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Red ladder print final006

  1. 1. table of contents executive summary - 3 situation analysis - 4 company history product evaluation competitive analysis consumer & industry trends research - 7 target market - 9 demographics psychographics lifestyle segments SWOT analysis - 10 marketing objectives - 11 advertising objectives - 12 creative brief - 13 campaign message & strategy - 15 creative tactics - 15 PR & promo - 17 campaign timeline - 19 future recommendations - 21 creative PR/promo media - 24 objectives strategy rationales scheduling media plan budget campaign evaluation - 25 appendix - 261
  2. 2. red ladder Asia Martin-ingram amber jordan stacey hong erin corbett ankit desai adam greenwald suzanna toole jenny reeves camilla seals melissa funk ally geronimo jordan smith hannah cleveland creative pr&promo mediaplanner account executives account planners 2
  3. 3. executive summary Shapewear hasn’t always been viewed as comfortable or fashionable. Until one outgoing and innovative young woman patented and sold her own type of shapewear that would forever change its image. SPANX® by Sara Blakely, a multi-million dollar shapewear company, leads its competitors as the most purchased and well known shapewear brands. Over the past thirteen years, SPANX® has expanded to form three different SPANX® lines with over 200 different products. Most of SPANX®’s current advertising uses word-of-mouth, celebrity endorsements, and social media to bring awareness to the brand. Thus far, these tactics have brought SPANX®’s message to life. SPANX® is at the top of its product category; however, once you have worked hard to make it to the top, you have to work even harder to stay there. The Red Ladder advertising agency recognizes that customer involvement and appreciation is of the utmost importance for building the SPANX® brand and that this will serve as the driving force behind the “Thanx, Spanx.” campaign. Therefore, through our campaign, current and future SPANX® product purchasers will become more engaged with the brand. The “Thanx, Spanx.” campaign consists of a multidimensional contest that will create a loyal bond between women and SPANX®. Research shows that women love SPANX® and do not mind sharing it with their close girlfriends. We plan to give these women an interactive user experience that allows them to share their good news with their inner and outer circles. We will get them talking, recommending, and thanking SPANX® for being there as a company that genuinely cares. Red Ladder will use different social media platforms, an online blog site, a micro SPANX® website, and the tagline “Thanx, Spanx.”. Women everywhere will be able to connect with one another and thank SPANX® for being that concerned friend who always wants you to look and feel your best. 3
  4. 4. situation analysis company history Founded in 2000 by Sara Blakely, SPANX® revolutionized the hosiery “thin-dustry” with the introduction of a footless, body-shaping pantyhose. Since then, shapewear has become one of the fastest growing “thin-dustries,” with SPANX® leading the way. Now with over 200 different products, SPANX® has incorporated its shapewear into other apparel including swimsuits, bras, activewear, and even menswear. product evaluation product price place • SPANX® Product Lines: • SPANX® • Body Shapers • Bras • Panties • Legwear • Apparel • Swim • Active • SPANX® for Men • ASSETS® by SPANX® • SPANX® stores • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport- Atlanta, GA • Tysons Corner Center- McLean, VA • The Plaza at King of Prussia- King of Prussia, PA • Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall One Garden State Plaza Paramus, NJ • Department stores/ Target • Boutiques in major cities • SPANX® Online Catalog • Various online retailers SPANX®’s offers products with a wide- rangeofpricetags. TheoriginalSPANX®line offers body shapers at prices ranging from $20.00 to $178.00. ASSETS® by SPANX® products are sold at less expensive prices than all other product lines. Although prices for SPANX® products are somewhat higher than other brands, the SPANX® website highlights, by category, where budget- conscious shoppers can locate products that are less expensive. The higher price tag on SPANX® products is reflected in the higher quality that is visible in all their products. 4
  5. 5. competitive analysis brand image product info ad/pr tactics • Shapewear is confidence. • Shapewear is sexy. • Curves are sexy. • Shapewear is about comfort. • “Keepin’ it comfortable since 1901.” • Different levels of control, seasonal trends, sweat control and variety of colors. • Moderately priced, less product variety with limited choices of control & color. • Significantly cheaper options with different levels of control but limited color choice • Corporate blog • Home shopping promotion • Purchasing incentives • Angel Credit Card • Celebrity endorsements of Hanes, Inc. • “Yummie Tummie Stories” YouTube channel • Pinterest • Instagram • Twitter • Instagram • YouTube channel • Pinterest • Twitter • Twitter • YouTube channel • Facebook 1. 2. 3. • Social Media: • Social Media: • Social Media: “Live. Shape. Happy.” Sources: 5
