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NetApp vsc backup fails to rename snapshot


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VSC/SMVI backup of VMware datastore fails with the error - failed to rename snapshot.

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NetApp vsc backup fails to rename snapshot

  1. 1. How to troubleshoot SMVI/VSC failures such as – [Failed to rename snapshot ] backup_xxxx_xxx_YYYYMMDDHHMM: FAILURE Introduction: VSC or SMVI as previously called: is designed to backup VMs [In VMware Environment] with datastores on NetApp storage. For information on internal workings of this product, please go to NetApp documentation on VMware: Starting with vSphere 5.1 VMware vSphere has a new face, known as the Web Client. This new interface brings with it a new efficient way of doing things, multiple vCenter support, plus leveraging Single Sign-On (SSO) services. NetApp: NetApp being a core Partner had to rebuild the user side interface of the Virtual Storage Console (VSC) to match the flow, look, and feel of the vSphere Web client. Difference between: Old: vSphere client = Locally installed application. New : vSphere webclient = Web application (browser based)
  2. 2. Following error can be found in the backup log: +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 2018-08-06 10:40:39,447 ERROR - FLOW-11019: Failure in NaSnapshotCreateActionWrapper: Failed to rename snapshot smvi_novmsnap_20180806103801 to smvi_novmsnap_recent on volume netapp-filer:/vol/volume 2018-08-06 10:40:39,448 ERROR - FLOW-11010: Operation transitioning to abort due to prior failure. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ TWO very important bits/clue in the error trace above: 1st: Failed to rename snapshot 2nd: FILER_NAME:/vol/volume_name Basically, from the error, we know exactly which NetApp storage system is hosting the 'Datastore' for the VM Disks that we are backing up, and we also know that there was an error during re-naming. Well, re-naming is a general process of VSC to name the last scheduled snapshot as *_recent. If you look up for this error 'failed to rename snapshot' and 'VSC' on google, there will be some leads. In this particular case, we found an NetApp KB: There is a NetApp KB (Apparently it's a common issue): VSC/SMVI backup fails with 'Failed to rename snapshot' ARTICLE NUMBER:000012802 Solution: 1) Open OnCommand System Manager and go to the specific filer/volume mentioned in the error: netapp-filer:/vol/volume 2) Go to snapshots tab: Identify this snapshot, as show in the error: 'smvi_novmsnap_recent', this should be on the top of snapshots list on the NetApp Volume Snapshots tab. 3) Select this snapshot and click 'rename' and rename it to the snapshot name it was trying to rename in the error, i.e: suffix the ‘_recent’ snapshot on the NetApp volume to smvi_novmsnap_YYYYMMDDHHMMSS : with date & time stamp] IMP Note: Ensure that the date & time stamp matches with '_recent' snapshot date & time. 4) That's it, wait for the next scheduled Job to run and verify if it succeeds. Please Note: There is no downtime required for this re-naming procedure, just make sure that it’s done before the next scheduled kick-off. Aug, 2018