15 Things We Learnt at Asia Trade


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New global trade relationships are a manifestation of what will become a multi-polar world, with Asia emerging as a new engine of growth. The Asia House Signature Conference, 'Asia Trade – Shaping the 21st Century' organised in partnership with HSBC, saw 14 experts discuss the impact of trade on Asia’s relationship with the UK and examined how the rise of a new global currency will reshape the global monetary system.

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15 Things We Learnt at Asia Trade

  1. 1. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspol 20 Things We Learnt From our Signature Conference: Asia Trade – Shaping the 21st Century
  2. 2. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspol Shenzhen, Guangdong & Hong Kong together have 45 million people, making the conurbation one of the largest economic centres in the world – James Emmett, HSBC
  3. 3. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspol Last year just 0.63% of global trade was settled in Chinese RMB – Professor Chris Dixon, Global Policy Institute
  4. 4. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspol There are over 160 cities in China with a population of more than 1 million – James Emmett, HSBC
  5. 5. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspol In 50 years, the demand for energy in Asia will have doubled – Simon Henry, Shell
  6. 6. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspol Car sales in China have increased by 10% in the past 2 years - Erica Ng, Hong Kong Economic & Trade Office
  7. 7. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspol The Philippines has posted a 7.8% economy growth rate in the first quarter of 2013. This is the highest in Asia. – HE Enrique Manalo
  8. 8. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspol If a currency becomes convertible, it takes a lot of power away from the government. – Dr Harsha Singh, WTO
  9. 9. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspol ASEAN’s trading bloc is bigger than that of the European Union. – Lord Green, UKTI
  10. 10. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspol It is often profitable for Western countries to trade in RMB when doing business in Asia. – Bridget Walsh, Ernst & Young
  11. 11. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspol Half of Asia’s trade is intra-regional. – James Emmett, HSBC
  12. 12. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspol During Q1 of 2013, the British economy grew faster than that of Singapore. – Lord Green, UKTI
  13. 13. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspol China’s appetite for luxury goods grew by 6% last year – Erica Ng, Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office
  14. 14. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspol Urban household income will double in China by 2022 – James Emmett, HSBC
  15. 15. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspol When trade winds affected the number of ships arriving in British ports, trade was considered so vital that the Bank of England had a weather vane on its roof – James Emmett, HSBC
  16. 16. Follow us on Twitter: @asiahousebuspol The Silk Road is perhaps the last great global trade route yet to be opened – Stephen King, HSBC