  24. 24. People either do what they like to do or what they are good at doing… Not what needs to be done!!
  25. 25.  Why some managers are typically running out of time while their staff is running out of work. ◦ They pick up staff‘s job. They enjoy & are good at it. ◦ They try to do things efficiently which are not worth doing at first place. Efficiency Vs Effectiveness.  It can be explained by ‗Monkey-on-the-back‘ analogy. Monkey is ‗next move‘ or problem or opportunity that comes to us.
  26. 26. A monkey is a next move or an opportunity, or problem which comes to us. ‗Monkey Management‘ helps to transform from a manager under time pressure to an effective one.
  27. 27.    Some ‗Monkeys‘ belong to us. However, greatest proportion belongs to subordinates. Once we pick up ‗Monkeys‘ from subordinates they get message that we want Monkeys. By allowing ‗Monkey‘ from your subordinates on to your back you volunteered for two things: ◦ Accepted responsibility for the problem from him. ◦ Promised him a progress report.  Now he will pressurise you to do what actually is his job.
  28. 28.     Sometimes colleagues also try to pass on their monkeys. Many Bosses are in habit of passing their monkeys to subordinates. This snowballs to upward, sideward & downward leaping ‗Monkeys‘. These take our all available time with no time to work on our own ‗Monkeys‘. So be careful.Do not accept others monkeys.
  29. 29. Time is more than money , it‘s life You can always get more money, but you can never get more time. It‘s an irreplaceable resource . When time‘s gone, you are gone!!!!
  30. 30. Thank you