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D igiteen+grade+9+rubric

  1. 1. Unit Name: Digiteen Student Name: ____________________________ Task-Specific Rubric MYP Computer TechnologyInvestigate – Criteria AI would give myself a 5. I think I don’t have enough relevant information from 3 reliablesources.Design- Criteria BKrengel – 2011-12
  2. 2. Unit Name: Digiteen Student Name: ____________________________I think I deserve a 6 in this criterion because my group has created 5 potentialdesigns for our final product. I have also evaluated each one of these by the designspecifications and I have also explained in detail why our group chose the FinalDesign.Plan – Criteria CI think I deserve a 4 in this Criterion. Our group came up with a plan but that wasjust a basic what to do when and a few minor details about the resources weneeded. I think to get better marks our plan should have had the costumesrequired, the setting chosen and a script (written words) ready.Create – Criteria DKrengel – 2011-12
  3. 3. Unit Name: Digiteen Student Name: ____________________________In this criterion I think I require a 6 because I put my heart out in making this moviealong with my group. I think it turned out pretty great but the only thing was that Ithink it lacked a little information. This is what would go in my improvements that thenext time I create a movie I would definitely try my best to convey the message in themost effective way possible.Evaluate - Criteria EI think I deserve a 6 in the evaluation because I spent a lot of time and effort in it. I answered all the questions.Added extra things that were said in the rubric. I also think that I talked in enough detail to deliver my ideas inthe way I wanted to.Attitude - Criteria F••Krengel – 2011-12
  4. 4. Unit Name: Digiteen Student Name: ____________________________ I am not being a show off or egoistic person because I gave myself a 6 in this category but I really think I deserve it because I always was an active member of the group. I contributed a lot in discussions, helped whenever it was needed, played a major role in the movie making process and also overall I was a positive and engaged group member. Grade Summary: Final Comments:A Investigation 5 Well to be perfectly honest I think I did pretty good in thisB Design 6 unit. Even though I was a little confused just like everyone else at the beginning of the unit but somehow later it allC Planning 4 started coming to me piece by piece. Now I look back at myD Creation 6 project and say “hey, not bad”. I agree that our final projectE Evaluation 6 might be a little funny and might need a little moreF Attitudes in Technology 6 information but hey that’s how people learn these days. From my group’s personal experience, if something is interesting to watch for the audience they will surely gain something out of it. I think to improve I should have worked harder on the planning stage because our plan wasn’t Final Grade 32 detailed enough and if it was I think our final product could have been better too.Assessed by: (student name): Ashwin Bhakre Date: January 29th 2012Scoring Guide: The boundaries below describe how you what grade will be earnedat completion of project.Grade Boundaries 1 0-5 2 6-9 3 10 - 15 4 16 - 21 5 22 - 26 6 27 - 31 7 32 - 36 Krengel – 2011-12
  5. 5. Unit Name: Digiteen Student Name: ____________________________Krengel – 2011-12