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After ontap upgrade fc hosts lost connections


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After ontap upgrade fc hosts lost connections

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After ontap upgrade fc hosts lost connections

  1. 1. After ONTAP upgrade FC Hosts lost connections.  If you were well aware of this issue before you went for Ontap upgrade: Likelihood, you have taken care of this issue at the switch level via FOS upgrade and everything went smoothly. Well done!  If you weren't aware of this issue and you just upgraded the controller successfully, and you are hoping no complains come through for next half an hour (i.e. while you are going through different checks post Upgrade) but, then shortly you get a panic call from your Manager stating - Some Hosts/Applications/Databases are down (basically lost connections to the storage) if so, then - "You just walked into the storm" like I did in the first quarter of 2018 when I went through similar situation (emotions). Anyway, since then 'NetApp has produced a KB on this issue', KBDID:1009027 Cause: This is caused by Brocade defect DEFECT00389967 Symptom: Obviously the frantic phone calls & of course more logical the ‘Eventlog on ONTAP node’ will show: errors with code 0x5 Solution: Upgrade the Brocade switches to a version of FabOS that contains the fix for DEFECT000389967. This defect is fixed in FOS 7.0.1a, FOS 7.0.2, FOS 7.1.0 or later releases.
  2. 2. But, as I said, if you weren't aware of this BUG at all, then all you need is a quick ‘workaround’: So that the Hosts/applications/Databases resume their IOs and you can get back to 'normal senses'. Workaround is simple: Bounce the LIF ::> net int modify -vserver <vserver_name> -lif <lif_name> -status-admin down ::> net int modify -vserver <vserver_name> -lif <lif_name> -status-admin up May, 2019