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Dragonfly Case study


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Case study of Spa Industry

Published in: Marketing
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Dragonfly Case study

  1. 1. Dragonfly Therapeutic Retreats: Creating An Affordable Indulgence
  2. 2. Presented by – Ashutosh Vyas Team Members
  3. 3. Agenda Case Synopsis Core Issues Situational Analysis Case inferences Recommendations
  4. 4. Case Synopsis Georgie Yam Born and educated in Hong Kong After graduating from high school Tried his luck in creative trades. He was band musician one day And a disc jockey the next.
  5. 5. 1976 encounter with a hairdresser on a flight 1984 Started their own saloon 1990 Left his partner and opened The Salon- Georgie Yam Partnered with a spa expert 2003 - Shanghai's economy experienced double digit growth Timeline
  6. 6. To be the market leader To build the first world class service brand to be exported from China To build a strong, health new age lifestyle brand that focused on relaxation To build a top quality, professionaly managed company that provided long term carrier opportunities. To introduce a "touch of the Orient" to customers overseas. Yam's Vision
  7. 7. Core Issue How could the company manage rapid expansion? Expansion without compromising the brand and its high standards. Should company stick to the expatriate market and identify the growth markets outside of Shanghai? Should company fine-tune the brand offering to include Chinese clients in their plans?
  8. 8. Why Shanghai? • 2003 – Shanghai’s Growing Marketing Condition • 2.7million foreigners visit • 10-20% expected growth of Spa industry Birth of the Idea • High-end : Massage Parlor (RMB 800-1500) • Low-end : Traditional Massage Parlor (RMB 30- 40) Brand Image • Importance of packaging (eg. Packaging costs more than candies) Funding • No angels, venture capitalist or private sources of equity. • Partnership with Randal in 2005 Situational Analysis
  9. 9. Case Inference Exhibit 1 :- It shows the brand images i.e How it provide relaxing lifestyle experience. Which symbolize peace of Mind.
  10. 10. Exhibit 2 :- It shows how he exhausted every possible idea to cost effectively promote his spa to the target clients A Dragonfly massage is extremely addictive
  11. 11. Exhibit 3 :- It shows the list of all registered branches of Dragonfly.
  12. 12. Exhibit 4 :- It shows of 20 branches in China and Two branches overseas.
  13. 13. • Franchising • Should stick to expatriate market • Should also target niche market • Adopt destroyers market strategy • Provide more training
  14. 14. Thank you