  6. 6. consumer & industry trends consumer thin-dustry outlook The typical consumer enjoys indulging in various hobbies like wine appreciation, high fashion, the arts, reading fiction, skiing, and tennis. When it comes to buying clothes, they tend to spend their money on expensive, trendy, designer wear. When purchasing these high end items, consumers tend to purchase shapewear products, like SPANX®, to help perfect their look. Consumers are also purchasing fashion items with built-in shapewear technologies. Withthecurrenteconomicrecession, one of the first areas for budget cuts that these consumers make is fashion items. Products that aren’t viewed as a necessityarelesslikelytobepurchased. This includes luxury brand shapewear products, like SPANX®, especially with the availability of cheaper shapewear alternatives. The trend toward shapewear began when curvaceous celebrities, like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian, and Beyonce, stepped into the fashion arena, and in doing so, made curvy and fuller busts and hips desirable. Popular culture has the overwhelming power of dictating what is in for women’s bodies. Over the past decade, the “ideal silhouette” has fluctuated between waif-like figures and curvy figures. Shapewear sales drastically took off in 2000, after Oprah Winfrey declared SPANX® as one of her “favorite things.” While becoming an accessory to affluent women and celebrities, the demand for shapewear extends into virtually all age groups and markets. Because of this demand, the shapewear “thin-dustry” is growing and becoming very profitable. Many companies are taking an interest in expanding into the shapewear “thin-dustry.” Among current shapewear brands, SPANX® is the brand leader. Many attribute this to Oprah’s influential endorsement making SPANX® an overnight sensation among other affluent women and celebrities. In addition to being the brandleader,SPANX®hasstrongbrand equity; people believe SPANX® has become synonymous with shapewear. Just as “Kleenex” and “Band-Aid” are used to describe all facial tissues and adhesive bandages. Existing popular brands in shapewear include Yummie Tummie, Victoria’s Secret, Hanes, Inc., MaidenForm, Playtex, Wonderbra, Classic Shapewear, Frederick’s of Hollywood, Vedette, Freshpair, and Leonisa. Consumers are eagerly embracing the trend toward fuller figures, wanting the help of shapewear to achieve this ideal fuller image, thus driving this profitable “thin-dustry.” Sources: 6
  7. 7. objectives In order to understand our later primary research findings, we began by conducting secondary research on SPANX®, its competitors, and previous studies that examined target consumers of the shapewear “thin- dustry.” The chief goal of our primary research was to gain insight about the shapewear industry, while looking at other brands and their message strategies. In addition, we sought to gain insight about consumer’s media use. Our desire was to arrive at a conclusion about what characteristics of specific messaging strategies and messaging outlets were effective in reaching our target. The analysis of both the secondary and primary research provided our team with an understanding of the brand’s situation in order to identify a fit between the product and its consumer. trends Sources: Currenttrendsintheshapewear“thin- dustry” include shapewear for men, new product launches, the technological advancement and use of lighter “fab- rics,” and “prettier” shapewear that resembles lingerie. Different companies are experimenting with different colors, beyond the standard black and nude colors offered. In addition, companies are talking about creating a product that offers a 2-in-1 result, by building shapewear into clothing. Due to the popularity of shapewear, the “thin-dustry” is expected to continue growing, with brands creating new, “thin-novative” products. Changes are expected to occur based on technological advances and “thin-novations” in “fab- rics” mostly. Today’s shapewear has moisture management properties, an important feature for a garment worn closely to the skin. In addition, women are seeking “prettier” designs, so brands are attempting to combine fashion with function and offer the same level of control in a wider selection of colors embellished with laces and trims. A more recent trend of shapewear can be seen in the medical world. Many physicians are recommending their patients use shapewear post surgery in order to facilitate proper healing. research 7
