Grade 9 behaviour campaigns


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Grade 9 behaviour campaigns

  1. 1. Grade 9 Behaviour Campaigns - Ashwin What is my courtesy campaign about? – Cutting Lines! DIFFERENT TYPES OF CUTTING LINES!Some people consider leaving a line and coming back a form ofcutting. An example can be a person who is in line for buying a ticketfor a movie who realizes that he might need a little more money fromhis mom/friends. Should the person leave the line, get the money andreturn to his place might be considered as cutting (even if it wasknown he was in the line before).One type of cutting is when one member of the family/friends “savesa place” for the other member’s specially when the wait is consideredlengthy. This action is more acceptable then the other’s but is stillconsidered a form of cutting by some people.In a place where time if important, such as the airport there is a typeof cutting called “queue drift”. “Queue drift” happens when animpatient person treats the queue as a race in slow motion, usingevery movement in the line for cutting in front of people to attain thepole position. This starts from a funnel effect, where large amounts of
  2. 2. people try to squeeze into a small entrance where there is no formalqueue. Queue drifters are usually less obvious then direct linecutters, while they are annoying to those who notice them but theyusually manage to go unnoticed.A type of cutting seen many times at amusement parks is when theline area is nearly empty, some guests will walk through all the steelrailings to proceed until the end of line, while others might just slipover/under them rather then walk through the entire network. If aperson is not going over/under the rails, but rather is walkingthrough the path to the line, and another person does bypass them(and, in doing so, reach the line before the other), it is sometimesconsidered cutting even though it did not actually take place in theline itself.Cutting is also present on roadways, especially at traffic light’s or tollbooths. Driver’s who bypass traffic by waiting until the last possiblemoment before merging into the line are considered “cutters” andare frequent instigators of road rage. Why is not a courteous behaviour? First of all you are breaking the rule. Cutting line’s can be veryannoying for the people behind you. It is also unfair to the peoplebehind you because they have been waiting, and if you cut in wouldhave to wait for less time. This rule should also be applied to VIP’Sbecause they are no different then ordinary humans. These day’sthere is almost a caste system even for line’s where the moreimportant people are allowed to go in front of all the ordinary people.This just proves that we are allowing injustice to be caused to theordinary people! Why is it so important to change this behaviour? First of all it’s for their own personality development. Peopleshould learn how to be more patient and wait for their own turn. Thisbehaviour is not really going to harm us in any way right now or evenin the future but it is all about morality. People cut lines because theyconsider themselves more important the all the other people and it isnot like that. Giving people in a perfectly fit state the permission tocut in front of many others is just plain unfairness or injustice. If this
  3. 3. does not stop, it could develop into a kind of caste system where onlysome people would be allowed to cut in lines. How will I motivate people to change their behaviours? The act of cutting in line is frowned upon by most people,however there could be a new rule such as “fair cutting” in which theperson wanting to cut would first have to ask for permission from theperson who he/she wants to cut in front of and would only beallowed if the person said “yes”. Another rule could be a “back cut” inwhich you can get behind a person instead of them but you wouldstill have to ask and if denied, you would not be allowed. Another thing that you could do is increasing the amount ofcounters if possible. For example, at our school there could be twocashiers because I have witnessed and experienced lots of people cutin front of me. Having more cashiers could solve the cutting problembecause people would have to wait for less time and also it wouldsolve the problem of getting late to lunch activities like StudentCouncil and House Meetings. A possible solution could be to increase security. I don’t mean forplaces like schools but more formal like the immigration at theairport or the ticket counter at a movie theatre where time is of theessence and no one gets to have a unfair advantage. I don’t meanhaving security cameras or anything but just a guard to look over theline would really help.