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Commvault VSA backup of vCenter failing on Application Consistent backup


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vCenter (VM) backup using CommVault VSA fails to do application consistent backup but crash-consistent works fine.

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Commvault VSA backup of vCenter failing on Application Consistent backup

  1. 1. ‘vCenter VM’ CommVault VSA Backups have been completing with one or more errors on random basis, sometimes regular: [failing on ‘VSS’ quiescing then falls back on crash-consistent backup] Protecting vCenter using the Virtual Server Agent: If vCenter is running on a virtual machine, you can use an application-consistent backup using the Virtual Server Agent to protect the virtual machine as well as the vCenter database and files. This is the recommended method for backing up a vCenter Server Appliance. Error: Unable to create snapshot of VM [VCS], trying without quiescing file system Job ID: xxxxx Status: Completed w/ one or more errors Client: =vCenter Server Agent Type: VSA Instance: VMware Backup Set: defaultBackupSet Subclient: VC-VM-AC [AC stands for Application Consistent here, it’ just a naming convention] Following VSS errors are seen in the Windows event log:
  2. 2. Root cause: Looked up for this error on google, and found MS articles pointing to: Invalid profile entry (*.bak) which cannot resolve the SID of the Shadow Copy writer. Found number of *.bak profiles on : VCS There is a Microsoft recommended solution: 1. Open the registry editor with regedit. 2. Make a backup of the registry. 3. Expand to this location and look for profile entry that has a ".bak" value appended: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionProfileList 4. Select and delete the entries with the extra ".bak" 5. Reboot the VM. Courtesy: failing-with-associated-vss-8193-errors/ Aug, 2018