  8. 8. methodsprimarysecondary We administered an online survey, complete with 37 qualitative and quantitative questions. These results were from 83 respondents: women, ages 31-55. Our questions focused on the level of familiarity with SPANX® andtheshapewearindustryingeneral, as well as the frequency of shapewear purchases and occasion for shapewear purchases. We also evaluated consumers’ social media usage as well as where they get their information. Due to the fact that the campaign is an online campaign, we wanted to understand what type of interaction our target market has online and what the best tactic to reach them online is. The survey was conducted not only to reveal consumer behavior but also to measure awareness and attitudes about the SPANX® brand. The in-depth interviews were organized discussions with women selected from our target audience that covered more specific topics than the online survey we administered. Topics covered included: product material concerns, packaging awareness, social media usage, and influence of pop culture endorsements. The primary purpose of the in-depth interviews was to discover why women are motivated to purchase shapewear and what drives their decision process: price, comfort, quality, trends, etc. Our secondary research provided us with an overall understanding of the shapewear “thin- dustry”, SPANX®, and shapewear consumers. We gatheredoursecondaryresearchusingMinteland various trustworthy online websites. A complete list of our sources is listed in the appendix. Online Survey In-Depth Interviews 8
  9. 9. target market demographics psychographics Spanx-ters'lifestylesegments SPANX®’s target market consists of women ages 31-50, who are in the middle to upper, socio-economic classes with a household earning of over $60k+ and live in highly urban areas. These women are typically married or in a committed relationship with children between the ages of 3 and 15. • Trendy homemakers • Fashionistas • Young & hip • Green consumers • High spenders A day in the life of a typical Spanx-ter involves indulging in a rich variety of hobbies. These hobbies include wine appreciation, the performing arts, cooking gourmet or low-fat cooking, photography, reading best-selling fiction, and outdoor activities like skiing and tennis. When it comes to buying, these women enjoy shopping online versus retail stores or catalog purchases. They are frequent purchasers of designer fashion, fine jewelry, and corporate attire. 9
  10. 10. swot analysis 10
  11. 11. marketing objectives objectives strategy & rationale • To increase SPANX®’s market share in the shapewear thin-dustry • To maintain a minimum ROI of 3:1 on social media and promotion techniques. • To increase Google’s organic search ranking so that SPANX® consistently appears within the top 10 results. To successfully achieve our objectives, Red Ladder will launch a campaign that primarily uses social media and digital resources in order to highlight a contest by SPANX® for one exceptional winner to receive a full makeover for her upcoming high school reunion. To maintain a budget of $10,000 or less, the incorporation of cheap/ free advertising methods through the use of social media, guerilla marketing, and other low-cost promotions is vital. Initial strategies to publicize the contest will be done via various social media platforms (Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram) supplemented with an on-location photo booth for further engagement. Continued social media use throughout the campaign will keep cost down while effectively reaching the target market. 11
  12. 12. advertising objectives objectives strategy & rationale • To further increase brand awareness through the use of social media and digital resources over a six month long campaign period, starting in January 2014 • To raise trials of SPANX® shapewear by 15% over the six month long campaign starting in January 2014 Our strategy is to increase brandawarenessforSPANX®and their products. We will increase dialogue and user engagement through a contest implementing social media platforms, such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. We feel that user engagement is most effective through social media and that the six month campaign is a sufficient amount of time to build awareness through a user-content driven multi dimensional campaign. 12
  13. 13. creative brief Client key fact problem objective target thin-sight Spanx Spanx is the shapewear thin-dustry leader in product variety and quality. Despite Spanx’s effective word of mouth, celebrity endorsements, and forms of product promotion, there are still women out there who are either unaware of Spanx and its advantages or who do not know the vast variety of shapewear garments Spanx has available. To further increase brand awareness through the use of social media and digital resources, raise trials of Spanx shapewear by 15%. Demographics: The primary target audience are women ages 31-50 who are married with children and have a household incomes of $60,000 or more. Psychographics: Fashionistas who love food, staying fit, and traveling. They enjoy wine, performing arts and cooking. They read best-selling fiction and fashion magazines. “I’m half way through life,giveortakeafewyears, married with one adorable baby boy. Okay, he’s eight, but he will always be my baby. Although he is cute, I never thought about how time consuming he would be. Being a wife, mom, and a successful real estate agent in the greater Atlanta area I always look and feel my best. I practically work two full time jobs. I work from home and take care of my family. This leaves me with little time to focus on the things I really love such as traveling, unless it’s for business, reading the new Twilight novel, and signing up for that healthy cooking class I’ve been meaning to do for the past two years. I used to love working out and hitting the town with my girls. Not only do I stay at homes on the weekdays, I am also finding it hard to snap back into my post baby body. On the rare occasion that I do get to escape this blessed curse I struggle with finding something to wear that doesn’t show every bump and lump I have acquired over the years. Only 3,650 days until my son is out of the house and I can get back to being the cool, daring, and bold person I used to be.” Heather: 13
