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Nvram vs nvmem


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Hardware Difference between NVRAM vs NVMEM

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Nvram vs nvmem

  1. 1. NVRAM vs NVMEM Hardware difference NVRAM: is a separate DIMM and not part of the main-memory For example: FAS8020: 24GB Per Node | 4 GB NVRAM If you run this command, you can clearly see all the DIMM listed. ::>controller fru show-manufacturing-info -node NODE-01 FRU Description FRU Serial Number FRU Part Number FRU Rev. DIMM-1 94-03-1602-xx SGB721xx DIMM-2 94-03-1602-xx SGB721xx DIMM-3 94-03-1602-xx SGB721xx NVRAM9 DIMM 94-02-1552-xx SGB7D1xx This clearly indicates that there are 3 Main-Memory DIMM each: 8 GB, 8x3=24GB , and there is separate 4GB DIMM for NVRAM activity. NVMEM: is NOT a separate DIMM For example: 7-mode Filer | FAS3250 | 20GB Total – 2.4 GB of NVMEM. NVMEM: is NOT a separate DIMM, Uses part of the Main Memory. It clearly says it in the sysconfig output. >sysconfig -a Memory Size: 20480 MB NVMEM Size: 2400 MB of Main Memory Used March, 2019