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Caching and Optimization By M Asif Rahman @ WordCamp Orlando 2012 Final


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Its a presentation on how to speed up your WordPress site.

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Caching and Optimization By M Asif Rahman @ WordCamp Orlando 2012 Final

  1. 1. Caching and Optimization How to Speed Up Your WordPress Website WordCamp Orlando 2012
  2. 2. Who Am I?● M Asif Rahman● CEO, A. R. Communications (ARCom in short)● Company:● Blog:● @Asif2BD
  3. 3. What I Do?● Working With WordPress Since 2004● Founded ARCom in 2007, and Working as CEO● We have 500+ web property● We run site like with monthly 14 Million traffic● We also run site like, etc etc
  4. 4. What is this Session About?● Caching in WordPress● Optimization in Brief● Configuring your WordPress● Selecting Themes & Plugin● How to select Hosting● What Plugin to use for Caching?● Basic Settings for W3 Total Cache● Advance Setting for W3 Total Cache
  5. 5. Is this Session for you?This is perfect for you if ..● Just made a simple blog● Running a medium traffic site● Important but low traffic business site● High traffic but static page type site● Highly dynamic site● Your site have millions of monthly traffic.
  6. 6. What is Caching in WordPress? Image Credit:
  7. 7. What is Optimization? Image Credit:
  8. 8. Hosting Comes First:● Is Shared Hosting For You?● Difference between Dedicated Or Shared Hosting● What About Cloud Hosting?● How hosting is related with site performance and security?
  9. 9. Selecting Themes● Select Reliable GPL themes● Avoid themes from untrusted source● For a important and mid-to-high traffic site avoid themes with unused function● Get a custom theme according to your need, maybe when you have grown enough.
  10. 10. Use Plugin Carefully● Use plugin that you really need● Avoid Plugins from Un-trusted source● Use "P3-Profiler"● For Mid-to-popular site consider making your own plugins with all the functionality you need
  11. 11. Basic Tips Of WordPressSetting● Configure Permalink.Nobody likes● Keep post-id in permalink.● Example permalink structureinstead of "/%category%/%postname%/"Use "/%category%/%post_id%-%postname%/
  12. 12. Caching Plugin to use● W3 Total Cache● WP Super Cache
  13. 13. Basic W3 Total Cache SettingUse Those Setting● Page Cache: Disk Enhanced● Minify: Disk (Default)● Database: Disabled● Object Cache: Disk● Browser Cache: Disk
  14. 14. Advance W3 Total CacheSettingUse Those Setting● Page Cache: Disk Enhanced● Minify: Memcached● Database: Disabled● Object Cache: APC● Browser Cache: Memcached
  15. 15. Test PerformanceUse Tool like1. com/speed/pagespeed/insightsUse same configuration. Clean cache then testand compare the result.
  16. 16. DNS Level CacheCloudFlare rocks!Free service will save your Bandwidth and willgive you security.Premium service will speed up your site withRocketLoaderInstall CloudFlare plugin.
  17. 17. Tweak From Server1. For larger site use nginx, you could use LNMP server too.2. Cache database from MySQL to save db query.3. Use Cloud with OS that leaves lower footprint.
  18. 18. Test & Be Bold To Deploy● Start using SVN for development version control.● Test your setup● Use github
  19. 19. QuestionsYou are free to ask anything for next __ Min.Full Slides and Resource at