  14. 14. promise support mandatories • Spanx offers assorted bras, panties, leg-wear, swimwear, body shapers, active wear, maternity wear • Spanx currently has 3 different lines: original Spanx by Sarah Blakely, Spanx for men, and the Target Assests line • All products are made from the highest quality and technologically advanced materials Spanx’s many products in its various lines help women look great and feel great no matter the occasion. Spanx brand name, logo, various trademarks and website “I’m a 38 year old ‘stay at home’ mom who never stays there. (That’s what the nanny’s for!) I spend my time supporting my favorite charities and helping women around the world with my weekly video blog. My girlfriends and I are very close even though we’re spread out all over the country. We keep in touch almost exclusively through social media these days. BetweenalltheFacebook posts, Pinterest scrolls and Twitter hashtags, I practically have carpal tunnel. Recently, as my friends and I are getting older, we find ourselves talking more about our changing bodies. Things that used to be super tight are slowly sagging. If that’s not enough to contend with, today I got an invitation to my 20-year high school reunion. I wonder if I can lose 30 pounds in 6 weeks…” Jane: 14
  15. 15. creativetactics other components message & strategy The campaign message, “Thanx, Spanx.” will act as the tagline throughout the campaign. The idea behind this tagline is that consumers will be able to “thank” SPANX® for helping them overcome insecurities with their body. This concept is simple and straight to the point. The campaign emphasizes that SPANX® helps people and continues helping others through use of their products as well as with their philanthropic efforts. A microsite will be created with full details of the contest. The site will allow viewers to keep up with the finalists and vote on submissions. In addition, the microsite will host the “Dear Spanx” blogs in which user-generated blogs or vlogs will be posted that say “Thanx, Spanx.” The site will also feature an interactive “Yearbook” that shares the high school pictures of all contestants. The “Thanx, Spanx” campaign will be launched first through e-mailing current customers as well as with posts on the SPANX® Facebook and Instagram pages. It is also our goal to include a “Dear SPANX” blog in which consumers are able to express his or her gratitude by sharing stories in which SPANX® has helped them at some point in time. The main focus of this campaign is a contest called the “Thanx Spanx: Reunion Makeover.” The contest includes a free complete makeover available for Georgia residents. The purpose of the makeover is to transform a lucky individual in time for a trip to her high school reunion. In order to be considered for the contest, consumersmustsubmitathreetofour minute long video along with a short biography. The links to the videos and biographies will be available on the “Dear SPANX” blog. A finalist will be chosen, and participants can cast a vote for his or her favorite contender. The winner will receive a makeover that will be documented for a YouTube mini series. The documentary will premiere weekly and will follow the winner’s transformation leading up to the climactic high school reunion that she attends. As a consolation for those who did not win the contest, we will have ten senior superlatives that feature other entrants in a mock yearbook on the SPANX® website in which they are awarded for best hair, smile, etc. The consolation prizes will consist of gift baskets full of SPANX® products. 15
  16. 16. Guerilla marketing tactics include an onsite OMG photo booth complete with full 80s props. Photos will be posted immediately to Facebook and Instagram in order to get people talking and participating in the contest. After contacting high schools in Georgia, Alumni newsletters will also be used to get the word out to our target market about the contest. User-generated video posts will be placed in a “Dear Spanx” blog in which they “Thanx, Spanx” for a recent event/night out that SPANX® helped make a success. Watch Now Home Thanx, Spanx Share Your Story Before & After Videos Enter to Win! Socialmediawillalsoplayacrucial part in the creative execution and for the voting process of the contest. Twitter will be used to promote the contest and engage users by live tweeting the mini series every week with specific hashtags. YouTube will host bi-weekly mini series of the contest winner that will be promoted on other social media platforms. Instagramwillbeused to showcase photo booth picturesandsuperlatives named throughout the campaign. 16
