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social responsibility


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Published in: Business, Economy & Finance
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social responsibility

  1. 1. Business and societyLinkage andpossibilities
  2. 2. Business Business is the collection of private, profit- oriented organizations.Society is a broad group of people and other organizations,interest groups, a community, a nation. Business and society interrelate in a macro environment as stakeholders. and society Community Government Business Owners Employees Consumers
  3. 3. • Youth are the power of any nation, it is the time of globalization and youth is breaking all the barriers between society and old culture to create a world of togetherness.• Now youth are becoming interprenurer and in their busy hectic life schedule they are feeling the need of society.
  4. 4. Question link with linkages• How a single business decision changes the course of life, how society at large benefits from business ventures, how business societies are formed due to mutual give and take relationships, how the socio-economic customs are an outcome of businesses are dealt with here.
  5. 5. Factors influence the business and society:-• Social ethics• Social contrast• Corporate social responsibilities• Business scams• Social enterprises
  6. 6. Social ethics• Current ethical issues in your society will reflect a particular communitys leaning towards given circumstances. For example, the issue of head scarves - Islamic women covering their faces or their hair. As a matter of course, this is a practice that is dictated by the religion they choose to follow, but in circumstances where terrorism has the world in its grip, is it a violation of human rights to ban the wearing of burqas when the question is one of national security? Is it a political reform, against the principles of social ethics or is it curbing of freedom of choice?
  7. 7. • If a woman is pregnant due to unfortunate incidents like rape then is it not her right to choose abortion?• if a couple gets involved in unprotected sex without using contraceptive methods resulting in a pregnancy, what step should they take?
  8. 8. And what in cases ofteenage pregnancy? Whatif is the mother is mentally,emotionally andeconomically unpreparedto handle the nuisances ofbeing a mother or parent?Isnt it logically correct andmore responsible on herpart to go for abortion?These are in essence someof the most vital questionsthat dont have some fixedanswers