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Schematic Diagram for Nokia Mobile Phones


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In this Free to download Nokia Cell Phone schematic diagrams, you will find following Nokia PCB diagram with IC(integrated circuit) names and description, layout diagram with electronics parts explanation and schematics for find faults and problems

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Muhammad Asif Azeemi has set up and managed two regional mobile phone repairing and training centers within the last twelve years; taught and mentored over seven thousand students, mobile phone, and computer service full professionals. NGOs and individually over the past three years. He holds a diploma in Mobile Repairing Course in 2003 with Computer Universe Institute Affiliated with Sindh Board of Technical Education (SBTE), Certified in Basic Electronics & Wireless Communication Course. He also holds multiple industry standard certifications like Samsung Smartphones and Apple iPhones. He consults in mobile software and Communication Technology, a training consultant who has mentored a good number of individuals who run successful mobile and smartphone repair businesses.
Muhammad Asif Azeemi personally teaches online seminars nationwide in Nigeria and some African countries covering Mobile Phone and Smartphone Repairs, including troubleshooting, maintenance, repairs, and upgrade. His classes are never boring as he has a knack for making complex topics both understandable and entertaining. If you have 6 or more people to train, Asif Azeemi can design and present a custom cell phone repair seminar for you or your organization’s needs. Contact Asif through
email: or call 003122906096

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