Living museum speech 3


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Living museum speech 3

  1. 1. Greetings monsieur and Madame, My name is Jacques-Yves Cousteau and I amfrom the country France. I was born on June 11, 1910 in Saint-Andre-De-Cubzac,France.I (along with engineer Emile Gagman) invented the Aqua-Lung. Aqua Lung wasthe first underwater breathing device. Today it is much better known as Scuba.Scuba stands for Self- Contained- Underwater- Breathing- Apparatus. I inventedthis in the year 1948.The invention of the Aqua-Lung was the most useful invention for the marineexploration. With the help of the breathing apparatus, divers/researchers couldstay underwater and study in much more detail.Now I would like to give you a choice.Would you like to hear about important events in my life?(Well you already know that I was born on June 11, 1910. I Invented the Aqua-Lung in 1942. During the World War II I was a heavy gunnery officer for theFrench navy and I won the Legion D’Honneuor for my bravery. In 1961 I wasawarded the national Geographic’s Gold Medal. A couple of years later I had myown TV show called “The undersea World of Jacques Cousteau” After winningmore awards such as the U.S. Presidential Award and The Centennial Award Ifinally died on June 25th 1997.)The problems or benefits for exploration that I am responsible for or havewitnessed?(I invented the Aqua-Lung in the year 1942. This opened up numerousopportunities to learn about the undersea world and also created many jobopportunities. Now people could learn about what the world was like under thesea and to do that many people could be appointed. For example to go for anexpedition to explore the undersea you are going to need a ship and you needpeople to take care of that ship. Jacques Cousteau himself helped the FrenchNavy take mines out of the French seas by using his own invention. The problemthat could be caused by this invention is the pollution being done by divers orresearchers. The undersea is not made for humans to come and when they comein such masses, it harms the environment even if rules such as not littering arefollowed.)OrAn interesting incident in my life?
  2. 2. (When I joined the French navy I actually wanted to become a pilot but I couldn’tbecause of a horrifying car accident I was in. I was driving my dad’s sports carand suddenly the headlights went off and whistle I fell of the cliff. I injuredmyself so severely that my dream of becoming a pilot was destroyed. To recovermyself I went back to navy and started swimming. Here I was given my first pairof underwater goggles, the kind that were used by divers. I was so impressedwith what I saw underneath the sea I immediately started working on a devicethat would help humans breathe underwater. I couldn’t work too much on thisbecause of World War II. I became a heavy guns officer and fought with braveryfor my country. I was later awarded the prestigious Legion d’Honneur.)Well now I am ready to answer any questions you have about me!Answering the questions …Now lets do a little fun thing. Hold your breath for as long as you can. I’llparticipate along with you. 20 Seconds Later Well that wasn’t too long. Imagineif you only had that little of time to study the undersea. You wouldn’t be able tostudy too much would you? So when you hear the name Jacques Cousteau,always remember that if I were never to be born, you could stay underwater for20 seconds. So if you ever are going to go diving and they give you a breathingapparatus, always remember and acknowledge Jacques Cousteau.