  17. 17. Facebook will be used to promote the contest, showcase photo booth pictures, give updates of the contest, and engage users through various postings. The “Thanx, Spanx: Reunion Makeover” contest is a crucial element in the “Thanx, Spanx.” campaign. One lucky winner will get the ultimate makeover experience for their high school reunion. • Jeffreys Atlanta- to provide the contestant winner with a dress and shoes to match for the reunion • Aric C. Cosmetics- to provide the contestant winner with a makeup application for the reunion • to help publicize the “Thanx, Spanx: Reunion Makeover” contest by reaching our target audience • OMG photobooth- engage consumers to participate with the “Thanx, Spanx.” campaign by taking pictures with the photo booth and sharing them via Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. sponsorships contest Did you graduate in 1984 and have a high school reunion coming up? Do you want to make your ex jealous and be the envy of all your old friends? Then enter our Thanx, Spanx Reunion Makeover Contest and you could win a head to toe makeover! Thanks for participating in our Thanx, Spanx makeover contest. Continue to check our Facebook page to be the first one to find our who our finalists are! Congratulations, You won Best Hair public relations 17
  18. 18. Promotional items will be given out to the three candidates who have been selected to potentially win the grand prize. The grand prize for consumers that participate in the SPANX® contest includes: SPANX® merchandise, a designer dress, and a makeover done by a team of professionals whichwillpreparethewinner for a trip to their high school reunion. There will also be second as well as third place recipients that will receive a line of SPANX® products. We will be using other tactics to support our main “Thanx, Spanx.” campaign. We would like to implement using photobooths for our contest. We chose to partner with a company known as OMG photobooth. These photo booths will be located in high traffic areas of Atlanta such as Lenox Mall, Perimeter Mall, and Atlantic Station.The photo booths will be available for use for one day and three hours in these three locations. The idea of the photobooth is that it will raise awareness for the campaign and specifically draw attention to the contest. Individuals will be able to have their photos taken which will also be integrated with social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook which users can use to view their photos and share them online. Fun 80’s props and hashtag signs will be available for use in the photobooth. promotions guerilla marketing 18
  19. 19. 19 January-September2014
  20. 20. 20
  21. 21. future recommendations For future references, we have two suggestions that will be of great help for the furtherment of the SPANX® brand. To start, one person should manage the content on all social media platforms in order to have a cohesive message across these platforms. Another suggestion is the creation of a mobile application (similar to Urban Spoon’s interface) that allows users to input the event and the type of attire they’ll be wearing that generates a SPANX® product suggestion, complete with geographic location services on where to best attain this item. We would suggest that SPANX® should invest in collaborating with relevant lifestyle bloggers that agree to sponsor posts featuring spanx products. This is a good platform to showcase new products such as the swimwear line and men’s line that have not received as much publicity as their current popular products. Instagram is a relatively new aspect to SPANX® and with the new video capabilities as well as embedding features, SPANX® can promote new items, company culture,and before & after footage. Facebook is already considered to be ineffective for SPANX®, but with a new spin the opportunities are endless. SPANX® should use Facebook to introduce new products, upload videos as well as videos, and provide tips to their consumers about looking their best with SPANX®. Lastly, Pinterest could create a huge following for SPANX®. SPANX® should create a Pinterest page during a major campaign such as the “Thanx, Spanx.” campaign and they should do a continuation of the campaign through Pinterest. Users could pin pictures of their SPANX® and use the hashtag “Thanx, Spanx.” These are all superb platforms which will generate brand exposure for SPANX®. creativepromosocial 21
  22. 22. media • Spread the “Thanx, Spanx.” message among 31-51 year old women, married with kids in Georgia. • Drive awareness through online and offline media about the high school reunion contest. • Be able to provide a reasonable option to measure return on amount spent. objectives strategy To give traction to the “Thanx, Spanx.” movement and drive constant engagement, we will use both online and offline media. Our goal is to have all our employed media working together to make the message ubiquitous to middle aged mothers in Georgia. The contest will be announced across online media, through Facebook, Newsletters, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. We will also use these channels to push the #thanxspanx hashtag, as well as give regular updates on the contest. Facebook’s paid placement ads and sponsored posts will allow us to reach both our target market, as well as measure return. Our ads will target women living in Georgia, between the ages of 47 and 49, with an interest in the broad categories of food and dining, literature, cooking, beauty products, fashion, and luxury goods. We will also use out of home placements of photo booths at malls as an unconventional marketing tool. These booths will already be decked out with social media ‘sharability’, allowing us to make it an interactive cross platform event. The micro website will serve as an information hub for the whole campaign. The “Thanx, Spanx.” conversation will be collated there, the contest videos will be there, and the “Thanx, Spanx.” blog will be there. Social Media: Paid Placement: Outdoor: Microsite: 22
