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Restless Ribeiro: An Indian Artist in Britain


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Asia House presents the first exhibition of the work of Lance Ribeiro for 25 years to highlight his talent and artistic contribution. Ribeiro’s art was highly original and his output prolific. Although he received early acclaim for his art he began to get exceedingly restless. He worked at an incredible rate and bean to experiment with polyvinyl acetate (PVA) paints, which as the forerunners of acrylics, are now used by artists the world over. Sadly, he was never recognised for his role in one of the most significant advance of the twentieth century. The exhibition will comprise a selection of Ribeiro's landscapes, still lifes, portraits and abstract compositions - including oils, oils and polyvinyl acetates and pen and ink drawings. Admission Free. 24 May-29 June 2013

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Restless Ribeiro: An Indian Artist in Britain

  1. 1. 24 May – 29 June 2013Monday to Saturday 10.00-18.00Free AdmissionAsia
  2. 2. Still Life with FishesOil with PVA on canvas1965
  3. 3. UntitledOil on paper, 1958“Lance Ribeiros art wasan immediate success.Paradoxically, once theimmediate glamour hadits effect, he rebelledagainst it.By 1962 he had alsobegun to get exceedinglyrestless”Patrick Boylan, from his cataloguePaintings: A Retrospective 1960-1986 forLeicestershire Museum and Art Gallery, 1986
  4. 4. Tata mural painted by Lance Ribeiro, c.1961 © Tata
  5. 5. UntitledPen and ink on paper, 1964
  6. 6. Woman with Ruby Pendant(Psychedelic Man Series)Oil and PVA on PVA-based canvas,1968“The iconic heads, often faceless,haunted us growing up but thedeep pools of luminous paintused to draw me in.These bear witness to adistinctive release in style tomore abstract and figurativeforms; the result of countlessexperiments with polyvinylacetate (PVA)”Marsha Ribeiro, 2013
  7. 7. LandscapesUntitledWatercolour on paper1985
  8. 8. UntitledPVA on canvas fixed on board, c.1978“But upon this darkstair within your mindWith no rail to hold,Set down your soul,With eye wide openAnd you shall fallUnseeing,As I am falling,To no kingdomAnd no dying”Lance Ribeiro, c. early 1960sArts and Events, Volume 2, No 11, May 1961
  9. 9. Flying LandscapesL-R: Untitled, watercolour & ink on paper, 1987, Untitled, watercolour on paper c.1987, Untitled, watercolour on paper, 1987
  10. 10. Untitled, oil on canvas, 1964“In trying todescribe him, ittroubles me that Istruggle to findthe words to doso.Complex andpassionate,fiercely-tempered,self-destructive,difficult butinspiring all cometo mind.”Marsha Ribeiro, 2013
  11. 11. Yellow LandscapeOil on boardc.1960“He too was a poet till he gave up,one day, blowing rings of poems.Now paints are his cup of tea, oftenlaced with the thin sugar of Goanmemories: churches with inoffensivebells in their loins, shoulderslopped off, epaulettes and all,stone-blind in the eyes, and strutting”R. Parthasarathy, published in London Magazine, 1969
  12. 12. Tangled TownscapesUntitledPen and watercolour drawing on paper1975
  13. 13. Stricken Monk with Cat O’Nine TailsOil and PVA-based canvas, 1968“I twist andturn, curveand straightenoften withoutaim or result.Just an escape,an escapistthing intopaintingimpulsively,compulsively,endlessly,tired, tirelesslywithor without joy”
  14. 14. Find the Restless Ribeiro catalogueFor sale in the Asia House Reception - £15Extracts in this slideshow from the Restless Ribeiro catalogue