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What is storage from client's perspective


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How do you define storage from client's perspective

Published in: Technology
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What is storage from client's perspective

  1. 1. How do you define storage in 3 simple words from client's perspective and not from the typical text book based SAN definition? Simply put, storage is about: 1. Capacity : How quickly can it be provisioned or on-demand in shortest possible time. 2. Performance : In terms of IOPS [OLTP] or throughput [Backup/MBps]. 3. Service quality : How consistently the performance is maintained as promised by the service provider without violations. Clients*: Don't care what type of 'OS' or 'micro-kernel' is running on the storage box, what shell it is, what type of disk it is underneath, what type of RAID-controller it is, how user-friendly the GUI is, how shining it looks or how neat cabling is done, or how meaty & advanced CPU or memory is. All they care is: What they were promised, and what they are getting. It does not matter if it’s running world's '#1' storage operating system or the most advanced FLASH array, the reason is simple, everything today is provided/sold 'as a service' and hence what goes behind that service [storage] is none of their concern. Their concern is how optimally their Applications/Databases are running and how well they are able to service to their own clients. Clients* = One who consumes ‘storage’ as service via MSP [Managed Service Providers] and do not own the infrastructure that provides the service. July, 2018