  23. 23. rationales: schedulingmedia • Invaluable for driving two-way conversations • Best medium for user engagement • Cost effective • Allows for microtargeting • Delivers relevant ads to qualified leads • Very little wasted circulation • Pay only after a conversion • Great PR tool • Social media integration means seamless online- offline experience • Consumer shares the message for us • Aggregator of news, stories, pictures, blog posts for the entire campaign • Helps consumers ‘fill in the gaps’ of the transmedia story • Consumers can keep coming back and interacting with the ‘information hub’ at their own pace The first thing to be launched will be the website. Since it serves as an information hub, anyone looking for any info about our advertising will find it easily. Next, we begin cross promoting our “Thanx, Spanx.” contest across all social media as well as alumni newsletters, and offline photo booths. This transmedia delivery at the same time not only increases our frequency, but also increases the likelihood of recall. As for the time period, the campaign starts in January because women are back at work, often have New Years’ resolutions, and are likely to visit malls because of the sales. Of course, the contest will end around June when Reunion Season is on, but we will keep soliciting content and stories from our users following the contest, asking them to share their own experiences. SPANX® mentioned earlier that Facebook advertising has not been a revenue driver. We believe that is because consumers are better likely to relate to the ‘Spanx’ story rather than have the product itself pushed tothem,whichisalreadywell-known. We want to stay away from traditional marketing, but at the same time intensify the ‘word of mouth’ technique that has worked so well for SPANX®. Therefore our selection criteria is based on which media would help us drive engagement, conversation, and buzz the most effectively? And the answer is online media. Social Media: Paid Placement:Outdoor Photobooth: Microsite: 23
  24. 24. budget media plan • ThanxSpanx Microsite - $2000 x 1 = $2000 • 80s Themed Photo booths – $1100 x 4 = $4400 • Facebook Contest Ads – $100/day x 30 days = $3000 • Misc. Expenses - $400 • Contingency - $200 Total = $10,000 • Stylist for Contestant - $2000 • Dress for Contestant - $1000 • Video crew + Editing - $5000 • Limo Rental and Champagne - $500 • Misc. Filming and Logistics Expenses - $1300 • Contingency - $200 Total = $10,000 block1block2 24
  25. 25. campaign evaluation • Spending on Photo Booths - $4400 • Expected customers – 480 people • Expected Reach (Including social media reach) – 100,000 people • Spending on Facebook Ad Placements - $3000 • Estimated Reach – 92,000 women between 47-49 in Georgia • Average Cost-Per-Click - $0.50 • Estimated Conversions – 6000 qualified users + their FB friends • Video Creation - $10,000 • Estimated impressions through social media, email newsletters – 1.2 million Not accounted for are: • Increased brand equity from the “Thanx, Spanx.” Campaign • All media coverage surrounding the human interest story of the #thanxspanx transformation • Number of people who will share this campaign on social media • Returns (and general feeling about campaign) can be measured simply by increase in number of fans on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube. • Spanx would also do well to do a brand attitude test 6 months after the campaign concludes, because for even those who don’t share our videos on Facebook or Youtube, the campaign is designed to build a sentiment for the brand that it arguably does not have at the moment. And at this time when competitors are crawling out of the woodwork, brand equity can make all the difference. Outdoor: Online Paid Placements: “Thanx, Spanx.” High School Reunion Contest: Social Media: 25
  26. 26. appendix Survey 1. How much do you know about shapewear products? 2. How much do you know about Spanx products? 3. Within the last year, have you purchased women’s shapewear? 4. Within the last 6 months, have you purchased women’s shapewear? 5. If you have purchased women’s shapewear, what brand(s) did you purchase? 6. For what occasion did you purchase shapewear? 7. How important is it to you that your lingerie helps with shaping and contouring? 8. How often do you wear your shapewear product? 26
