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  1. 1. MOVIE SOUNDTRACK!Soundtracks are a major point to consider when watching a movie. A soundtrack can help do a lot of things in a movie. For example it can be used for credits, it can be used to show the entry/exit of a character, it can be used for background music, it can be used to set the mood or even the time and place of where the scene is happening. So you see that soundtracks in movies are very important. <br />The soundtrack that I have chosen to analyze is a song by the American band “The all American rejects” and it is a soundtrack in the movie “She’s the man”. There is little bits of music that are before the songs that actually start setting the mood but I can’t cite them because of their anonymous composers. The song that I chosen to analyze is “Dirty little secret”. This song is a Rock/Pop kind of genre so the analyzing is going to be quite easy.<br />The first scene that I am doing to talk about is when the final game against Cornwall is going to start. The scene starts when Sebastian (main character) is late for the match. The music is used as a background. It is rock and roll but playing at a very soft and low volume so you can’t really feel the tension rising. But when the Sebastian has left the room, the second part of the melody comes in. This is a very serious, loud and high pitched and medium paced music. The instruments used are drums (percussion) and brass instruments. Kind of sounds like the marching band. When Sebastian’s parents meet each other and their dialogue starts the music dials down again and sets it self as the background music. This bit of music brings our heart rate up because of its loudness and it gives us the feeling of mystery and it makes us think that something big is going to happen next and it actually does. Next comes the song another melody that shows us the entry of the two teams.This melody is not actually melodious because of its very happening, loud and jam-packed sounds. It from the beginning tells us that we should be out of our seats and biting our nails because something very big is going to happen next and in this case it is the movie’s climax “the match”. The melody starts off with a hit on every drum on the drum set that gives us an energetic beginning and then a hit on the snare, which makes the chords of the guitar start playing. The timing of the video is perfect because when the drums are being played the players run onto the field and after the last one disappears then the chords start, And then the second team enters and the cool thing is that the cheerleaders dance movement’s match exactly with every beat of the melody being played. It’s perfectly synchronized. The pitch of this melody is pretty high specially the chords being played. The instruments as I said before are drums (percussion) and electric guitars/bass (strings). The tempo of this is not fast and not slow either, it’s more of a medium paced song. The chords that I have noticed are typically four chords, which I can’t justify but can say that they are being repeated. The tune being (in guitar strumming) down-down-rest-rest, down-down-rest-rest, down-down-rest-rest, down-up-down-up and repeat. This gives the scene a rather nail biting, energetic and exciting feel. It tells us that we are some sort of battlefield because of the loud/hard music and that is kind of true because we are in the battlefield of football.As the match starts the song starts playing “Dirty Little Secret”. This is a good choice of song because Sebastian is hiding a dirty little secret. The soundtrack responds accurately to the actions. When the teams huddle up, it starts building up the tension because of the intense talking/screaming. When they start doing their cheers (hoo-hoo-hoo) the music starts and it fits perfectly. It shows that the music responds to the action. The song’s time signature is 4/4. There is a hard percussion beat on the 2nd and 4th beat and after that the riff starts. The dynamic is fast; the tempo is also fast and because of that the scenes that they shoot also become fast. The shots change from one side of the pitch to the other on every other beat. For example on the 2nd beat it would be on the coach and on the 4th it would be on the real Sebastian failing at football. The instruments used in this song are electric guitars/bass and drums so in a nutshell all the instruments used for a rock and roll beat. It’s a very hard Rock and Roll beat.<br />