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Kolkata Salesforce Developer Group Online - Summer '17


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Here is the slide presented at Kolkata Developer group. It was a great session indeed. We will come with more great topics in next session. #SalesforceDGKolkata

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Kolkata Salesforce Developer Group Online - Summer '17

  1. 1. Kolkata Salesforce Developer Group Summer ’17, April 29, 2017
  2. 2. Ashwani Soni Twitter: LinkedIn: Blog: Introduction
  3. 3. Sudipta Deb Twitter: LinkedIn: Google+: Blog: Introduction
  4. 4. Development Features Summer ‘17
  5. 5. Development Features  Custom Metadata types are editable with Summer ‘17. In previous releases, custom metadata types are editable via Metadata APIs only.  To edit Custom Metadata, new namespace “Metadata” is introduced to perform edits and update.  New testing annotation @isTest(isParallel=true): We can now use this annotation to indicate test classes that can be run in parallel and aren’t restricted by the default limits on the number of concurrent tests.
  6. 6. Development Features  In all Orgs (sandbox or production) entire Apex code will be recompiled before the metadata deployment finishes.  Javascript remoting action changes will Roll back if remote action throw exception.  Using REST API, we can list information about object record counts in your organization. It returns record counts for the comma-delimited list of object names provided for the Sobjects parameter.
  7. 7. Lightning Experience Summer ‘17
  8. 8. Lightning Experience  View, New, Edit, and Tab can be overridden now in Lightning experience as well  Add new force:hasSObjectName interface to a Lightning component if your component needs to know the API name of the object of the current record. The Sobject name is useful if the component works with records of different Sobject types.  If a component is invalid, cmp.get() returns null. Previously, the framework returned an InvalidComponent error.
  9. 9. Lightning Experience  You can now use rich text editors and edit fields with rich text when the LockerService critical update is active. Previously, rich text editors were disabled in sandboxes and Developer Edition orgs when the LockerService critical update was active.  Lightning API Name Changed to UI API. The new name tells what to build with the API—UI for custom Salesforce apps.
  10. 10. Admin Features Summer ‘17
  11. 11. Admin Features – Summer ‘17  Find Object Manager quickly  Use Right Click to open more tabs from Setup  Default Values at the field level  Access encrypted fields in Process Builder/Flow (Beta)  Flows can be embedded in Lightning Page (GA)  Dynamically update flow screen (Pilot)  Get Custom Settings Data Usage Report
  12. 12. Find Object Manager quickly In Summer’17, Object Manager in Lightning Experience comes up with a new look. Now we have a dedicated tab in Setup window, and from there we can access quick actions, recent list views, and recent items. We can see the object details from here as well. Admin Features – Summer ‘17
  13. 13. Use Right Click to open more tabs from Setup We have the power of right click now. From Setup now we can open new tabs from List and Details views with right-click. This change applies to Lightning Experience only. Admin Features – Summer ‘17
  14. 14. Default Values at the field level We have field level default value now. The field level default value can be a constant or a formula. Example: Default value for Region Custom Picklist will be “Canada” if the record is created by user having profile “Custom: Sales Profile”, Otherwise it will be “USA[DEMO] Admin Features – Summer ‘17
  15. 15. Access encrypted fields in Process Builder/Flow (Beta) Process Builder and Flow now support encrypted fields in update records action. But you can’t use the same into filter criteria. That means if you have some encrypted fields, you can update them through Process Builder/Flow, but you can’t use the same into your filter criteria. Admin Features – Summer ‘17
  16. 16. Flows can be embedded in Lightning Page (GA) We can now add flows to any Lightning Page – App pages, Record pages, and Home pages alike. In order to flow work, we need to pass the ID of the record that it is operating on. Record pages send the ID to your flow automatically if you have the correct Text input variable configured. Blog Post: Admin Features – Summer ‘17
  17. 17. Dynamically update flow screen (Pilot) You can now use field rules to control when to show or hide particular screen fields. Turn your flows into guided UIs that respond to users’ inputs and selections. This feature is available in Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and all versions of the Salesforce1 mobile app. However, it takes effect only for flows that use Lightning runtime. Admin Features – Summer ‘17
  18. 18. Get Custom Settings Data Usage Report You can now get the usage of your custom settings inside your org. This will help you to plan migrating your custom settings into custom metadata Admin Features – Summer ‘17
  19. 19. Question and Answers
  20. 20. Follow us @ashwanisoni_ @sudipta_1984 Thank you