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transport 2

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Bell churchyateselp

  1. 1. Transportation Melissa Bell Tammy Church Melinda Yates ED 417
  2. 2. Transportation• Unit: Social Studies• Grade Level: Kindergarten• Lesson: Transportation
  3. 3. Transportation• Objectives: – The students will: 1.) Identify and name at least six different types of transportation. 2.) Sort and classify different kinds of transportation according to similar and/or different characteristics. 3.) Identify the purpose of different types of transportation .
  4. 4. Transportation• Materials needed: -Plastic models of different types of transportation. -Boxes for box construction of vehicles. -Magazines for cutting out of pictures of different types of transportation.
  5. 5. Transportation• Materials Needed Continued: – Art supplies for making a driver’s license: tag board, clear contact paper, photo of child, scale, and meter stick. – A collection of library books relating to different forms of transportation. – Action poems
  6. 6. Student Activities: Plastic Models• The students will get into groups of 3-5 to observe and discuss the different uses of their particular plastic model.• A representative from each group will share the different uses they have come up with.
  7. 7. Student Activities: Box Construction• After a brief discussion of the different body parts of a vehicle, the students will get into groups of 3-5 and construct vehicles out of the supplied cardboard boxes.
  8. 8. Student Activities: Magazine Collage• The students will look through old magazines and cut out examples of transportation.• Then the students will construct a class transportation collage labeling and identifying each form of transportation.
  9. 9. Student Activities: Driver’s License• The students will have their picture taken with a Polaroid camera, and have their height and weight measured.• The students will then create their own driver’s license using the provided materials.
  10. 10. Student Activities: Library Books• The students will be encouraged to bring in models of and books about different transportation.
  11. 11. Student Activities: Action Poems• The students will develop their own rhyming action poem about a form of transportation.• They will each receive the opportunity to share their poems with the other students.
  12. 12. On-Line Student Activities• mes/transportation.shtml
  13. 13. Teacher Resources•
  14. 14. Teacher Resources•
  15. 15. Teacher Resources•
  16. 16. Teacher Resource• ation2.html
  17. 17. On-Line Student Activities•
  18. 18. On-Line Student Activities• cles/paintonline.shtml
  19. 19. On-Line Student Activities• bus/home.htm
  20. 20. On-Line Student Activities• ndar/wheels
  21. 21. THE END!!