  27. 27. • 50% of women had purchased shapewear in the last year, 70% of women had not purchased shapewear in the last 6 months. This shows us that this is not an impulsive purchase and that the frequency of purchase is lower than other convenience products. • Oftherespondents,56% purchased SPANX®, 3 5 % p u r ch a s e d a brand not listed or none, 15% Hanes, 6% MaidenForm, 3% Victoria’s Secret, and 1% Yummie Tummie. • For what occasion did they purchase s h a p e w e a r : 5 2 % c o c k t a i l , 4 2 % professional, 38% ever yday use, 8% church. • W h e r e a r e t h e y most likely to get information about a brand of shapewear: 39% from friend or family member, 38% f r o m t r a d i t i o n a l a d v e r t i s e m e n t , 17 % f r o m o n l i n e advertisement, 4% from professional colleague,and 1% celebrities. • How often do you shop for intimate apparel: 86% less than once a month. Again, this shows us that it is not a product frequently purchased by the consumer. • 37% follow blogs, 63% do not. Of those 37% that do, they most actively follow Health & Wellness blogs, followed by cooking & food, then home décor. • 94% are on Facebook, 54% on Pinterest, 5 2 % o n Yo u T u b e , 34% on Twitter, 32% on Instagram, 6% on Word Press, 6% on Tumblr, 6% on Vine, 3% on Reddit, 0% on Myspace. This is important because the top three social media outlets are all ones we have chosen to use for our campaign. • When asked about their social media usage: 67% use it daily, followed by 14% that use it 2-3 times a week • Question: What do SPANX® do for you: (fill in the blank option) Mostfrequentresponse was “smooths”, as well as- supports, slims, shapes, controls, holds it in, no panty lines, keeps everything in place, contours body, andperformsmiracles! • Question: Give three adjectives that best describeSPANX®: Most frequent response was “comfortable”, then “slim/trim”, “smooth”, “quality”, “expensive”, “confidence”, “control” • 90% of respondents reported having a positive feeling about SPANX® as a brand findings 27
  28. 28. 1. Do you wear shapewear? Do you wear itoftenorsimplyforspecialoccasions? Do you have a brand preference or price more of a concern? 2. Is the product material a concern when purchasing shapewear? 3. Where do you shop most often? Dept. stores? Individual boutiques? Online? 4. Howoftendoyoushopforunderwear? Shapewear? 5. When you do shop, on average, how much do you spend? 6. Are you familiar with the current packaging? What would they like to see or be more likely to buy? Colors/ Graphics/etc. 7. What social media sites/apps do you currently use? What type of interactions do you have on these sites? How often? 8. How often do you watch TV? What times/shows? 9. Do you keep up with pop cultures? Do you take celebrity endorsements seriously? 10. Are there any advertisements that you can recall that you like? Why? 11. Do you listen to internet radio at work? if so what platforms (spotify, pandora)? 12. If there was a Spanx store how frequently do you think you would visit? 13. When you go to a Victoria secret what is your budget vs what you actually spend? 14. Abouthowoftendoyouget“dressed up” a month? When you wear formal wear do you typically wear pantyhose or other shapewear? 15. What is more important to you when picking outfits: comfort or appearance/fashion? 16. Do you buy more “investment” pieces (higher price/quality) or trendy/price conscious pieces? • In-depth interview provided valuable insight into the minds of individuals belonging to our target audience, women ages 31-55. • Somewhere between 20-26 participants most from the selected target audience. • In-depth Interview helped to determine individuals’ (of the target market) motives for utilizing and purchasing shapewear. • Most participants were knowledgeable of shapewear and benefits of its use. • In-depth Interview confirmed notion that shapewear is purchased only as needed. For example, if attending a special occasion of some sort. • Most participants get “dressed up” 4x a month or less. • Most participants would only visit a SPANX® store once a year. • In-depth Interview also pinpointed that most widely used social media channels used by the participants are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. • However, the participants are not heavy users of the social media channels. • In-depth Interview highlighted that product material is in fact a concern of these individuals and plays a role in determining whether or not to purchase an item. • Very Few of the participants are SPANX® brand loyalists. • Most participants are price conscious buyers. in depth interview questions findings 28
  29. 29. 29 Thanks for participating in our Thanx, Spanx makeover contest. Continue to check our Facebook page to be the first one to find our who our finalists are! Congratulations, You won Best Hair creative executions
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  37. 37. Spanx, Thanx for making my body look amazing in my prom dress this year! Thanx, Spanx Asia Spanx, Thanx for going to the formal with me this year. I wouldn’thave wanted it any other way. Thanx, Spanx Adam
  38. 38. Spanx, Homecoming was a blast this year!! We worked that dance floor. HAGS Thanx, Spanx Jenny
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